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Friday, October 17, 2008


Great Pop Corn Diet (Snack For Dieters) (use coconut butter if popped on top of the stove, which I prefer)
It’s all about adding more fiber and relieving hunger for between meals to compliment any good diet. This will help you to be prepared for those hungry times when you could get into wrong things. And beside the vegetable and fruit with dips we rotate from now and then for variety add in some needed grains with lots of fiber. One suggestion is to include popcorn in your diet every day. Have it plain and you'll never tire as easily.

Nibble all day or/and carry it with you during the day as a pre-breakfast, pre-dinner, pre-lunch your appetite controller and as a mid-evening mini-meal, i.e. This will satisfy your hunger and prevent any panicky, impulsive eating’s. (I eat when I am hungry, small snacks during the day. Don't let your body starve; we, now,  know this puts on weight.)

One of my favorites reads was Diane Thornocks diet book, 2000+ calories. She was correct about her dieting ideas but she got carried away with fads, "Low Fat" and her ideas about too much meats in every the way she died of cancer (young too) Her books and all those fads diet books are available at thrift stores. Low fat proven out to harm to children’s brain mentally abilities.
Then comes along the zone diet proving by adding the right fats to your diet your mind actually becomes un-fogged and by adding the right fats (omegas) the dieter can actually lose weight better. However, I'm not going to do your research in this area today.

The point I wanted to make with this in mind is its OK to eat, eat, eat, but watch out that it's quality, fibrous, complex organically grown whole grain foods i.e.. That means lots of legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables in all varieties and no chemicals. Even dairy shouldn’t have hormones and etc. (see my dairy pages) You can eat a lot more quality foods, but not in the incorrect areas such as pre-boxed, packaged, pre-prepared and chemically treated, fake sugars, and sodas are all out. Because they don’t meet the first criteria of quality, fresh and seasonal foods then balance it all out with the variety. It’s not quantity so much but the quality. One person said not boxed nor packaged, well it make sense to me for the most part.

Try different brands of popcorn but no GMO corn. It's all accumulative and chemicals and lack of nutrition adds up in our bodies. Bad nutrition will catch up with us all and put on weight because it put the body in a starving mode. It lacks the essentials. So, eat, and be choosy!

Carry popcorn in your purse, in your car, to work, school, movie, sporting events and keep it with you at all times. A plastic zip bag is great and it keeps it fresh and tasty. Add nuts and such if you need a change. If your popcorn doesn't look good and tasty, you're probably not hungry. Therefore you shouldn't eat popcorn or anything else for that matter till you are hungry.

Use Air-Poppers or on top of the stove in a two quart pan with a good tight lid. Make sure the oil is hot before adding the popcorn. Use enough olive oil just covering one layer of popcorn then shake it once in a while and add sea salt. When using sea salt you’ll not need much and add organic butter (no fat hormones which would defeats the whole purpose, or use WF Pam butter spray on top.

Get a paper bag add ¼ cup Organic popcorn, salt and a bit of oil and bingo you have microwave popcorn. Same directions as the store brand bag style, but no chemicals.

Store in a plastic zip locked bag to keep it fresh. Make up enough to last the week, or day. NEVER use the microwave popcorn with too many added chemicals.

Add 1-2 Tb. of water in old UN popped corn and place in fridge to put back its moisture. I prefer the white popcorn with no kernels. Watch out; don't choke on the “old maids.”

This will facilitate clearing out your gastrointestinal tract through healthy regular bowel movements. Take advantage of the dry salty taste and drinking plenty of good water while eating the fiber-rich popcorn. Make you evening popcorn as close as possible to the time you go to bed. I always loose lbs my popcorn weeks.

You can add cut up veggies and fresh fruit with the organically grown popcorn. If faithful they will begin to say, You’re too thin!
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