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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Greens – These foundational foods should be eaten in large amounts. The consumption of raw greens have been proven to reduce cancer rates in more than 200 separate scientific studies. In each of our cells is a DNA sequence called the antioxidant response element, Nrf2. It’s like the protective force field around the “Starship Enterprise.” (Exceptions is GMO greens)
 Our cells have this anticancer force field which is fueled by green vegetables. And the greens that have the most powerful fuel for the cells protective function are cruciferous vegetables. Good examples are collard greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, arugula, cabbage and bok choy (aka Chinese cabbage/ pak choy). The protective compound is called Isothiocyanate, (ITC).
As we chew these types of vegetables, a beneficial protective enzyme is released from the vegetables’ cell walls before we swallow. This enzyme is also released when we chop or blend the vegetable.

 In a recent medical study, men who ate 28 servings of vegetables a week decrease their instance of prostate cancer by 33%. However if they ate just three servings of cruciferous vegetables a week they decrease their instance of prostate cancer by 41%.
Another study showed that women who ate cruciferous vegetables daily, decreased breast cancer deaths by 62% compared to women who did not eat cruciferous vegetables. And this decrease in deaths from breast cancer also included women who were already diagnosed with breast cancer.

Examples such as fresh ORGANICALLY GROWN garden kale is best, and is easily grown, just cut tops back with scissors and a new crop will follow. Grow organic seed in the spring, Kale or Swiss Chard, next to a rock foundation it will grow through-out winter. Many like kale better than spinach because it's doesn't that bitter after taste (alkaloids.) Store bought kale tastes is not a mild as the variety as you'll grow in your garden. Don't let it get as big as store variety and it will be soooo tender and delicious. If the plant's smaller you can even put the tender leaves in a salads. Add it to drinks, stews or soups, especially with lamb, a excellent combination. Every family should grow
Eat This family of vegetables Kale and Swiss Chard to keep health pH. It's a EXCELLENT anti-inflammatory, contains beta carotene, Vit. K, Vit C, lutein, zeaxanthin, rich in calcium, and carotenoids. Kale and other brassicas contain sulforaphane (Swiss Chard, Cabbage, Broccoli, water crest, etc.) Kale produces a natural occurring chemical potent anti cancer properties. Studies show boiling decreases the level of cancer compounds, however steaming or stir frying doesn't result in significant loss. (Use other brassica vegetable for more cancer properties) Kales is also a source of indol-3carbinol, a chemical boost that repairs cells.
Study's now shows it blocks the new growth of cancer cells.
Health Benefits of Kale (One of the "Super foods")
• Lessens occurrence of breast, colon, bladder, cancers i.e. (100’s of studies done world wide)
• Antioxidants destroy free radicals
research has shown that Kale consumption is linked to improved mental function as you age, is probably the single best source of calcium available to you, is great for people with diabetes, helps reduce the risk of colon cancer, provides you with very high levels of manganese (a powerful antioxidant), provides protection against Arthritis, boosts the immune system, promotes lung health. It will help you lose weight as well
• High in glucosinolates. (anti-carcinogens)
• Excellent known cell detoxifier
• Lowers cataract risk
• Promotes lung health
• Protects against arthritis
• Slows loss of mental function.
Rutgers study's show lower risk of colon cancer. (Also, present in green tea, onions, broccoli, spinach, leeks and blueberries-kaempferol) We need 3 or more servings of calciferous vegetables to reduce the risk by 44%.
**Other cancer foods; Onion, Mushroom, Green Veg. (fiber) Legumes, Berry's, and Seeds are called by some "the SUPER FOODS."
Water Crest is has the best cancer properties than any vegetables. (3-5 servings a week) The sulforaphane has the cancer properties. Never collect this particular plant in ditches because of the liver worms. People do but do you know how to kill them and their larva? Vinegar/hot water? Humm... don't chance it.
Of course I could add many more greens but this is a small sample of the detoxifer's foods. Recipe
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