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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


If the tongue is
white the liver/blood
is cleansing
Mild Foods  refers to a "PLANT BASED DIET." The first is vegetarian, next if sic would be vegan i.e. This ideology goes these with herbal remedies if we are to understand how to reversals diseases. It's called the word of wisdom.
An example of this food pyramid, Vegetables, includes herbs, fruit (all in one category.)(Remember seeds are in the fruit and in the vegetable groups and some are legumes), or whole complex grains (and are seeds) and lastly, but rarely used, is no antibiotic fed meats. All foods are derive from these basic 4 groups (It is a very basic food pyramid.) This is the food pyramid for "mild plant foods," and basic for continual good health for all and found in the D +C.

WISDOM (common sense) needs not to be a commandment at all as the word itself implies. You'll need wisdom to eat these foods and heath will come for your efforts.

Watch your "magic mirror" the tongue, it will tell you if you body is eliminating with a coat of white on it (livers cleaning.) Notice it while on a "fast" or when sick or in mornings before eating anything, as we do clean at night. The body can naturally clean itself if allowed too.

"And whosoever among you are sick and have not faith to be healed, but believe, shall be nourished with all tenderness, with herbs and “mild food”, and that not at the hand of an enemy" D+C

They're are many who stumble and not humble who will continue to fail toward good health because they do not understand this scripture. Your personal  interpretation will be in your health outcome. And, we know the tyrant's of GMO, stocks, ruining our land and all vegetation's are the enemy spoken of in this scripture today. Washington's made laws to govern and control farming and imports of bad foods and taking seeds out of fresh food so not to procreation cannot take place. Read Genesis about the first gardeners he created, and now the whole earth is polluted plants and the food chain.

MILD FOODS (Plant Base Diet) is basically for the most part a vegan or a good vegetarian. Plants are necessary to eat fresh, in season whenever possible, for nutrients to heal the body.

The follow dietary laws are the mild foods spoken of above. (With the exception, meat protein which cannot be a mild food because it halts the elimination of toxins from the body (no white tongue.)
The difference from this mild food, a plant based diet vs semi-fast foods is a semi-fast would not be using grains, dairy for an acute stages of illness.

The pyramid shows meats protein being rarely used except in areas that cannot grow plants and on an emergency basis's, like a famine- where there is nothing else to eat or grow.

The Wisdom Comes with the way "mild foods" are utilized for man's health. The reader also needs an understanding of the “fast” especially, a “semi-fast” or “mild foods,” and their interrelationships to each other.
Short-term or semi-fasting” is used in chronic-illnesses. Its a easier fast for shorter or, longer periods of time for those who have a long term illnesses and cannot or may have a difficult time, completing fast. (One, fast may be without no food or perhaps water. (Kidneys, bladder and liver i.e. may need to be cleaned too, but for others this is too harsh. Too many toxin's coming through for them may set the illness back.) When too many toxins are dumped you will feel sick, lethargic, fatigue out of control of yourself.

One can go back and forth as needed between, these two natural "nature's surgeries," fast, semi fast in balancing out or controlling the outcome of health problems. Milder foods, is at a slower rate to slowly building then eliminating, then go back to building i.e.. Even diabetic or children can do a semi fast on a fast day.


1. *All wholesome fresh HERBS (in its season, means fresh) to be used with skill and reason. (Common sense.) This does not mean smoking them.
An example might be; Mandrake, Ma Huang are herbs and of course many others are herbs that requires some experience, skill, good judgment, and caution as to any danger or risks. Also, skill comes with knowing the fruits and the vegetable (the herb-veggie is included) Enough skill to wisely use them within each sage of production and development in nature, then correlating it to specific health problems.

Un-wholesome herbals are usually the herbs that could harm the body if not used correctly, for the wrong reasons, or, not wisely. I feel doctors could get into these herbs if they learn to use them correctly as the doctors in some countries, such as Brazil.
 If taught correctly to use them in whole, organic manner and this is not to be taught by drug companies. (Conflict of interests etc.) More are moving toward this direction because all God's children have health problems. Other problem herbs ex. are; Mandrake, Mariana, Cocaine, herbal pain medications, Poppy's i.e are herbs of this directions.

