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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anti Fungal's; (Removals)

Parasitic Herbs (Micro toxins)
These SPOKES, in this iris are called radial Solaris. Each iris is marked differently, these markings IN THIS IRIS shows where chronic degenerated parasites spots are located within this body. When taking parasitical herbs these markings (spokes) will widen, look like burrowed ditch that can drain then dissolve mysterious as they came.
There’s no cure to any disease if you don’t know this basic part of a holistic healing process: Try and alternate for different parasites, instead of an anti biotic. (Yogurt to the right timing, to balance your system)
Parasites called; ANTHELMINTIC, Vermifuge, taenifuges, parasiticides, are in plants that kill parasites.
Family’s without insurance will need to study this page further to find specific herbs to kill off the the parasite to their illness so to reverse it regain health.
A to rid the body of parasites that's involved to cure a disease. All diseases carry a scavengers, "vermifugal,’’ virus, germs, bacteria, anti fungals – mold, fungi, micro worm etc. depending on what name you want to call them. These “microbe's” make homes in the body's stored toxins, mucus, inflammations that feeds on the illness. Also, they cause our cravings of refine, over process foods. Remember it's the parasites that in the end that's going to kill us off eat us up.
I'm hoping by the time my readers get to the end of these pages, they will gain a new insight for "plants intelligences" that can heal and reverse or cure all diseases, and which ones to use. And, a need to add more organic plant foods to your diet. Hopefully to realize that by not eating enough of these organically plants can open doors for parasite infestation with rectifications of poorer health. This process cleaning will continue for the rest of your life. If not organic plant it cannot cure.

Genetically Modified plants (GMO) are man-made, sick, mutilated plants missing their “reproductive” (neutered-seeds) fungal parts. This is the most important part. Therefore, are not good parasitic plants for healing nor eating. So, till them under, burn, weed and cull these tares out of gardens...”...for they will not bear good fruit”...scripture-history.
All plants have parasitical properties. Some stronger than other that can wipe out; parasites, germs, virus, bacteria, fungi along with their diseases. After-wards will die off and move out of the body. Then, toxins they live in can drain out of the blood and tissues. The other alternative is burn them out with natures natural fever (heat), radiation that takes along, with its crude process, healthy organ tissue. Cut it out will have a rippling effect and add stress to the other organs. However, if the parasite has not all been killed, the “cancer,” or sickness will return. Parasite breed abundantly every minute, some more than other.

Do we care the name of the disease? No. It only enables drug companies, doctors and hospital ways to get new drugs, money, for classification to a new diseases for insurance money's.
Fasting-semi fasting or, the use of liver herb will clear the “hallways.” (Liver herbs are blood purifiers use to clear out all toxins, including dead parasites in the blood.) They will leave through organs such as the liver, kidney, and bowels facilitating cleaning your dirty house after parasites have been killed off but now needs to be swept out. It's why using a holistic approach so important. When done correctly it will have a ricochet effect with some protection to the rest of the eliminating organs. hospital ways to get new drugs, money, for classification and inventing s a new diseases for insurance money's.
+Iridology shows us where to begin; first zone is the stomach, second is the colon areas and every disease stems from here. It will show any novice the weakest locations where disease is lodged. Don't panic on a name. Naming a disease will only detour the healing process. Knowing only its located will only treat symptoms with a drug/chemical mostly from the DNA plant in a chemically made medication. Instead deal with where, why and what caused it then go from there. (You can locate the source of the problem from the iris.)
We're reacting to their chemicals drugs and going no where for a cure, in fact these chemicals lodge in the body causing diseases along with their rippling effects. Their chemicals are ruining our water supply, which should tell us a lot, however, this is not a problem with herbs. Most all diseases can be reversed by eliminating the parasite. Then and only then, can we began to re-building the tissues. Herbs can get rid of metals and chemical's too.
1. Parasites are caused by bad eating habits, (carnivorous eating habits, raw eggs, (even animals have parasites) filthy living conditions, and antibiotics, etc..
2. They rots tissues where they lodged in the body. “Rotted” tissue is “chronic” or destroyed, last stages of cancer or another illness.
3. They're live and clogs up colon system and other organs will not work correctly.

