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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tips With Home-Remedies

Tips and Remedies? Some simple home remedies for seniors or whomever that I've perfected over the years so Enjoy! This is on of my best home remedy pages and most by my experiences. Following these tested suggestions will help you to look and feel healthier and livelier than ever, if you have one please feel free to add yours in comments. Here’s a lots of healthy building healthy foods and herbs to feed Seniors in a more holistic, efficient and nutritional way to help them be more alert and living longer.
Seniors tend not to recognize their special needs as with other stages of development they’ve gone through during our life’s progressions. The rest is on another site. there are bizarre home remedies in every society so I though I would list a few that I'm aware of. Please fill free to list your own. HONEY

To start with the elderly need to have a bowel movement every day eliminating sluggish body toxins from their bodies, other wise not doing so will acerbate any disease. So lets start here.
1. Colon Care: Bowel movements are essential everyday to clear out old and newer toxins. Castor Oil can actually heal the colon and is still a good old-times remedy. (Add to ii molasses and/or prune juice on empty stomach. It can also be capped in 000 capsules and used as needed for evacuations. Meta Musil with Psyllium or use in another colon care remedy. Fenugreek is great for hemorrhoids. Raw organic sunflower seed with hull for constipation.
2. Colon: Milk of Magnesia, a laxative and antacid, if you only take one Tbs or less. (Adult) right before bed will stop frequent urination at night. (For children or adult adjust the dosage so it will not be a laxative. Magnesium tables will also work (adjust dosage) be sure you’re buying the organic cheated magnesium with amino acid or enzymes taken with each dosage. The Amino’s may be from an animal protein source. Psyllium seeds product on the market or 3 punes a day or Castor oil with molasses or prunes are natural laxatives. Seniors tend to be low in magnesium 1 tsp morn and even. Did you know fig will get rid of stones?
3.Watch for Fiber in everything even in candy-bars that has anti-fungal plus omegas is Almond Joy by Peter Paul. Buy 1 gram of fiber from a pill? No, just enjoy a candy bar once in a while that has 2 grams of fiber in it plus, with coconut (a anti-fungal) and, with almonds that is full of omegas. The bad part is the “corn syrup.” so limit this product. It’s a better candy bar to have on hand for emergencies in cases of low-blood sugars. (Pay-day’s another but not a anti-fungal. (Because most of the candy bars have corn syrup in them and, if you have out of control hunger and your over-weight skip the use.) For other senior who have no appetite this will help. See: Yogurt for intestinal flora.
4.  Add in soups, senior need something easy and quick to eat choose the best buy. Like a more healthy products in TV dinners or canned soups. Do compare sodium; sugar and most especially watch fiber contents on the labels. If it has over 3 to 500 of sodium buy another brand it will be too salty and hold water in tissues. No trans fats. Example: If cream of mushroom soup has one gram of fiber and another brand has 0 fiber buy the more fibrous brand. Think it through…less fiber less mushroom and more water. Avoid Mono sodium Glutamate (MGS) it affects the brain cells (Alzheimer’s-memory.) It has been found to make us gain weight.
5. Diet: Avoid eat “fast foods” such as, KFC that has too much trans fats in their oils do not buy till they change. Seniors eat out a lot because they have a hard time cooking. This company does not use “organic grown chickens Patronize companies that do and have discounts for their seniors. This is only one example they’re others healthier fast-food restaurants. Avoid-too much animal “protein” if kidney is a problem with especially the senior stage of life.
6. Warm jello water is best for any upset stomach problems like in a 24 hr. virus. It will stop any throw-up as long as the jello stays on the stomach and the rest passes on.
7. Organically grown dried fruits such as papaya, pineapple i.e. are excellent natural enzymes for the stomach and colon a few at every meal. Dried banana chip gives excellent potassium when needed. They’ll need water with them.
8.  No sugar juices. Try cranberry juices excellent for the old plumbing just mix with apple juice, pear juice or white grape i.e. (no sugar). A lemon in distilled or purified water is a must in the morning to clear out toxins bringing the body back to a natural pH. It will give seniors the best start for the day. How much fruit juice is natural?
9.  Lemons and kiwi is an excellent natural diuretic every day for any fluid retention, but not close to bedtime. (Lots of different fruits and veggies have the same properties, papaya, watermelon, or celery i.e.)
10.  Greens (chlorophyll , especially gets older bodies back 6-7 PH level or alkaline) is a must every meal is a must for senior because they do not get enough nutrition and have been strip of many nutrients because of the over-use of drugs and incorrect habit of eating. Most vitamin and mineral supplements are not formulated correctly and are a waste of good money. But if you must use vitamin and mineral supplements use the ones that are chewable or in a forms like liquids that are digested before they reach the colon. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables every meal. (Rebuilds-neutralizes the body ph) Ginger Root
11.  A good organic, non-GMO, yogurt is necessary to keep a good flora going in the colon if you’re taking any drugs most especially anti biotic’s but not together. Drugs wipe out the balance of good flora in the gut. A must once a week buy yogurt for your best health. Never use products with Rbgh hormones.
