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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Home Storage for about a year (Per Person) Start some where, maybe this week in pick up some canned Spam for protein. Canned has a long shelf life.

*Grains 300 lbs. per person (Storage us better if sealed in smaller already sealed cans. Varmints do get in. First if possible; Freeze in small batches as it kills all weevils permanently. Mix some of your grains with cans of other organic grains such as spring wheat, corn; oatmeal, rice etc. (Don't forget legumes which have the most plant based proteins, fibrous, minerals.) However, you may need 300 lbs. of wheat per plus adding on some other grains. Grains can be sprouted for substitution for vegetables.
*Salt about 10 lbs. per person. (How much do you use? Keep track…at home then multiply for a year) sugar and/or honey will keep longer.
 Sugar or Honey about 60 lbs. (If you store honey be sure to get in containers that you can re-heat (very lowest F.) it in the container and smaller to melt it as needed.
*Water 30 gallons (1-2 gallons a day- Rotate or store distilled water in good containers, distilled water needs no rotation. Or, buy good barrels with a pump. Remember water can be boiled for 20 minutes to rid any bacteria. (Drops of bleach or vinegar can purify water. Store in glass, if possible, reverse osmosis water that doesn't have to be rotated. Store plenty of both because they can be used in first aid too. The barrels of water for bathing if not rotated i.e.
*Oil: 4 gallons (Keep track of how much you actually use) or, store the canned
vegetable shortening that's easier to store in an emergency. (...earthquake areas)
*Sugar and/or Honey about 60 lbs. (If you store honey be sure to get in containers that you can re-heat honey in the container in smaller amounts, melt as needed. Sugar may be best for storage and cut back on the honey?
*Vegetables about 30 lbs. (Record per family the;- amount per week, month and then yearly) Maybe a food dryer investment? Dried vegetables can be purchased in cans. In case of onions, tomatoes, soup mixes this may be best for some.
*Herbs, spices, vitamin supplements about 20 lbs. (This should be individualize to needs.)
*Milk, especially for babies is about 50 lbs. (dairy-soy or baby-formula as a source of protein)
*Legumes, 75 lbs. (altogether, use varieties you like, and add also the pea family here.)
*Rice, 100 lbs. or/and potatoes this depends on cultures of how much i.e. Be sure to freeze first so no weevil will be in the brown rice i.e. unless you buy in cans....freezing work well.
*Baking items about 10 lbs... 2-3, non-aluminum, baking powders, 3-4 corn starch etc. (corn starch can be used for baby powder and rashes.
*Other items might be medications and such as 12 bottles of H202 Hydrogen (1st aide) Peroxide (learn how to use this's so basic and can do many kinds of healing, disinfecting and brushing teeth.
*Twelve bottles of rubbing alcohol. The H202 can be used as a rug cleaner when outdated.
*Don't forget 12 gallons of Vinegar (a great anti-fungal) that will kill e-coli, salmonella and, disinfect most surfaces 99% effective. The storage containers are just as important as the food, do your research get the best for your probable disaster. I have had a 2 yrs supply and plastic containers. They do not hold up. They dry out, crack and break. Store for a long period of time in cans only, keep out of moist areas, they rust, mostly the outside. Mark with water proof pens, the paper doesn't last for long in the storage process.
There are many styles of food storage. Too many so called experts selling books are YOUNG, inexperienced. And, listen to the easy, ignorant, wealthiest styles of storage which is far too over-done and expensive for what they're going to get out of it. Those writers have obviously never been poor and lived on "minimum" in their lives. Get the basic then add onto it.
First it may be at is time start with a 72 hour survival kit then branch out to 3-6-9-12 i.e.

months. Your best plan should include an organically grown garden of some sort to use in any emergency.
A word about the "light" was meant to prepare them for "the dreaded day. “Our governments and churches can't aid everybody all the time or at the same time especially if too many calamities are going on all at once. Only for a very short seasons, and unfortunately some not at all So don't end up like the ones in the above story.
This is a simple supply of needs for everyone in all parts of our earth not limited to any one particular faith or religion, sex, creed, race etc., you’ve got the idea. We are all from Adam, Eve, brothers, and sister. All our genealogy lines connect somewhere in time. So let act like it and help one another and, plan for helping others if needed in your genealogy lines that are poorer.
Isn't this showing your faith?  for more ideas on these related subjects that I've lived and know it works. Change the items for your circumstance's if need be. (Just do it for one person...add on others later)

*OTHER ITEMS: HERBS, MEDICINES, SECURITY ITEMS TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY (guns, bullets), CASH, TENTS I.E., PEANUT BUTTER, JELLY'S, FLASH LIGHT, MATCHES, STOVE, BLACK "HEAVIER" PLASTIC BAGS, GEAR FOR HIKING, (be prepared to travel on foot out disasters areas) no battery-RADIO, FLASH LIGHT, TENTS, ETC. (DON'T ADVERTISE YOU HAVE THESE SUPPLIES ...EVER!) weapons see clicks below; (some posts have been removed?)
This is a basic short years list.
Image result for storing beans
Soda bottles are great for storage containers, beans rice etc,
......................... He has some good survival boards.

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