4. Parasite head for an inherent weakness (genetics), and/or weakest part of the body.
5. Even animal who just live on just grass and grain need to be wormed so, what make anyone think human's don’t need a spring-cleaning?

6. NATURES NATUAL LAW; Illnesses such as flue is nature's cleaning your house. Yet, we take chemicals (drugs) it stops its natural process then a back-up of disease builds up because it can't get out.
7. When taking a drug-chemical, it will act as a foreign invader that lodges in tissues to cause cancers that can't be remove by antibiotics. (Antibiotics are another invasive parasites.)

8. Note; Every disease or illness has it's own parasite. Even, stones have a virus link.EYES: In early history the iris had its beginnings. ‘the ancient’s” knew the secret of "...eyes mappings. The eyes were considered, “the windows of the soul..." (scripture-history) which means; “the windows of the body.” It’s nature's natural way to read what's going on inside the body being mapped out through the nervous systems. (The body's electrical systems and third zone in the iris), from our head using each side of the spinal cord that relays messages in the iris the condition of the body.} This knowledge proves most useful to show where, the cause, and how to treat the body's “problems.” Viewing is a natural x-ray that shows where chronic areas are and where the parasites or disease is originating. Then we can correlates the problems with herbs for the illness. It the best way to check if your herbs, and plant based diet is working, If not then, change the herbs while watching the iris to see if the markings also changes. (Every 3 months in chronic cases.) Normally, one cannot see where parasites lodge unless its chronic issue and has effected the area. But you can see white, yellow, tan, brown colors that will give you clues of how long infested and see reversals out of the body. "Parasitic Spokes as in the photos are lines originating from the stomach and colon. When the lines widen, like a burrow or ditch, and if your using the right parasitical herb, they will eventually get lighter and fade. The time may be slower if you’re “chipping” at it. It all depends on your eating habits and really doing the herbs like medication every day. They will come back as you eat pork or meat again. Meats has antibiotic's which are parasites. Then repeat the whole process over again.
VERMIFUGE'S FORMULAS; Make up a "vermifugal recipe or formula that can last for a year for the whole family or when possible go buy one. This page will give you examples of some ideas to what to buy, where and what to start with. Study or research one of the herbs for your particular disease with its parasite properties. Is this one best for your problems? How good of formula depends on the quality of plant used, to condition of your body, your weight-height and how long the embedded parasites has damaged the condition to the offend organ. Some may not be able to take the cleaning out of micro toxins too fast because of age or weakness. And, some will take longer time to heal and will need to began to build with more green, fibrous “mild food diet” (plant based diet ) that gently builds as it cleanses, even legumes build and clean. Get a good herb logy dictionary to look for this key word, "vermifugal.'' Do your home work before using any anti fungal, as some maybe to harsh or slow for your needs.It maybe a good idea, unless you know a specific herb for a specific parasite to use a variety of different ones; (Herbs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, flower, leaves or roots of the plants.) (Then check the iris to see if its working.
*(1) Each plant has its own natural protections from the elements and environmental enemy’s (it's own parasite.) They pass onto us these protectionism properties that becomes your blessing as they now will protect you, as was designed in the beginning of God creation. It’s one of their mission. Plants are living and have a spirit and foreordained intelligence.
*Gen. 2_5 And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground. (This was happening before the earth was completed)Because drug corporations can't or won’t acknowledge or investigate how nature works is the very reason why they will never heal or cure anything. They've become so wicked, deceptive, evasiveness all of which ends up the very cause of diseases, as their chemicals build up in and lodge in the body. I've seen more cancer in the iris than ever before from drugs then in the 70's.