12. Have some legumes 2-3 times a week. They are full of fiber, natural serotonin for the brain, and the colon followed with a green salad. Read more in the scripture in Hebrews. Too many seniors ignore foods for the brain, including nuts.
13. Use good whole complex organic grains especially whole wheat that still is the staff of life. Don’t skip a day without eating some version of a good grain product. (No GM white or bleached-out grains only the very best at this time of life and you will achieve more quality years ahead.) Don’t forget to start the day with a good hot complex cereal with lots of fiber. The GM is the cause of many allergies because they are no longer in a natural balance as nature sent them in the beginning of life.
14. A must every day is an organic, (in season or raw) simplified, basic milder foods. Watches the glycemic index, for using complex fibrous foods. Especially, if you have diabetes add omega oils that will slow the digestion process down. Meats, or animal proteins will corral up the sugar in the system making it hard on the organs and getting the sugar out of the body. Water help here too. Water will dilute the poisons, (sugars). Grains and vegetables that use fiber as it rounds it all up then clearing it more efficiently out of the system quicker than protein that holds this process up.
15.When toxin become too much, everyone can work up to a 24 hour fast once a month. First, try starting with “mild foods, vegan, then go to a semi fast vegetarian…a vegetable and fruits, for 24 hours with foods, juices or water. No grains if possible and, especially no animal products. This is the best cure-all listed. Then graduate to two meals of the 24-hour fast i.e.
16. Diet: A fast is nature’s operation for a healthy body and will reverse all disease. Animals in the wild have instincts to fast when sick, injured or in pain. It the best remedy here. Make a fast work for you…use water diluting any poisons that are clearing out the liver and blood. Juice is not effective because it eliminates toxins too fast.
17. lots of warm body temperature water, which is utilized immediately. Make use of good teas, fresh lemon aid or coffee (decaf?). Coffee can jump start up senior’s body in the mornings especially with mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s, senility and dementia. Don’t over do this or you’ll have a sleeping problem at night. Chamomile tea, baking soda, or any chlorophyll will keep your body the right PH. Soda Pops actually leach out minerals especially the venerable pregnant mother, children and out of the elderly.
WATER PILL:  A natural diuretic is "potassium pill"....or foods with lots of potassium in it. (Drugs such as diuretic will rob your body of potassium. So, will sodas and other drugs.)
18. Exercise at your own level or pace at least five days a week. This may be simple and cheaper form of exercise such as yoga or lifting small weight, or walking (low impact). If you don’t move the body and blood gets too stagnant, and adds, as we get older, more disabilities to deal with.
19. Faith: Be active in a good faith based church intermingling with people. It’s a time to pass on wisdom to the next generation. Show your faith by being it.
20. Flue: Flue shots may make it worse. Don’t believe it all unless you can’t take care of your own needs. Or you eat unhealthy then nothing going to build you back up in strength. Rotate fun gals (parasite herbs read below). Wild Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf Extract or Airborne i.e. are good fun gals. Flue shots have chemicals such as mercury and e coli in them making many conditions worse. After 70 they are not recommended anymore. Listerine everyday it's a good anti fungal and good to soak denture in over night.
21. Flue Season Tips (see "archives")
22. Heath Care: Health Care Professionals such as Doctors, Hospitals, All Home Care deliveries, Oxygen, Wheel Chairs and equipment, i.e. are the new piranhas to government rip offs at the seniors expense. These middlemen are as just manipulative crooks. Watch out for any Doctor, surgeon, who has a "take it out" mentality. Or, geriatrics doctor’s that just uses your SS no. But, actually don't doing anything for seniors except give out another prescription, who’s not keeping up on medicines side effects. Or, our stock market making hospitals that seeing at the end of the month they’re not going to make monthly quotas profits so they added use you to add extra stays or therapies, or even surgery at whose expense? The new strategies to therapy for seniors to exercise equipment, swimming pools, dietitian counseling, i.e. unfortunately are only for the richer class whose insurance are smart enough to pay for it our governmental insurances won’t.
24. Home Care: First rule, It’s about you…personalize care in your unique home and individual needs. Learn to keep it “all-professional.’ Second, lock up all medications and anything that can be hocked or used for drugs. Third rule: get an agency that represents you and not mostly untrained college girls that you’re suppose to train with your energies. Start a “Senior Care Groups” to voice needs more fitting for senior to your allot government money...(SS, Medicare, Medicaid i.e.) Voices are needed by SENIORS lobbying state government for needed changes to home care. Most of these Health Care Professionals are only looking out for their interest using your SS no. Fourth rule: Watch out for abuse even in privacy issues and keep talking till you find someone to listen!
Add you own special HOME remedy in comments.
Cancer Drug Causes Permanent Brain Damage
David Gutierrez A widely used chemotherapy drug has been found to cause damage to the brain that can last for years after treatment is completed, according to a study new conducted by researchers from the University of Rochester. Substitute herbs when you can for Drugs after some research on your part. Facts is coming in to more research that's finding drugs causes cancer to be lodge in your weak inherent genetic link of the body. Use only if you have no other choice and/or in emergency cases.
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