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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wheat For Man, (TORTILLAS W/W)

Whole Wheat Tortillas (Re: Yatta, Yatta, Yatta blog at12:57 PM, 20-Jan-2008
You can always embellish from a good simple basic recipes, to different style of bread like to a flat breads by making them a bit thicker i.e. Whole wheat tortillas cost so much in the grocery stores these day and are not keeping up with popular demands from consumers. It may be easier to make them up and store in a covered container in dough balls or cooked up then store in the refrigerator in a plastic container so not to dry them out. Be sure to reserve this recipe on hand in bad times also. Plus they taste better-made fresh. Tortillas can’t be store long time. And they can last though out the week if planned ahead of time. Make a small dowel stick about the size of a broomstick for a rolling pin to roll these out more efficiently if you’re going to be making them up a lot.
Basic Tortillas
4 cups Flour or w/w flour
2 tsp. salt
½ cup Lard, Shortening/Leaven (or equivalent)
2 cups very hot water
Mix flour, salt, shortening and mix thoroughly like pie dough. Add hot water slowly to right texture then knead into small balls. If you use whole-wheat flour add either less flour or a bit more water. Set dough aside an hour getting water into the wheat germ, brand, and gluten which is not required using white flour. Small rolling pins (size of broom sticks) are best to roll out the tortillas with then fry up as you normally would. If your going to store some for later don’t over brown them so they will be fresher tasting later. These can be made up for fry breads, wraps by adapting the thickness or shapes and vary them by add some powdered vegetable color them green, tomato, red etc.,
Corn Tortillas
2 lbs mesa
Water enough to make a pilable ball of dough
2 tsp salt.
Shape the size of a walnut, roll out thin and bake on a hot griddle. No grease. When they start to puff, flip them over and cook a few seconds longer.

Wheat For Man
12:57 PM, 20-Jan-2008 .. Posted in EDUCATIONAL .. 0 comments .. Link
Wheat For Man? Today I listened to my same basic health TV program and really tire of its rhetoric. Today television is so polluted. Will and Grace is a disgrace and a deterrent to any healthy NORMAL relationships. So are Desparate Housewives and Sex and the City with IMMORAL patterned behavior we so dislike in our children. IT'S NO WONDER we have problems with our youth. So yes I watch most anything to educate myself…but, even there we need to be selective and careful with falsehoods. Everything they say is not to be taken as gospel! even in books. Take the philosophy of GRAINS in our diets.

A TV host keeps on, everyday, by having guests that sell some health news, book or their own health products generating their cure alls with the basic lie grains are not good for us. Why I keep listening beats me but I’m afraid of missing out on something new he might have to offer. I know he may help many novas to this area and that’s sometimes scares me too.

The biggest disagreement I have with him and note I haven’t revealed his name or TV show because it’s the issue that the point of this page, and not running down every thing he says or does.

He is against a lot of the things that our communist controlled government we’re heading will always try to control the people with the its greed and its all becoming insurmountable and defines all common sense. Now we need “Chips” in our body’s so they will know what were up to and where we heading etc., but what if our information and number gets in the wrong hands i.e. Were not even sure of who is going to rule and if he/she get in and does our president really have any power anymore? Can you impeach anyone? Back to my point this TV hose has a problem with grains.

No grains and no breads products of any kind. It might have fungus in it or mold in it i.e., in which he is the earthly authority in his books on this subject. He has a bit of truth with much error. We all know that most of our food is polluted and some more than others. The more added chemicals in the box and the more refine the more it lacks in nutrition etc. We all know were going in the wrong direction (diet, weight, problems with drugs etc.) and are now try to back up and become educate and then speak up. I count on my readers “common sense” or “personal revelations” that we all have to carry on my teaching of health issues on before using for themselves. That deity or spirit that houses our body in each of us if we will listen will reveal their truths if any and it will be of simple” common sense” variety.