Remedy's: Some known or basic anti fungals are; Vitamin C and E etc., Black Walnut, Potassium Sorbate, Caprylic Acid (from coconut), Cloves, or Wild Mediterranean Oregano oil etc., Don't expect one herb to rid "all parasites," there are millions of different parasites global. We need more research on herbs to correspond disease with specific parasites which they'll better fit. However, most will work on all parasites in these pages. Just watch the iris to be sure. Drug Company's are not letting us know the knowledge of the one's they've found. They are holding back! They first, have but copy them chemically for patented controls. Drugs always starts with an herb.
Meat's full of parasites, hormones, chemical-drugs and antibiotic's, (an evolutionary parasite), that won’t heal and halts any process of eliminating them. The food value of carnivorous eating is at the bottom of the food chain. Is it not wonder so many are sick. Once illness begins in the body with no way of cleaning (elimination), or curing conditions it heaps to get worse, depending on the constitution of the person.
+Recipe: Simple 2 tbs. Raw Organically grown Apple Cider Vinegar with ¼ tsp baking soda for pH and will help a great deal with its tastes. Some have a hard time dealing with its tastes every day (approximately 3 months 3X daily.) Another brew is mixing a good apple juice with about 1/8 cup or so of vinegar together, bit of honey and take faithfully every day for 14 days... (Chase this down with about 5-7 raw bitter apricots seeds (laetrile Vit. B-17) a day if serious illness such as cancers). More seeds may be needed. A man with cancer told me he use 30+! If you get a headache from apricot seeds...stop and cut back to where you’re comfortable. Each has his own body tolerance depending on height, weight and, according to the disease. (The antidote to cyanide poisoning is always Lobelia which will rid the body of any poison. Keep capsules handy don't take this herb alone use another herb always with Lobelia.) Vinegar or any fermentation processes are all anti-fungal's. Adding these foods to rid the body of parasites. (1 tsp to every 60 lbs should work.)Humans can host over 100 different types of parasites, if you travel abroad even more. Here are various herbs that's had success in eliminating various parasites. My style is use the simplest and cheapest, best quality products and that would be raw vinegar.
+Vinegar Tincture: 1 part unfiltered raw organic vinegar2 parts organic apple juice. You can use apple brandy to preserve this more powerful and longer ... (Alcohol is used to preserve and parasite control in this formulas. Remember your only using 1 tablespoon every day.)
Most bothersome is Yeast. It's in beer, wines, breads, boxed foods, etc. and needs to have a continual processes to cleaning it out of the body. Most especially if your taking insulin (germ war-fare the drug company's invented. (Switch from Novolin as it contains a yeast delivering micro's for the “timing” of their product. So does most of the others. It better not to use any insulin that will have to be timed later for release. Dead yeast? So is breads. "Most human insulin is produced by recombinant DNA technology utilizing Saccharomyces cerevisiae (bakers' yeast) as the production key organism)." This “organism's, a parasite called yeast is one of the causes of the diabetic conditions in the first place…yet they use it in their products for diabetic. What does that tell you? Do they want a cure? Or, are they just plan stupid? (Use the pro biotic formula always if your on insulin, the numbers will gradually go down with the amount of insulin needed.)
+Salmonella, E coli or Trichinella parasites; Even foods, such as mayonnaise, ice creams, and others are products that uses raw eggs. Too many under-cooked egg carry salmonella even shots to children. Also, it's especially wise to avoid any bloody looking meat. Especially, pork that's always sold under-cooked. It needs to be cook at 500 degrees to kill two major parasites, Salmonella, Trichinella Spiralis. Pork takes nine hours to digest. Watch how pigs are fed and raised, some are now beginning to be genetically altered and others are just too filthy to consume. H1N1 is pig flue...Yes, you can get this flue from pork...think. We eat ham's in the winter afterward the flues peaks. Others are Mad Cow disease, bird flue etc., the points is diseases can be transmitted to human's. Don't feed meat to children, they're plenty of protein in legumes.
+Learn how to use culinary herbs with all meats, like grandmother's who used Cloves, Garlic Cinnamon, that kill parasites in meats, and even preserved their dead using these culinary herbs. Seek out these known herbals all over the globe to which God is good to us all. There's no need to go outside your area unless you've polluted your environments and plants.
Listed in order of plants potency is its root, seeds, flower, leaf and stem.

