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Monday, September 29, 2008

PARASITES Folk Remedies

Herbal Parasitic ides Remedy’s, Parasitic Herbs (Micro toxin) This is only ''a page substitute FROM MY ORIGINAL'' which seems to be missing?.
There’s no cure-or reversal to any disease you don’t know this part of the “Holistic healing” of an herbal process removal of parasites: (Yeast is our biggest problem today in controlling disease and is covered on another the page below.)
Parasites, ANATHEMATIC, Vermifuge, taenifuges, anti fungals, and pesticides are herbs that kill parasites, and BASIC to healing. Only in small amounts in GMO plants and even drugs have very small amount of anti fungal properties. Drugs because their mostly “Chemicals” or white over process plants. (Like white bread) More family’s are in need of this information because they’re with out insurance will need to study herbs further to kill off the parasite to their illness to regain health to cure disease. Unless we lose this right to the Pharmacy Corporation’s in greed.
1. Abr. 4: 11-12, 29-30
11 And the Gods said: Let us prepare the earth to bring forth grass; the herb yielding seed; the fruit tree yielding fruit, after his kind, whose seed in itself yieldeth its own likeness upon the earth; and it was so, even as they ordered. This speaks for itself, anything else is an abominations. (No GMO Plants to health!)
This is one of my most important subjects for any cure to any disease because killing the parasite is basic for curing any disease. To cure any disease we need to get rid of the parasites involved within that disease and all diseases carry a “vermifugal,’’ virus, germ, bacteria, fungi, or in another word they produce “micro toxins.” These micro toxins live off these toxins in the body. Parasites, as I refer to them here on these pages, will live off the mucus or the inflammations and gets their feedings on your disease, (or illness.)
Hopefully my reader by the time he/she gets to the end of the page will get a new insightfulness for nature’s healing plants, as it is their mission using intelligence to know exactly where to go, built in their codes, to heal man. It is then up to us to use them more in our diets appropriately.
1. Moses 3: 5
5 And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew. For I, the Lord God, created all things, of which I have spoken,
spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth. (Plants have a spirit too (life + they can get sick.)
Hopefully I'm encouraging the reader to realize that by not eating enough organic herbs (plants) it can open the door for parasite with its infesting diseases. (ALL DISEASES HAVE A PARASITE, get rid of the parasites and the disease will pass. This will also get rid of the toxins but as they pass when the parasites die off, the patients will experience a "logginess" or be sick. (Eat veg. and fruit till it all passes through. Meat will make it stop the eliminating process.)
In addition, I might add here, the right kind of unmodified plants are not the Genetically Modified GMO are missing their reproductive important parts (seeds) and therefore are not good parasitic herbs.  They are sick mutilated plants which are freaks of nature not for any healing purposes. It's their seeds that can multiply and replenish as all life are commanded to do that makes them healing and a blessing to mankind.
Parasite herbs can wipe out parasites, virus, bacteria, or fungi along with their diseases that will move out afterwards (toxins), other wise the disease can be cut out, but will return because of the parasite they fed inside the body. You can cut out cancer, but the parasite will travel to another weak area and feed and destroy that tissue too.
Fasting, along with liver herb (blood purifiers, for toxins) opens “hallways” through the blood, liver, kidney, and bowels, facilitating cleaning the dirty house after parasites are gone. Holistic cures are treating the whole system or all the eliminating organs. (Liver herbs, see my page on "Liver Herbals.)"
Treating symptoms? Do we care the name of the disease? No. It’s the drug companies, Doctors and Hospital ways of getting new drugs, money and money from insurance to pay for the new diseases by making it a label. It is only valuable to the medical profession to invent a new disease. All diseases are the same and in turn form mucus the parasites feed on and a home. The point here is disease is toxins and the name of the disease is where it’s lodged and most all diseases can be reversed by getting rid or elimination of the Micro toxins, (parasite), and re-building tissues.
All diseases are laded with parasites created by bad eating habits that’s rotted body tissue and where is decides (genes)lodges in the body will be the name of your disease. “Rotted” tissue is destroyed or cancerous decaying tissues. In come parasite as vultures to clean up clogs debrey in the colon and system to where ever you’re inherent weakness resides particular to you. It will be the weakest part of the body is where they eat away and reside. Even animal that lives on just grass and grain need to be wormed. So what make anyone think they do not need a spring-cleaning of worms too? We’re conscientious about our animals and need to be more in tune with our bodies before nature decides to clean up it before a “disease crisis” (same as a flue, or illness).
The flue is one example of this if we ingest chemicals (drugs) to stop this natural healing process of house cleaning as fevers try naturally to disinfect the body’s parasites, the body will stop healing because more poison is coming in, but it will still be unclean. Work with a fever not against it, and read more on the subject before ignoring it. Heat kills virus, bacterias, or parasites.
Herbals can heal but a chemical is a foreign invader and is treated as such. Drugs are not in nature and cannot heal. Even stones have a virus involved. Parasitic herbs periodically need to be changed and repeated as long as you live and eat to keep healthy. And, “Food for the parasites” will clear away our decayed decomposed body and, some at a faster rate than others. Exceptions are the preserved mummies treated with their herbs and spices. This should tell you a lot about the power of herbs.