I don’t know why he doesn’t go back in or earth’s beginnings and its history including the scriptures and out line every time it mentions grains and read it etc. What and why is bread mentioned to be the staff of life? Yes, do buy organically grown grains if possible and fight the GMO changes that actually end up poisoning our food supply and environment.

However, did you know this know it all because he know some truth which he’s eggregated for the most part making you depend on his bible he’s selling, that his wife is dying of cancer?

Maybe she needed the fiber! Don’t be fooled…more is coming about with wheat (fibrous) and diabetes. Ship the grain? Where’s common sense.
Bonus...THIS Addendum: The secrets for the diabetic is its fiber base!

Try: Dee's Cereal (Utah)
Good for low energy, high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, weight control and even high cholesterol. I'm going to put in the ingredients because if you don't have this cereal in your area you can by the list of ingredients (in order and figure it out by using what we herbalist do "in parts equations."
Substitute whenever if you don't have the product called for. I can actually tell you why this works as I go along to write it out.
Rolled Oats (extremely high in fiber and great for blood sugar problems). IT WORKED FOR ME. *Wheat
Cranberries (bladder and kidney) Sub.
Raisins (iron and fruit for the day)
Brown Rice (fiber)
Almonds (fat need to loose weight)
Bananas (fiber and fruit for the day)
Flax seed (weight, oil, and high in fiber)
Oat Bran (the extra fiber needed to loose weight surrounds food and pushes it through the colon. (Colon Health)
Sesame Seeds (Oil and omegas)
Sunflower Seeds (oil, omegas, and fiber)
Coconut (parasites)
Corn (all the grains and foods here are fibrous)
Garbanzo Bean (acts as a fiber and acts as a natural starch-blocker)
Millet (fiber, but it great he uses more grains than wheat, no gluten which makes it more light)
Oat Groats (fiber and insulin)
Barley (good for the blood and light flour, no gluten so it keep it light)
Spices: should be cover but is not on this package (add your own like cinnamon, cloves, etc which would double in for parasite etc. and would aid in any disease.

See how this calculated and done. Do It! this is a good product. No I don't know them or their company or get a discount etc. I put the basic formula in here because its public knowledge and I have a lot of countries that can't carry this product, however they can make it up themselves. Freeze it first because this will keep the weave out of the product and it will store longer.

1/3 cup with 1/3- 2/3 cup of water for 1-3 minutes. Cooked in juice or water. Did I say this taste like C!@P! But it works. I now put this in muffins.
This has in 1/3 cup 5 grams of fiber and 1 gram of soluble fiber, only 6 sugars, and 7 grams of protein is all we need. Everyone's getting plugged up with all that protein! The potassium is 210 and 1.5 grams of good fat (Total is 8 grams=12 %) It's ok; it takes good fat to let go of fat leveling the blood sugar slowly all day long. This takes care of a lot of supplement that someone keeps telling us we need more than what is in the natural amounts in good organically grown foods. The money people want you to think you need more and sick because you're not getting enough from the foods you eat. This may be true for some but not all and don't fall for it.

If good fibrous complex whole plant base foods don't do it, check other sources for health problem or and give it time.
By the way I forgot to let you know the 5 or 7 or maybe its 9-grain cereal in the health food stores tastes better but not formulated as healthy.
1-866-537-1290 no e-mail number from the state of Utah. Not that I'm actually trying to sell their cereal, I don't know them.
Addendum: Only on of the secret to this cereal is the "whole wheat flakes. I tried adding more oats to it to get it down better but then it didn't work for my diabetes or blood sugar. Then I remember the scripture...”

..."Wheat for man, And corn for the ox, And oats for the fowls and swine, And for all beasts of the field, And barley for all useful animals,
And for mild drinks as also other grains..." specifically, wheat God made for man and ordained for all mankind! "I've now added all, not part, whole wheat bread with only salt and honey in it and it works too.

(Don't weigh till the end of the month, you'll lose inches at first) You'll be so surprised. One or two slices with every meal and with a nighttime snack too. No soda's or fast foods...!

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