Here are more familiar plants;
Other Remedies; ... ''and the seeds and leaf thereof for medicine"...(scripture history)Black Walnut Hull powdered or tincture is great for lupus. (Watch for plants that are its own seed. They will always be an excellent sources of food.
Neem, Pumpkin Seeds and all seed oils, in fact, all seeds have anti fungal properties. Some are more toxic than others like the bitter apricot seed, and more powerful. ('A little dab with do ya on these.') The best parasite plants are all the “bitter” herbs. Nature gives warning signs, color, bitter taste, etc. Golden Seal is bitter tasting and will kill yeast, and rid the body of drugs. Think before you taking this herb if your using insulin or drugs. It may kill the “timing that uses the yeast part” of this drug. And, too, careful some herbs are so strong they'll kill the female eggs and male sperm, such as, Neem, carrot seeds, and many others…Please do your research before investing.
Parasiticides: You can find more about plants in any good herbal dictionary; Indian Herbalogy of North America by Alma R. Hutchens.
There are milder herbs that will work more gently such as the organically grown Cloves, Garlic, Cinnamon, Rosemary, etc. Actually, most culinary herbs have anti fungal properties, if not modified. Thyme’s an (anti bacterial), vinegar (originally made from wine (grape plant), olive leaf extract, all fruits and seeds, but most especially their medical, skins of citrus fruit (Their skins will contain more chemicals if sprayed, and used chemical in the soil, so avoid if not organic), and all natural organic oils of organic plants. Basic knowledge is the fact that most plants, veggies, or fruit have anti fungal properties. Those same properties are passed onto humans when ingested if not mess with vain man's ego's that produce hybrid plants. Most were created not to reproduce. Why?
Bitter Almonds, or, Apricot Pits have the highest about of laetrile. Other B-12 or 17 are grains like; Millet (that use to be used more than wheat), wheat-grass, even Lima beans and, like many other foods will get rid the body of parasites. Do not use Laetrile seeds use on children, and pregnant women. By the way Pregnancy is not the time to clean house!!! Wait!
"Probiotic therapy" gets rid of yeast and E. coli. (Meaning all “soured products”, opposite of sweet or bitter!) 1. Always, search and find the correct dosage when using herbs or foods. 2. Use probiotic's after any treatments of ANTIBIOTICS, but never at the same time. You need the right amount of probiotics for it to be used a “natural antibiotic;” (10 different strains at 1 billion bacillus per strain, per-serving. They're over 100 bacillus's in the colon. A “time released capsules” is best so the stomach acids will not destroy all it's benefits before traveling through the colon. (Note; "yeast" may show up in different markings than the photos above marking in the iris. Those markings are "cronic and inbedded" there for a longer time. Yeast may show up as white-snow, yellow , light brown, dark or then to lighter thin lines before they are mapped out to the above markings).

