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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aloe Vera and Ginger Root

I have used Aloe Vera in different ways over the years and gain a respect for this herb. I bought an herbal formula with it used as a laxative and lost weight. But, it turn out as being one of those unsuccessful mail orders that charged so much for their product that normal people could not afford to buy the second bottle. However, I did remember that the powder Aloe did cause me to loose weight.
I have also had the plant in the house for burns, like most, but eventually I killed it off. I purchased in the Organic Earth Planet with the herb comfrey that turned out to be the best formulas. It removes the sting, burn out of any burn as long as you held it on over the burn for a while. No scaring, but they went out of business with it and now I am out. I buy it in gel capsules from Swanson’s Vitamins because this take out all my stomach acid which caused me a great deal of pain.
I've had two hernias in my one in my large and one in my small intestines so my bowel is slow to empty then a back up occurs in my stomach causing lot of acid. Aloe Vera is the only product that will get rid of this acid if I take it with meals. I have tried peppermint too but Aloe Vera’s better. It is good to balances stomach acidity, ph BAL. (Gird), heartburn, soothing out your digestive tract, help maintain overall health.
I've taken many herbal classes from LaDean Griffin, about fourteen counting her Iridology classes. The story that I remember she told and this introduced me to the word "Aloe Vera" was the story she told of the man who pulled over by the side of the highway on a trip and died. When some one finely pulled over to see if he had a problem, he had began to decay and the car reeked of death. It was a brand new car and his family found it impossible to get rid of the smell. The person inheriting the car used Aloe Vera and there was no smell afterwards. She mentioned is good for radiation and x-rays too. I would imagine chemotherapy too.
Dosage: Liquid 2 ounces (It can add to smoothies etc.)
Its slightly laxative, and used in laxative formulas), it tents to be known for an acid blocker and even a great sun blocker (Ultra Violet *rays). You can buy it in gels, capsules, juice and in different products like tooth gels etc., they are beginning to put it in every thing. I use this product one way or another all the time and that is why it is in my blog for maintaining good health. It is a product to have on hand.
“Professor of Physiology (University of Texas) and chief of the Research Laboratory of North Texas, Ivan Danhof, showed (1984) that the application of Aloe gel to the skin accelerates fibroblasts. Fibroblasts aid in the manufacture of collagen that is the protein that controls the aging process of the skin and wrinkling. (As one ages, collagen starts to disappear from the skin, causing slackening and wrinkling.) Aloe gel helps to protect the outer layers of the skin by helping it to reorganize skin cells. He further showed the moisturizing properties of Aloe by demonstrating that the skin absorbs moisture from Aloe gel three to four times faster than water.
One report ("Clinical Review" 1987) shows that a compound - acemannan - found in Aloe Vera seems to have some remarkable anti-viral properties. Even where HIV (the virus that often leads to AIDS) is concerned, Dr. Reg McDanial stated, "It appears that carrisyn This Carrisyn is the commercial name of acemannan patented by Carrington Laboratories] neutralizes the [AIDS] virus by transforming it's protein envelope thus preventing it from attaching itself to the T4 cells."
Around the same time researchers in Canada isolated acemannan for their own studies. Since then, clinical trials on people living with AIDS ("PLWA") have shown that acemannan re-enforces the body's natural defense (immune) system of thus may stop the progression of HIV. Such studies have been corroborated by others, showing not only the nutrition value of ingesting Aloe Vera (in drink form). In addition, it is potential for providing significant benefits to boost the immune system. Of course, how the Aloe drink is processed is a determining factor in the degree of potential benefit.
Keep in mind, there is not known method of curing AIDS - so PLWA should not view this as a cure, but rather as another option in possibly arresting or slowing down HIV. Aloe has not been scientifically proven to completely remove HIV from the body. Anybody who says that it - or anything else, has been shown to cure AIDS (cancer, etc.) is either misinformed or intentionally deceiving for their own purposes (usually financial). Aloe is; however, a bright hope in the battle of many illnesses - and certainly in strengthening the immune system.
Dr. Lee Cowden (Dallas, Texas) observed that several conditions benefit when treated by oral consumption of Aloe Vera. They include: irritable bowl syndrome, ulcerated colitis, esophagus, peptic ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, mouth lesions, sore throat, and lupus. It obviously has anti viral properties and kills parasite, but remember there are many such anti fun gals.
Dr. Robert H. Davis (Physiologist at the University of Pennsylvania College of Pediatric Medicine) conducted Aloe research since the early 1970's.
Aloe Vera species has over 240 species and a member of the Lily family, but has cactus like characteristics. (Xeroids)In laboratory tests on animals, his findings included the results that Aloe can prevent and arrest arthritis, improve wound healing, inhibit pain, block inflammation, restore bone growth, and act as a vehicle for the delivery of nutrients to the body. Dr. Davis stated, "Aloe Vera contains the greatest number of active substances of any plant I've looked at."
Aloe is known to help unblock and keep clean the receptors inside the lining of the intestines - facilitating the absorption into the bloodstream of vitamins and other nutrients.Dr. B. Frielander, (San Diego, CA) a Nutritionist, noted that patients with chronic colon problems including constipation, hemorrhoids, colitis and Crohn's disease, benefit from drinking Aloe Vera juice as a part of a nutritional program. He noted that even their complexions looked better!”
Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for diabetics : Why? Because it kills the parasites involved. Ginger is also a good natural remedy for the stomach, voice, nausea etc

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This shows how the stomach when over or under active will appear in the iris. To much acid distributes though out the body. When stomach is normal nothing... (no white ring)... will be next to the pupil.
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