EYES: In the early beginnings ‘the ancient’s” knew the secret of the “...eyes mappings. And, as stated in the scripture a persons eye were considered “the windows of the soul...” and what that particular scripture actually means, “the windows of that body.” It’s the natural way to read the going on inside the body mapped by nervous systems from the spinal cord. The reason I add it here is this is knowledge most helpful and one of the best ways to see markings to show “CONDITIONS” from where the parasites originated and correlates it with your herbs and illness.
Colon: Does your iris have these spokes from the center? This is suppose to be a blue
eye. Check your iris for lines from the pupil so you can see if those parasite
lines coming from the colon or from what organ. They will go away with the
“Parasitic” herbs. If the lines widen, like a ditch eventually they’ll get
lighter and fad if your diet and herbs working (abt. 3 mo.) or, slower if you’re
“chipping” it off at a slower pace. Most Iridogist today, don't know how to change marking in the iris. That's how you can tell if they are good at their craft. Mostly it's because they don't practice and know this material.
The brown or rust color in the stomach and colon where all disease begins. The spokes or line indicate where parasites are lodging in the body feasting on the yellow-brown mucus. This body can’t heal till the parasites let go when killed. Only then will healing began and pass through the body. Even if you can’t believe in radiology, consider this as an analogy. When taking an parasiticidal herb this is a valuable testing tool. If your body still has the lines, wrong herb, and method. It takes 3 months to see the iris change if using the right herb and diet.
Make up a “vermifugal, recipe or formula that can last for a year for the whole family or buy one. This page will give you some ideas of where and what to start with. Study or research a lot on this subject like any recipes. How good the formula will depend on the quality of herbs used, condition of your body, your weight-height and how long is the embedded parasites done damage on the condition of the offending organ. (No GMO plants they’ve been genetically altered and are no longer via able) Some may not be able to take cleaning out micro toxins too fast because of their age or weakness. They will take a longer time to heal and will need a building fibrous “mild food diet” that gently builds and cleanses. If you see an herb in an herb logy dictionary look for this word, “vermifugal” and do your home work before using any anti fungals.
Different “Parasitic” herbs, fruits, vegetables and seeds get rid of different parasites and you’ll need to coordinate the herb to its fungi or parasite. Each plant is giving and passing on it own protections from their environmental enemy’s. They pass this power on to you blessing you and protect you. It’s there mission and they do have a spirit and intelligence. Because drug corporations won’t acknowledge or see how nature work is the very reason why they will never be able to heal anything and are wicked because of this they end up the very cause of disease, as chemicals build up in the body causing disease.
1. Abr. 5: 5 Plants are foreordained for their missions, design and nurturing of man.
5 According to all that which they had said concerning every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew; for the Gods had not caused it to rain upon the earth when they counseled to do them, and had not formed a man to till the ground.
Sample of Remedy's: Some (samples) known and basic anti fungals are Vitamin A, C and E, Black Walnut, Potassium Sorbate, Caprylic Acid (Coconut oil, is also a seed in itself and a nut), Cloves, or Wild Mediterranean Oregano oil. Many others could be added here. And none of these gets rid of “every kind/ of 100+ type of parasites,” just some at most, and so it is with other herbs there are millions of different parasites. We need more research on herbs and the corresponding parasites they affect. Drug Company’s are not going to let the knowledge out if they could found cures. The ones they’re tracking now in the “rain forest” will only be used it can be in as their criteria for total control in making it up as a chemically drug or changing natural constitutions for its absorbent self-gratifying greed. They haven’t cure a disease and wouldn’t if they found one because it would hit into their profits to do so. The rest of specific seeds, herbs, and foods have been taken out of this page, and need to be requested by you.
Herbs can and do cross the brain barriers some better than others. It’s a difficult area to get to. Parasites should continually be dealt with in some form every day. Eating is a simple and most common way to get rid of daily parasites but how many eat a good variety and quality of plants and enough to do complete the job. Meat won’t do this nor dead down the line of the food chain. Is it not wonder why so many are sick. Once illness began in the body with no cleaning or curing the condition just heaps and get worse depending on the constitution of the person.
You will find these materials no where else on the net. I teach withing "the laws of nature" as promised in my Pat. blessing and now given to you, even too, with two specific discernment's. This is my mission, gifts and talents, much of my research getting to this point is given away for your education.
Please do your research if you are trying to have a baby. If an anti fungal herb can kill a parasite some are strong enough to kill sperm. So can some of our recycle water that has hormones and the "pill" in drinking water. Do not use during fertile times In addition, this also includes some DRUGS. The first photo is a body that's destroyed itself with drugs. The drugs did not kill the parasites. (Parasites are represented in the iris as radial spokes from the black pupil. Unless you get rid of the parasite nothing else will bulge. This site has some more good information on parasites (worms) but they are a herbal business too.
Clays will also remove parasite, but constipating. l

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