TEAS: Its the oldest way of delivering herbal medication, (a concoction.) This refers back to the scripture…"and the seeds and leaf thereof for medicine.” What did our ancestors do before capsules? T E A S! (The best teas don't come from the US. Other countries do a better job in formulating teas, example such as; TAZO, “Calm,” or, Yogi, “Kava Stress relief,”formulas)
The Navajo Indians, Hunzas, Abkhasians used seeds for the “stronger” medicine. Pumpkin seed , "laetrite, vitamin B17 (amygladin). One seed is the apricot pit (five-seven apricot seeds per day) for 14 day and lay off and repeat if and when necessary, (nitriloside amygdaline), apple seeds (natural arsenic, (eat the whole apple including core or seed), (batacyanophoric glycosides), Peach or, cherry pits i.e., orange, nectarine, grapefruit, use all their seeds. Watermelon, eat the seed too! Never buy “seedless” it's a useless hull.
Seedless fruits are generically modified and not fit to eat for healing the body. GMO foods are the FREAKS of nature (like the seedless mules that can't reproduce.) These seed need to be hulled out of gardens. Don’t use your voting buying power to reinforce wicked marketer's for seedless grapes. They do raise seeds in grape but are marketing the best for more profits for health supplement for Wall Street stocks! Why? Do they know more than you thought? Think?
Scripture history tell the truth about seeds in Gen. 2;
...”11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.”
...”12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and
God saw that it was good.” (He labled it G O O D...FINISHED)Most Bitter Herbs; American Centurary, Areca Nut, Artemesia Annua, Balsam of Peru, Blackberry, Betel Nut, Betony, Birch, Birds Tongus, Black Walnut Bark-Hull or, leaves, Blue Cohosh, Blue Vervain… It's impossible to list all these types of herbs but, perhaps some examples of where to began..
Parturients are herbs for “females” also, parasitical herbs. So be careful if you are trying to get pregnant or prevention of pregnancy. Some herbs are so strong, as they act as an parasite herb that will kill sperm and/or alter the sperm or, female egg. (Ex. Mandrake will cause an abnormal fetus if taken at the wrong time, and other herbs do the same.)
Other anti fungals; Butternut bark or root, White walnut, Cajuput and Cassia oils, Carrot seeds, Cascara Gradate Bark, Chapparal, Comfrey Leaves and root, Chanca Pierdra, Elecampane, Everlasting, Fennel Seeds, Fer-Female, Fraxinella, Gentian, Grapefruit Seed extract, Olive leaf extract (500 mg. 3 x day, then build to about 1,500 mg every day). And there are many culinary "spices" that are strong parasitic, herbs like *(Wild Oregano Oil.) They say the dosage is 2-4 drops 3 x a day but, stop then repeat (adjust dosage), Black Walnut Hull (leaves) can be made into a strong tincture for certain parasites, Ipecacuanha, Kousso, Larkspur seed, Lemon Leaves, Mulberry Bark, Mullein Leaves, Pine needles (bladder worms), Papaya, Pink Root, Plum, Pomegranate, and many other fruits, Pride of China, Wormwood, Wafer Ash, Worm Seed, Wound-wort, Quassia (small), Male Fern, Red Cedar oil, Rue, Storax, Cramp Bark, Senna, Cloves, Hedge Garlic, Onion, Thyme, Sage, Vinpocetine (Peri Winkle (brain area).
SEEDS: Sesame Seeds, (A raw organic Sesame oil will rid the mouth of herpes-cancer sores), apple seeds (contains natural cyanide) or, watermelon seeds. (strong medicine for the kidneys.) Oils especially from seeds, vegetable plants and the rinds of fruit such as Tamarind rind, Oranges, i.e. are all parasitical. Most peels have the chemical from spays they have to be organically grown.
Deuteronomy 22:9 ¶Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with divers seeds: lest the fruit of thy seed which thou hast sown, and the fruit of thy vineyard, be defiled. (ALL GMO CORPORATION'S SHOULD READ THIS SPECIFIC SCRIPTURE! but, then again...their the ungodly who never read scriptures for reference or directions.)

Some fruit such as; coconuts (great anti-fungal an electrolytic replacement,) use plenty of these fruit or plants that are their own seed (walnuts, nuts, etc.) To kill parasites the seeds must be fertile. Each generational of produced hybrid after-wards will have less fungal properties. So +many of these GMO plants will not re-produce and die-off. The “tares of the garden” and should be cut out. Matthew 13:27“...So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?...”

