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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Pectin Can Stop Cancer Cells
How important is eating Fruit and Vegetables? This page covers "Pectin" as preventive to cancer prostate i.e. cells. It's a complex carbohydrate soluable fiber (polysaccharide) found in virtually all plants, and especially fruits.
Pectin helps to bind cells together and provides a structural framework for maintaining the shape and integrity of cell membranes. Recently, a modified form of citrus pectin derived from the pulp and peel of citrus fruits has been shown to attach to cancer cells to prevent them from spreading throughout the body, pointing the way to a potentially safe approach for preventing or reducing many cancer metastases.
Citrus pectin has been shown to inhibit cancer cell metastasis by interfering with the transport and proliferation of tumor cells to secondary sites in the body, specifically by inhibiting the ability of cancer cells to adhere to other cells. Research on modified citrus pectin shows it also enhances the activity of natural killer immune cells that is required to destroy cancer cells that are migrating in the bloodstream.

While the research on modified citrus pectin is still preliminary, the results of the published research indicate that it is completely safe for use by any cancer patient.

One teaspoon contains 2.5 grams of Pectin
Dosage and use: Two teaspoons three times daily (for a total of fifteen grams) recommended.

Early test tube studies revealed that MCP did indeed bind to galectins from numerous human cancer cell lines to inhibit their ability to adhere to other cells. Researchers found that as little as a 1.0 percent solution of MCP inhibited attachment of 1) human prostate adenocarcinoma cells, 2) human breast carcinoma cells, 3) human melanoma cells, and 4) human laryngeal epidermoid
carcinoma cells to human endothelial cells. (Naik H, et al.)

Research, released by the University of Georgia August 6, 2007, indicates that pectin kills prostate cancer cells.
"Debra Mohnen of UGA's Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, and Vijay Kumar, chief of research and development at the Veterans' Administration Medical Center
in Augusta found that exposing prostate cancer cells to pectin reduced the number of cancerouscells by about 40%. Pectin destroys cells in a process known as apoptosis. Apoptosis is programmed cell death. In apoptosis, cells bind with an outside substance that causes the cell to kill itself. Cancer cells self-destruct once the complex structure of pectin binds to the receptors of the cell surface. Pectin does not bind with non-cancerous cells, and has no known affect on them.

Because pectin binds to several sites on the cell, it causes a number of different cellular responses, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the cancerous prostate cell. Researchers found that heat treatment in conjunction with introduction of pectin to the cancerous cells increased anti-cancer activity.

Because pectin binds to several sites on the cell, it causes a number of different cellular responses, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the cancerous prostate cell. Researchers found that heat treatment in conjunction with introduction of pectin to the cancerous cells increased anti-cancer activity.

*Make your own with pack of mashed strawberries (or, another fruit in season) , to one "liquid" package of pectin, (boil down), then dissolve in a little sugar just to cut down the sour taste (abt 3/4 cup?) then use it to pour on everything or just tablespoon the tincture three time a day. Make it as strong or weak as you like.
This keeps well. More like a syrup and is a herbal medicine. Next...

Make you think twice about making jams and jellies that can be very healthy (but not store brands). And then, only if you add just enough sugar or honey to sweeten, no more. It makes up less but better for health. In any case, never use the fake or alcoholic sugars for healing remedies. This will defeats your purpose!

*The drug addicts wanting to avoid drugs in their urine tests use pectin and etc.

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