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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reversal to Diabetes

Reversal to Diabetes: Reports are now coming in that diabetic complications are coming increasingly from medications and in the insulin that use e coli or yeast and the hormonal insulin than known before. All the stroke, blindness, neuropathy, and heart diseases or problems are coming from their own medications. Other causes of diabetes from depression medication etc.,
The answer is not easy to reverse diabetes condition, and there is no short cut except through the diet. A good plant based diet is basic and no chemical sugar that acerbates this condition. Corn syrup and high fructose sugars (all fake sugars) is a sure enemy to a diabetic person. These sugars feed yeast which cause diabetes in the first place.
Some of the herbs are in my blogs such as Fenugreek Seed, 610 mg, and a certain kind of Cinnamon bark (1,700 mg) (not the common spice "Cassia"as mostly sold in stores.) If they are taken correctly will bring down blood sugars and can be replaced for diabetic pills. Some have some good formulas out to but "Blood Sugar" from Natures Way. I have taken one that was excellent from Europe, but when I went to replace it the store did not carry it any longer. Their are many more herbs the U.S. are not familiar with and should have kept the original bottle to get a product that worked. The point is everybody country has its own herbs that may aid in high blood sugar. Coconut Oil does help if taken on an empty stomach, and even vinegar, but has to be taken continually, faithfully taken with each meal. Caprylic acid is derived from coconuts. (Alpha Lipoic Acid has 600 mg available.)
*CoQ10 maybe added if problems with energy and Kava when and if depressed or in stress and can’t sleep. Licorice root for general stress problems, which may causes a bit blood sugar rise in some, but is a good product. Add to this a parasite/anti fungal herb. See my page on "parasite herbals." a small donation is require for this 4 year work.

*This link is about using probiotic, anti fungals such as olive leaf, caprylic acid or organo oil etc, that's a must for reversal to diabetic's.

*This link is about new research to friendly bacteria that protects against diabetes


Many, like my Doctor, son in law, just take more insulin to cover what he eats. The problem with this mentality is his diabetes will never will get better, and in fact, in time will worsen. Not only from the food, but most especially from the daily insulin injections of yeast (candida), or the e coli (timers added to the insulins) insulins that will infects his body and take over his health.

With men, yeast settles in the testicles, he may get cancer along with its problems of impotence. Some will gain Weight with the abuse of foods-insulin he eats as he "covers up" with insulin that's also giving him more yeast with every insulin injection.

Keep a diabetic diary of foods, blood sugars, all your meds-herbs your taking that day and herbs. This is benefit in two ways, you will become aware of what and how much you are eating, and what meals were successful. In addition, what meds affect your blood sugars and they are many and some supplements. Count your fiber, on those days when not getting enough fiber the blood sugar will be up the next day. (25-35 a day, eat more legumes) Then deduct fiber from your calories in that food.

Never believe what the stocks of Wall Street who educated the medical professionals who propagandize us false facts about diabetes to sell drugs and to keep you in their control. The fact show they do know what herbs can cure diabetes and are not telling the public. It would not be profitable for them to do so. They make plants up "chemically" into diabetic pills for their greedy control of this market with no cures in sight. One of the reasons is they do not understand that parasite causes most diabetes therefore, they'll never know what make a person a diabetic to solve the disease.

A diet of higher fibrous whole-complex foods will lower blood sugars. Fiber is found to lower the glucose up to 20%+, and should be eaten with every thing ingested.
A monthly fast without meds or insulin (Depends how high so regulate here.) will bring down blood sugars for the month. Too much meat means more work on the body (stress) and will actually cause the blood sugar to rise. You will find out this for yourselves when you do your diary. (Pork and some cuts of meat are worse than others in taxing the body or over working it.)
Move: The more you move the more sugar you will use up. Stay away from soda pop they will add more sugar to your blood, and then you will need more insulin. The more insulin the more your building to the problems of diabetic. The next time you want a drink think...pop or no insulin, and diet pop is now researched enough to prove its worse.
Diabetic Warnings on 'Essiac' Tea: It will cause the liver to release or dump too much insulin (sugar) at first in some, The reason this formula may work for some..."Yellow Dock Root', as itl unloads sugar level and kill off parasites in the liver (blood.) (That is if, the liver is causing much of the problem.) However, Y.D. must be taken religiously like most drug pills. This is a holistic view, 'all organs, including the liver, are over-taxed and need extra compensating to any disease'.
Read Here How They've Managing Diabetes And Obviously They Don't Know HOW! Unexpected Deaths Partially Halt Diabetes Study More <--(click here) Where the FDA? Notice how the media treats all the deaths...oh, well! This if they knew what they were doing would never happen. I still say and have been saying for many years. Their therapy is and has been killing millions every year. Their medicines are poisonous chemicals and are adding parasites to the body that cause the disease in the first place. Their interpreting the blood sugars incorrectly deceiving and harming many, but adding to their purses. The loosing limbs and eye sight i.e. for the most part they've acerbated. It's unraveling as they try to prove their right! The study was not in dependably funded...they are known to lies for profits.
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