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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Herbal Coffee A Cure-All?

 Coffee, is an herb, should be used with more skill and purpose because it is an herb. The purpose of this page is to be more informed or educated on Coffee with or with out Caffeine. Different parts berry and stages of grounds brings out potions different for medicine uses.
Since the coffee bean is an herb and acts different with each type of roasting or in it whole raw state? Some of the herbal benefits lies with the use of it’s caffeine which everyone knows makes us more alert, but it can be used as a powerful HERBAL drug with remarkable healing powers. Even in depression? (...Do not use IF your bi polar highs, hypertension or weight problems.) With this drug  too much of is not a good thing. It may be a cure all for some but a devil's advocate for others.
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Too much coffee fogs up the brain and should not be used for ADD, ADHD and, most mental problems. as it is too much stimulation. On weight caution should be added as it will hold on to water in your fat cells. Keep reading....
On the News is ads now say:
"Asthma sufferers can get relief from caffeine and recent findings have shown that it help in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's. It limits stroke damage, reduces the incidence of skin, colon and breast cancers, mopping up damaging free radicals and is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin C. "(Organically grown of course not chemically made caffeine (...much like the white flour is to whole complex wheat flour')
It also can boost moods. It is not all the villain it has made out to be. For example, it does not cause or exacerbate hypertension or heart problems that were there in the first place.

The insomnia and jitters will actually disappear when consumed regularly or in smaller amounts.
It works from its effects on neurotransmitters, the chemicals that regulate communication between nerve cells. Caffeine boosts the effects of the neurotransmitter dopamine and serotonin that improve moods used on THE LOW CURVE. These are the same isolated drug use while treating mental disorders! It also boosts levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that improves short - term memory. Seniors are you listening! It can be used but not "over-kill" by the elderly. However, do not use in gout or arthritic conditions as it will cause more uric acid and pain will follow especially if its too strong.

Bipolar drugs work on these neurotransmitters. Here is the drug for those bad depressions, replacing the drug using dopamine and serotonin. Read the rest to know how to work with this natural drug, because it is to be reckoned with when using them correctly. However, don't do a "double duty" with Coffee...It's not a drug to be used along with dopamine and serotonin drugs for treating mental disorders you may now be using. That is why they say not to use this natural It will only cause an over-dose you.
The same holds true with other herbs in this caliber that are producers of dopamine and serotonin. (I have use this, after gradually coming off the many drugs used for bi polar) I noticed even melatonin and some nervine herbs and even St. John's Wort bothered me while still on "chemicals drugs" that Doctors prescribed to help bipolar. They cause overdoses also making it impossible to take both herb and medications with the same components. Remember doctors are not educated in knowing the natural end of herbs. They only parrot what was in a book or taught to them about what to take and not. Do not do both, prescriptions and herbs, and with coffee! It will give you an agitated feeling when trying to combine herbs and psychic drugs.
A study:
Scientist at the National Addiction Center in London studied more than 9,000 people and found that those who ingested caffeine scored higher on tests of reaction times, reasoning and memory. Other studies have shown that caffeine improves IQ test scores
As little as, 100 mg of caffeine (4 oz. of coffee) boosts mood and memory. In addition, may need larger doses for optimal mental or physical performances. When you get jittery cut back, this means you have over dosed.
Allow 15 minutes for caffeine to kick in, and it lasts 3 or 4 hours, but this varies from each individual. Women who take oral contraceptives metabolize caffeine more slowly and may fee the effects twice as long. Smokers metabolize caffeine more quickly and experience a shorter "buzz." You will have to test your tolerance in doses, 50 - 500 gradually increasing your dose until you experience t benefits without side effects. Do not smoke...get off as soon as possible!
To determine you personal "caffeine cut off point." in which caffeine interferes with your sleep is different for each person. (5-6 hours before bed) I once got into a suicidal bad depression state before bedtime. It was really a bad time for me and I knew coffee would keep me awake which bipolar have a problem with anyway. I finally decided to take about 1/4 cup of coffee and went right to sleep. Remember when a bipolar normal is too low it will bring them up to a normal high because thy came from a lower place than normal population.

There is caffeine pills, and NoDoz. The chemical in coffee and tea chlorogenic acid partially dampens the effect of caffeine and so does cream. (Even with coffee) This may not be the route to go for most, but it is knowledge in case of emergency needs. (Milk always effects drug of any kind and will neutralizes the acid effect. Speaking of which; stay away from if you have any acid conditions such as arthritis - gout i.e.)

Many over-the-counter drugs have caffeine in them ever wonder why? Anacin, Excedrin and prescription painkillers, such as Darvon Compound-65 and diet products are some that you maybe already using.
Caffeine Rx: goes like this, 200 mg of caffeine at the first sign of a tension headache or migraine (every 2-3 hours) also you can use 200 mg to 400 mg of ibuprofen which increases the analgesic effects, without risk.

But here's another Study:

Lose weight: Instead of the over-the-counter stuff?
Caffeine stimulates the release of cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone that suppresses appetite, delays the on set of hunger and promotes a feeling of fullness. In addition, caffeine promotes efficient fat burning (lipolysis) and increases metabolism using 15 minutes before meals. (Lot of cellulite fat melting creams are on the market.) Did they work and can they bring out the stress hormone with an opposite effect?

Caffeine enhances physical activity including endurance, speed and lung capacity. It also helps damaged muscles cells recover. It helps with drive fatigue, need to take 15 minutes before driving, and helps in jet lag. (Asthma patient find benefits using coffee.)

Coffee and bad breathe will surprise you for sure. It has properties that kill germs...

Lastly, caffeine blocks nasal inflammation caused by hay fever.
Note: Caffeine can raise blood pressure and increase heart rate. (Get off meat to help in these conditions!)

The point in doing this post on coffee (caffeine) is to make persons who are now taking drugs for mood disorders that caffeine may be a more natural remedy for depression if not using mood disorder drugs. Use it like a drug with much care and caution as you would any drug or herb treating it as such. You can use this herb with SKILL, but be reckoned with for the correct disorder and not to abused. Pay attention to these symptoms, if it doesn't make you better stay off. Is it overdone? Would you take medication like taking this beverage?
Poisons: ALL Soda Pops have nothing nutritional of any value in them. Nothing but poisons from its chemical drugs, such as sugar, artificial isolated caffeine’s, sodium, and all other such chemical that leech out minerals of the body. Even the bad mouthed, abused, lowly, herbal Coffee's and Herbal teas can be taken within reason are better for our health, than any soda drinks. Use your own discernment for you own body and health not anyone elses unless you are not wise or handicapp.

Cautions: Weight issues are not solved with Caffeine. Caffeine actually dehydrates fat cells, or any cell for that matter. The water is necessary rid the body of toxins, and that includes fat, in the cell through the kidney and out of the body. Too much of this abuse can result in a water logged body that retain fluid in tissues, (false fat).

This herb should be reserved for the sick, such as Alzheimer’s, senility, dementia, depression and other mental disorders and even at that with skill and individual judgement.
To make a flat statement that coffee is sinful is truly "pioneer ignorance" at its best is the sinful misrepresentation of truth about what this herb was created for man in the first place. Try pop which leaches out potassium and other needed minerals and is the worst man-made unnatural chemical. About pH

Lemon's are better than a cup of coffee! pH

(All publishing right reserved)

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