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Monday, February 11, 2013

Liver Remedies: For All Diseases

Natural Remedies For Liver Problems To All Diseases (Herpatics)
Start with an example of a food such as asparagus's, or "Mandarin" oranges contain potent medicine as all fruit and vegetables that are not GMO mutants plants. The genetically altered foods are not strong enough and their seeds and hybrid plants are missing it's life components (anti fungal properties), and nature's blessings for mankind. This is one reason some herbs just don't function as another brand. If genetically modified man blast out and adds genes with such a force that these foods are no longer balanced naturally and barely fit for consumption. They are definitely not for curing or healing the body when ill. Even their anti fungal has been compromised. All diseases the liver has to be treated. (Holistic study) Read history, scriptures, in Genesis in the beginning... Herbs are life energy force...designed to benefit mankind. Even they were commanded to multiple and replenish the earth. Man has corrupted them...throw them away.

They have been studied for liver cancer, only one of many diseases that mandarin oranges help prevent and even reverse it. Nature has provided us with the best medicines in the world, but as consumers, we have to be wise enough to recognize these foods and take action to benefit from them. A separate study conducted by scientists at Kyoto Prefuctural University of Medicine studied 75 patients with viral hepatitis and found that the group of 30 that drank mandarin orange juice for a year had no liver cancer. The disease was found in 8.9 percent of the 45 not drinking the juice.
Re: Natural News: "Two studies in Japan have found that eating mandarin oranges significantly reduces the risk of liver cancer. The protective effect may be due in part to vitamin A compounds known as carotenoids, which give mandarin oranges their color and citrus flavanones (types of flavonoids that include the molecules hesperetin and naringenin) · Anthocyanins, Hydroxycinnamic acids · Polyphenols." (Note of course they're other foods that could be added as the example in this post.)

These pages are added for mostly for those with no insurance and want to try natural remedies or have given up hope. Other wise, other may try your medical professional that know very little about herb or natural means of healing at all.
First thing to take care of when sick is the liver, especially in diabetes. It is effected the outcome in all diseases. Liver is a self-rejuvenating organ will aid in your complete recovery. It will be filtering the debris, blood or toxins through out the entire body. A holistic movement to a liver herbs goes along with clean colon and kidney care for this recovery. The "Bitters" herb, are parasitic herbs, (Anti Viral) Liver problems caused by a virus (Parasites), see parasite page in this post. They all cleanse and heal some more specifically to a problem than another.
Listed here are some of Liver Herbs. Their are many more such plants.
*Milk Thistle is one of the more popular herbs for hepatitis. (75 or 80% standardized extract, one tablet 3-4 times a day. Other uses of Milk Thistle: Lowering cholesterol levels, reducing insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes who also have cirrhosis, reducing the growth of cancer cells in breast, cervical, and prostate cancers. Milk thistle is also used in many products claiming to reduce the effects of a hangover. *All blood-purifying (parasitical) herbs involve
cleaning the liver. Also, B Complex, Chlorine, Potassium, Sodium Magnesium and Vitamin C etc.
*Astragulas Root (Great for Seniors who have a lot of drugs stored in the brain area, it removes these salts through the liver. (So does Golden Seal Root but this herb is so powerful it has some cautions as it will take out drugs, chemicals out too, that may be taken for other ailments.)
Alfalfa Seeds
Aloes (Cleanser)
Bears foot Root
Black Cohosh
*Burdock seed or root (diabetic's always need to keep the liver cleared of parasites and sugar)
Cascara Sagrada
(Cloves: kills all parasites but so does cinnamon. They are not necessarily just for the liver. If you take these you'll need the liver herb to carry them out through the blood. See how it works.)
Herbs for obstructions in Liver: Agrimony, All Heal (liver and spleen), and
Hepatic: Beet, Dandelion, Lemons and Spearmint
Dandelion Root
Coptis (Chinese herb)
Comfrey tea
Evening Primrose
Goldenseal Root
Gymnema Sylvestre
Oregon Grape Root
Poke Root (Hard Liver)
Saw Palmetto
Uva Ursi
Wild Yam
Worm Wood

