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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Potatoes For Weigh Loss 11:06 AM, 15-Aug-2008 .. Posted in Weight Loss

Searching for new/old ideas that work for weigh-loss? Or, ideas that motivate or keep you going in your direction rather than most of the popular ideas of dieting. I'm over sixty and been over 400 lbs and know what doesn't work for me for sure. This is an old idea, with new rhetoric, and has worked the best for me. I will share these idea and others that are helping me keep it off or at least and not gaining more! I'm down about sixty lbs...than I had a health crisis and gained most of it back. But. now getting back down to what I had lost. It harder with blood sugar problems because insulin is a fat hormone, but it can be done. When you loose blood sugars will come down too requiring less insulin etc. I don't avoid potatoes here's why. At the end, I added in some Post Notes a bit more about weight and broccoli till I do this page over. It's what you serve on your potatoes we need to pay more attention to. People ate more potatoes in my grandmothers day two meals every day and this generations never had the weight problems we have today...It isn't the potatoes folks, they gotten a bum rap. (I love Susie Powder's old diet books, she was correct about potatoes, no in theft stores she sold out etc. and her fad of "low-fat' of the incorrect fat was way overdone)
“Potatoes get a bad rap as little more than a waist-thickening waste of calories. New research puts spuds squarely at the center of the latest weight loss buzz, along with other unfairly maligned carbs such as corn and rice. The reason: All these foods contain “resistant starch”, a unique kind of fiber you will be hearing a lot more about. In fact, experts agree that it is one of the most exciting nutrition break through they have seen in years. "Resistant starch has the potential to become the next hot nutrition trend," says Leslie Bonci, RD, author of the American Dietetic Association's Guide to Better Digestion. Indeed, more than 160 studies have examined this little known nutrient's remarkable health and weight loss benefits.”
Yatta, Yatta, Yatta... Susan Powders said this years ago, now their proving it? (She wrote, Stop The Insanity and she has several other book ...on my shelves,) and you will find them in thrift, or old book stores.

This article goes on to say ...
“Resistant Starch” Paraphrased when possible
”Although this may be the first you've heard of resistant starch, it's likely been a part of your diet most of your life. Resistant starch is a type of dietary fiber naturally found in many carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, grains, and beans, particularly when these foods are cooled. It gets its name because it "resists" digestion in the body, and though this is true of many types of fiber, what makes resistant starch so special is the powerful impact it has on weight loss and overall health. Not only does it increase your body's ability to burn fat, but it also fills you up and reduces overall hunger. Its health benefits are truly impressive as well. Studies show it improves blood sugar control, boosts immunity, and may even reduce your cancer risk.”

”Resistant starch is bulky, so it takes up space in your digestive system. In addition, because you cannot digest or absorb it, the starch never enters your bloodstream. That means it bypasses the fate of most carbohydrates, which are socked away as body fat when you eat more than you can burn. Here are two more keys ways resistant starch can help you drop unwanted pounds ” Remember the fat blockers made of beans and they even had a diet pill out of potatoes yatta, yatta, yatta, Beginning to make sense?

”It speeds ups your calorie burn. Unlike some types of fiber, resistant starch is fermented when it reaches the large intestine. This process creates beneficial fatty acids, including one called butyrate, which may block the body's ability to burn carbohydrates.” "This can prevent the liver from using carbs as fuel and, instead, stored body fat and recently consumed fat are burned," explains Janine Higgins, PhD, nutrition research director for the University of Colorado's Adult and Pediatric General Clinical Research Center. In your body, carbohydrates are the preferred source of fuel, like gasoline that powers your car's engine.” “Butyrate essentially prevents some of the gas from getting into the tank, and your cells turn to fat as an alternative. One study found that replacing just 5.4% of total carbohydrate intake with resistant starch created a 20 to 30% increase in fat burning after a meal.”

”It shuts down hunger hormones. Animal studies have found that resistant starch prompts the body to pump out more satiety-inducing hormones. A meal with resistant starch triggers a hormonal response to shut off hunger, so you eat less. Research shows that you don't reap this benefit from other sources of fiber.”

POST NOTE: Researchers found six new fat burning foods

*(1) Beans, (2) Bananas, (3) Corn, (4) all Potatoes, *yams, (5) whole Barley grains, (6) (Brown rice)

*The Loss Belly Fat Foods: Olives, (olive oil), Rice type Quiot...seeds, Ginger, Spearmint, Dark Choc. one ounce, Avoid trans fats, and artificial sweeteners that bloat because they don't digest.

*Broccoli is said by new research to reverse Diabetes Damage. See Prevention Magazine

COMMENTS NOTED:'' I just came across a Prevention article (March 2008) about beneficial "resistant starch" found in bananas and COLD cooked potatoes, corn, and rice. I've started eating Ezekiel bread

''Novice User; Here is a Gordon Ramsey recipe that may not sound good but one has to try it. (i loved it) 2 heads broccoli. cut florets and some stem place in 2.5 qts. boiling water with 1 T salt (i used 1/2) cover and cook for 3-5 min. (i did 2-3). Put broccoli. in blender with 1/2 cooking liquid. (add more for desired consistency) Blend, serve over brown rice and drizzle with a little evo. (i left out the oil but did add a little cayenne) Simple but really tasty. My son makes it at night and warms it in a.m. and throws it in a thermos for lunch--healthy stuff !!''

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