2. *This scripture describes and groups effectively the..."FRUIT of the vine; that which yieldeth fruit, whether in the ground or above the ground-..." All is meant for us to eat when hungry.
*Just a note: What does fruit of the womb mean? If you understand this how this word is used in the bible or history, the meteoric of the word "fruit of the vine," or what the vine's product, produced, pregnanted or propagated, not necessary a fruit as an apple, orange i.e.
3. The next group the scriptures here is the group of; Vegetables, legumes (vegetable), and nuts (p: 'le-"gyüm, liz-'gyümFunction: nounEtymology: French légume, from Latin legumin-, legumen leguminous plant, from legereLeguminosae syn. Fabaceae) of dicotyledonous herbs, shrubs, and trees having fruits that are legumes (sense 3) or loments, bearing nodules on the roots that contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and including important food and forage plants (as peas, beans, or clovers) 3 : a dry dehiscent one-celled fruit developed from a simple superior ovary and usually dehiscing into two valves with the seeds attached to the ventral suture : POD "This emphasis has legumes are not a separate entity by themselves in this simple food pyramid. (Remember, dried legumes can be a seed too)
*4. All ORGANIC GRAINS Is ordained for the use of man, to be the staff of life. Staff of life means its our basic’s food. It's our true pyramid base or foundation.

No Genetically Altered grains ... the whole product it is not there. It's been polluted and not naturally or balanced by nature therefore causes many allergies and sickness.

"...All grain is good for the food of man..."
...Never-the-less, "wheat," is specifically created "for man" and for "mild drinks," As also other grains...
"Wholesome" foods is wholesome not GMO grains, (+and not tainted foods) eat all you want till you are fully satisfied, (The opposite is so with un-wholesome foods. You will be filled and but starving nutritionally),  (Drugs-soda pops will interfere with this progress.) Soda's with aspartame will actually make you depressed and more out of control hungry, and is not a food.

It's good exercise to work in your garden and get the Yoga like exercise and free sunshine. You'll raised better produce than your grocery market, and become healthier. Your body will began to repair and correct itself. It just needs a little time to repair, so be patient.
5. The cautions are in in here too; caffeine, along with tobacco, strong drinks (Yeast causes prostate-breast problems and/or many other health issues) Do not use unwholesome herbs, their are many.

"All animals and fowl the Lord has ordained for the use of man. And they are to be used “sparingly.” And to be used only in time of cold, winter, famine and excess of hunger."
This part is so abused in its interpretation's has caused much sickness and many to stumble. If your not well check here first...If you've prayed and been administered too, do you lack faith?
If not healed then you have to began somewhere. Check this out and be humble and teachable maybe you have not interpreted these words of wisdom from the Lord correctly!

THEN COMES THE BLESSINGS: The fast is connect in the DC, and now will makes sense: but most don't know why nor how, because the leaders are not in tune with the laws of nature, which may be found in other books with some discernment's or revelation.

*The only way the will heal itself is through the following: 1. Fasting 2. Semi-fasting (mild foods which is a plant based diet) 3. Forced elimination. There is no other way. Now you have knowledge to judge and discern any diet out in the world and from books or so called experts on TV shows. You must understand fasting in some form is a commandment; and it be done and this is why.

 "...shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures; ...and shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint, ...And I, the Lord give unto them a promise, that the destroying angel shall pass them by, as the children of Israel, and not slay them..."

This hasn't been done because of ignorance's.

 So, AGAIN, I ask are you...ARE YOU really following anything close to this words?

*Tea's are plants and served as ancient medicine. They have been used in all of history to dispense herbs for pleasure, nutrition and medicine...that's a fact! To get up on the pulpit at conference and say, " shouldn't be drinking teas anyways..." shock me!

Note: I don't speak for the LDS Church nor do they speak for me as I speak out and write my blog post for my own views. Others are free to write their own views. Just give me credit when you use my writings.

Again these posts are my opinions using my "gifts" and specific talents (as promised) the W.O.W. the laws of nature and given further health and environmental issues to teach in perilous times. (I also use seven gifts of discernment's for that purpose.) Take this and all my posts "as is" then, do your own research...We are not puppets and need not to be commanded in all things... What happen? Can't you tie in these scripture for yourselves?
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