Black Walnut Hull
*Yellow Dock (and, diabetes)
Their are many liver, (cancer herbs, parasite herbs, the same is for the liver too,) and too many others to mention on one page.
Three Liver Formulas:
1. Equal parts, Yarrow, Barberry, Centaury, Dandelion and Lobelia to remove the
2. Golden Seal, Saffron, and raw beet juice all activate and cleanse the liver.
3. Stomach and Liver Formula: Equal parts; Barberry, Agrimony, Centaury, and
Some of the specific Foods for the liver
Eat milder foods so the liver and the body can eliminate easily.
Watch for signs of liver stresses such as fatigue, headaches, facial flush, red inflamed gums, tenderness in the liver area, diarrhea or loose, watery stools, and yellow coating on back of tongue. Jaundice indicates the liver is failing properly to break down bilirubin or bile product. The whites of the eyes and skin are often colored yellow. It may be associated with Epstein-Barr syndrome, virus, measles and other diseases.
Artichoke Leaf
Chlorophyll’s bring the body back to alkaline (healing)
Lemon, Limes
Meridian Oranges in studies show their healing properties to the liver.
Grape juice
*No MSG or chemical sugars, MSG has been tested and effects the liver and nerves and even causes eye damage.
** Tobacco, Alcohol's Negative Impact on Liver Disease Note: Smoking will cause the liver to become toxic and not clean. Too much yeast involved in the alcohol and will settle in breast or testicle's. Hepatitis- avoid gluten
Effects the gall bladder i.e. Do gall bladder purge.
Liver toxicity will result if an over-loaded by bowel that’s causing blockage. This will cause the liver to malfunction. It’s the first thing to clear. This will settle in the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and surrounded areas.
If you feel lethargic use liver herbs, (foggy minded) mild foods, semi fasting or fasts. The 8th causing death, (Acute liver failure, and too many liver transplants is caused by drug (which are glorified chemicals) causing over loads of toxins. Whole organic grown herbs are healing. Taking drugs from the doctor, who is suppose to do liver test, but most fail to do so, will cause more liver transplants. Herbs and drugs don't mix so taper or don't. Most professional will say it was the herb because of law suits against big money stocks in the pharmacy companies.)
Stones: Be sure to use “stone remedy’s to make sure this is not the problem of liver blockage.
It's the largest organ in the body, filter out toxins, get rid of excess fat, stores iron, retains fluid, recycles blood and regulates glucose levels trying to normalize it. The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself if given a change. But today it's has an over load of drugs-chemicals and just plain bad eating. Note that keeping stones away require eating high fiber foods with every meal (Plant based, theirs no fiber in meats!) If your prone to stones, what should you not eat? (meat) (swine flue...pig flu meat! think)
Fatty Liver’s in children is now another new plague. (Remember to have any plague, we have to have been disobedient to the laws of nature and/or God commandments.) He is not respecter of persons either. We're here to be tested; learning what is right and wrong in everything and to learn how to discern and control in "righteousness'".

Note: The above information is not intended to replace the advice of your physician, pharmacist, or other health care professional. It is not meant to indicate that the use of the product is safe, appropriate, or effective for you.
In general, herbal products are not subject to review or approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And are not required to be standardized, meaning that the amounts of active ingredients or contaminants they contain may vary between brands or between different batches of the same brand. Not all of the risks, side effects, or interactions associated with the use of herbal products are known because few reliable studies of their use in humans have been
This information is provided for your education only. Please share this information with your health care provider and be sure that you talk to your doctor and pharmacist about all the prescription and non-prescription medicines you take before you begin to use any herbal products.

All right reserved
Parasites will also need to be dealt with to keeping the liver clean and of course use colon and kidney care for further help. They all need to be balanced. You'll should began to notice some herbs will do "double duty" so choose only one herb at a time and work with it for a while to see how your body reacts to this new herb, if not right move onto another liver herb.
The liver herbals (are, too, parasitical herbals) and move out toxins from liver, lymph's, blood, some rebuilds as they cleanses. Some are milder, and some too strong for the novice users.

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