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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


First let me say, before considering the rest of the page, the best remedy for leg cramps is having a glass of water by your bed and sipping it when cramps come in the night. You for some reason you've lost too much or didn't drink enough. The elimination of too much water relates to the loss of mineral's thus invites in leg or arm cramps. It works so try it...its free.
 If your using medications, examine them many drugs take potassium from the body. Ask your self what drug you took before leg cramped. Golden Seal Root will remove the residue or excess of your drug. Also, all insulin uses needed potassium. Drugs and insulin's do leech out minerals and especially potassium. If you use insulin all the time then you'll need to used this mineral. (Check too for deviancy in Vitamin D3, their is a blood test for Vitamin D levels.
Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) will take the pain away within 10 to 20 min. If your subject to this kind of pain have on hand. They drug store variety of pain relief is inadequacy.
The next is a multiple  vitamin/mineral, a not from drug stores, to replace the minerals loss. Many prescription's, sodas, and devitalized food (boxed-packaged) i.e. cause loss or lack of of potassium and will cause this problem. (Need fresh foods full of mineral/potassium)
You'll defeat your purpose if over-indulgence in a non-balance approach as in buying too much sugar or buying pops, alcohol, cigarettes etc and/or getting back on them. If this doesn't work for the worst of leg cramps use 1tbs of ACV in 4 oz. of water everyday...this works. No aspartame soda's, and too, this will cause pain!

Other remedy;s are the following but in some way relate to these two suggestions.
Note: losing to much water rushes out minerals, that need to be replaced. (urination too much i.e.)

PICKLE JUICE For Leg Cramps (simple cheap remedy)
RE: 09/08/2008: Jackson writes, his combination "may be of help to sore throat sufferers as well as people having leg cramps." "I have always liked dill pickle juice and, as chance would have it, I was suffering from leg cramps when taking five gulps of juice. Lo and behold, my cramps went away." He makes his own dill pickles that use cayenne pepper in the recipe. And, currently working on a concoction that includes elderberries, garlic, honey, cayenne, and vinegar, as his base." (The vinegar will capture the food's mineral's, kill the parasites) ACV is best.
Do make your own and here's a recipe. The idea here is to avoid sodium "BENZOATE" in our pickle juice as it kills our DNA (an aging effect.) This chemical is also in soda pops. Did you have pop the day of leg cramp with aspartame? Check your meds are that robs you of too many minerals..., water pills especially, try a 750 g of potassium instead.

A Dill pickle recipe:
3 cups water
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup pickling salt
1 clove garlic
1 or 2 cayenne peppers (optional,but it give the recipe a kick)
1 tsp. dry dill
1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning” This is also optional, sub.?
I just keep baby dill pickles and eat when you began to feel campier when you stretch out your leg and feet. So go to the fridge for one before falling asleep.
*If it's a loss of potassium (dried papaya or fruit stored in your night stand drawer and eaten will work too) (Reference, good ideas.

I like and copied some of their comments that teaches us something by experiences.
01/21/09 Pat: I accidentally took "two diuretic pills" right before going to bed, thinking they were other kind of pills and woke up with both legs seized by the most horrific leg cramps I've ever experience. I was in tremendous pain in both legs that scared me to death. I am alone could not even walk to go get anything to stop it or walk it out etc.
I reached for one of the stored dried fruit kept stored in my night-stand that I use for low blood sugar in emergencies. I started eating them (papaya-banana) and with in 20 minutes I could go back to sleep with out any cramps now that I took fruit full of potassium.

Pickle Juice by Athletes:
Please feel free to add your remedy's FOR LEG CRAMPS...

Pain killers:can be the cause of leg cramps...Check and see if every time you use ibuprofen i.e.if o n that same night your experiencing cramps. (Other drugs beside diuretics can cause this problem. Drugs are notorious at leaching out minerals from the body. Magnesium, calcium (low blood pressure meds) and others etc.
Post note: If your prone to cramp you need to add in what's missing that caused the muscles to clamp up in the first place. (Vitamin-Mineral every day and/or stop the drugs or caffeine pop that maybe are leaching out that mineral i.e.) This problem is natures way of letting you know you are lacking something in your nutrition. Feed more on plant based diet and get rid of the leeching problem that is occurring.
Pain: Chanca Piedra (Swanson Vitamin's sell a cheaper version of it? I have to buy this one because of my financial situation. Maybe you can get better. I take 3 a day, and more every 2-3 hours when leg cramps come at night. Some times I do take too much insulin and the Metformin 750 mg. the leg cramps are my cues I've taken too much.

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