Noni, (And, other such juice based fruit juice (pyramid selling products), pineapples, pure grape juice or other antioxidants juices will kill parasites, and all fruit have antioxidants.) What kind of soil will affect its “organicness” and potency! If, all organically grown herbs/plants have properties to kill parasites, then why are so many suffering from sickness and disease? Its because, for the most part, too many ARE NOT LIVING ON, A PLANT BASED DIET but, are living at the bottom of the food chain that's laden with antibiotics, hormones, chemical's and too much meat and bad dairy. We're using too much over-processed foods, inorganically grown (hybrid) grains and plants. These don't have properties to kill anything or build the body back to health.
FORMULA; (Note the root is the most powerful, seed, flower, leaves and last is the stem)
Parasites: Equal parts of, Papaya, Wormwood (seed), Pomegranate Root, (substitute the peel and seed if you can't find the root), Tansy, Black Walnut Hull, Wild Sage, (or Tame Sage,) Garlic Powder. Then move them out ½ part Fennel Seeds (puts parasite to sleep,) ¼ part Senna or Approximately 1/8 - ½ teaspoon of powdered Senna in the morning and at night for 10 days. Stop and repeat to get eggs of parasites. (Also, organically grown Clove, a seed, and will kill off their eggs.) This formula was used for all types of parasites, including cancer. Mix with a good O-AC vinegar or herbal liquor. Macerate (tincture) it for about a week to 14 days, strain and use 1 teaspoon several times a day until gone. Repeat after 10 days. Store in dark bottles. This link will give you an ideas of a dosages.
Another Worm formula is oil of Wintergreen, 4 drops daily, 10 days; abstain 20, take again for 10 days. (Tape worms and Roundworms) Lobelia tincture, Clove, Black Walnut tincture for the rest of the parasites. The focus here is, there are many ways to rid the body of parasites. Do your research.
Laxatives: Understand Sienna is only one herbal laxative to move out parasites, use it sparingly, it's potent. You can use other natural parasitic laxatives. Research the right herb for you. There are many good herbal colon formulas that’s sold on the market today. Try one that has rhubarb or Psycillum fiber in its formula. In (IBS) Crones disease use Acacia Senegal a pre-biotic soluble fiber more gentle for the stomach.
RE: In the formula above; The Pomegranate Root (or, seeds) in this formula may be hard to find, sub. the drink (It's good for man's prostate problems.) It's a good enough herb keep in the formula, if not, leave out and continue as with most formulas.
Formals from the Kitchen: Even organic tangerine rind (key; oil) is a good parasitical herb. (oils from rinds) Add zest ed orange as flavoring to foods, jellies, and make or re-do marmalade's using its citric peels and grounded seeds.) In making your own organic bitter apricot pit jam or marmalade's they will add natural anti- fungal properties to your diet because of their oil and seeds.
Some may consider using drugs that kill yeast, Nystatin or, Duflucan (that can past to the protective brain barrier.) This is a difficult area of the body to heal of parasites or remove toxins and drugs. Gingko, Peri Winkle, Astragulas will removes toxins and gives oxygen to the area.
Parasites The Enemy Within by Hanna Kroeger, has herbal remedies that simply explains of many individual parasites, and how to eliminate them with oils using simple formulas. $6.00
*Oil of Wild Oregano, known as” Spikenard" … (Mark 14:3) The best quality product comes from the Mediterranean area, too many mock versions are not. The first bottle I bought was a “dud” and left me with the wrong impression of this product. As it so often happens with herbs in general. Parasites can perforated the intestinal tract walls with holes-”leaks” going into other organs, and get directly in the blood stream settling in the weakest areas to dig homes, eating and destroying that tissue and/or organ. This is very serious!
Diabetes, over-weightiness, cancers, arthritis, asthma, etc. all, are diseases of pestilence. If we don't change directions, these and others will continue to plagues and scourges us and get worse. A sick body is starving for nutrition and good cleansing. Diseases, and all sickness are natures way of cleaning house.
Vermifuges: expels worms Aspen, Bearsfoot, Black Walnut, Blue flag, Mandrake, Pink Root, Senna, Sorrel, Tansey, Wood Sage, i.e.
Kills Worms and parasites: Black Walnut, Kelp or Dulse of Iodine, (Pumpkin Seeds or its oil will remove salmonella, trichinosis, roundworms, pin-worms,) see: B Frank Scholl, Library of Health, 1925 edition.) Wintergreen is powerful (if organically grown oil, it will take less to accomplish much.
Antibiotic medicine is, germ a war-fare and in itself, a genetic mutational parasite created to kill another invasive parasite both will corrupting our bodies introducing even more deadly parasites that will mutate and multiply. (Darwin's Theory of Mutations) Want longevity? Then kill the worms before they eat and, destroy your body.
This link is an up dated version;

Sorry this is so long for a blog post. It's because if I broke up the subject matter it would not make sense to the WHOLE idea of this subject matter.
Lemon in bottled water, pumpkin seeds for snacks, and baking soda for yeast infections is all about the pH levels. So simple and basic knowledge to use and items to have on hand.
Fasting is another way of cleaning house:
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