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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heart Health (Herbals)

Heart Health
These three conditions belong together (heart, cholesterol, and hypertension or high blood pressure) because they interrelate with each other and for the most part have the same health remedies in a holistic view in mind) and, it’s important to show these relationships to each other. Here are a few suggestion to reverse this condition.
Try one or two? It depend on how bad your condition is. Listen to your body and try one at a time.
Be sure to read related pages for the rest in the archives. It take a holistic way of healing to reverse a heart condition.
Some reason for the heart in peril is inherent or genes, however not all some is DRUGS taken that compromise the hearts nutrients and added poison or chemical to the organ, or nutrient depletion's such as robbing the body of CoQ10, environmental such a metals from steel plant i. e. or chemicals, sickness (High fevers, diabetes etc), and cholesterol drugs, periodontal diseases, bacteria, viruses, statin drugs also kills CoQ10. Sugar causes heart diseases by causing inflammations and toxic blood syndrome and food for the bacteria to feed and enlarge on Stress, gender or, hysterectomy (hormones) etc. (CoQ10 for energy)
Look to see if any of these remedies are missing from your regimes.
1. Amino Acid Tables, Gelatin, with extra L. Carnitine, L Taurine (These get rid of water)
2. High Blood Pressure: Very important to add the Omega 3,6, Oils: And the heart needs fat! Organic raw mono oils such as Borage, Flaxseed, primrose, and olive oil The (omega 3) smaller fish oils in Atlantic Waters (no mercury) and lots raw nuts to snack on. Or add, (Lecithin 3 tsp daily) Organic, No hormone in your butter, (Omega 9) (Fish oil goes rancid fast and loses it’s effectiveness be sure to refrigerate after opening oils)
3. CoQ10 (Be sure to see how low you are in CoQ10 first from your doctor. If you add any nutrient to the body that’s not needed it can interfere with natural production of the nutrient as CoQ10 and others too and will cause the body to stop producing it. The same is true with insulin. Statin drugs lower this enzyme and causes anemia though out the body.
4. This will keep you calm, and help the bowels Magnesium Gluconate. 1 morning and 1 nightly (will aid in sleeping and building up the blood vessels
5. D-Ribrose
6. Mult. Vitamin and minerals, B complex and calcium (raw goats milk). Heart, cholesterol and high blood pressure medications (Statins) rob the body of the needed calcium and actually aids to the problem.
7. No sugars especially chemicals brands and corn syrups. No soda pops. Use Stevia, date sugars, honey i.e. IMPORTANT DO NOT USE ASPARTAME AND OTHER CHEMICAL SUGARS BY THE SAME COMPANY (This will weaken the heart muscles)
8. Bowels: Laxative Cascara bark, or with psalm husk seeds and/or sienna, 3 prunes or juice, castor oil and molasses, etc don’t forget to use yogurt or tablet to keep a healthy flora in the colon every day. A parasitical herb is a must. See page in this blog for details.
9. Herbs: Hawthorn Berry or extract, Cayenne (Capsicum), garlic 1000 mg., Lobelia (will interfere with drugs because it takes poisons out of the system) Alfalfa for the natural calcium, Comfrey for the live and the natural B-12 in the plant, 1000 mg of garlic, and use a parasitical herb.
You should closely monitor your intake of chamomile when taking drugs such as Warfarin. This drug interferes with other heart herbs. Think...all drugs go through the heart. Stay away from red meat at least. Meat clogs up the pipes...think!
CHAMOMILE (MATRICARIA RECUTITA)This popular herb called chamomile is used in many parts of the world. It is known to have a soothing and calming, spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and vulnerary (wound healing) effect. Chamomile contains a substance that helps to calm and relieve spasms. Although chamomile is often used for such purposes, and it brings the body back to the normal pH. (Lemon dink first thing in the mornings)
10. Kidneys: Fresh lemon aid on rising, pure boiled water and fresh juices. (Do a lemon squeeze in all your waters.) Don’t let the body get too acid. Lemons actually changes to alkaline in the body but, meat, which is alkaline, turn to acid as digested thus interferes with keeping the body the right pH and hard on the kidneys. (Parsley i. e.) Use distilled water if theirs heavy metal or lots of bacteria in the water (Reverse Osmosis.)
11. Liver: Burdock root or seed, Milk Thistle seed extract used with cayenne (Capsicum and Lobelia) or Astragalus root. Lobelia is a great herb for this condition It keep the body calm if taken the correct amounts. It’s usually used with another herb such as cayenne It’s also good at removing poisonous drugs from the body and may interfere with yours.
12. Colon: All 3 conditions have a micro toxin problem Use a parasite herb such as Olive leave extract, Oregano oil etc (They’re many others see the “Parasite” pg) Treat for yeast.
13. Diet: Milder food diet, in other words, plant based diet especially if acute and if in pain do not eat, (use no meats or really cut back) and the more complex carbs. If acute use the mucus less diet on page “Semi Fasting”. A balance diet is most important don’t get on fad diets or products. Greens, neutralizers, the body and brings the body back to neutral ready for healing and herbs like Chorella will rid the body of heavy metals. (Lobelia will also rid the body of chemicals.)
14· For Heart Attack: Make a hot cayenne tea, which is approximately 1 teaspoon of Cayenne. (There is a Cayenne tincture and it should be in your car, office and cupboard at all times) The attack can stop in about 2 minutes. Keep Cayenne on hand at all times if you have heart or stroke problems.
15· Stroke: Apoplexy Use Cayenne about ½ teaspoon and Mustard about ½ teaspoon and place in hot bath until patient sweats profusely. Cayenne about 1 tsp. in warm water to drink.
Lecithin or *fish oils to help clean arteries and semi fast diet page. (Plant base diet that creates no mucus while acute and no cheese to block up colon)
16 Remember, many DRUGS CAUSE HEART CONDITIONS Check every drug your taking on the Internet to do the research drug companies slyly hide
*Heart, Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure has the same diet.
"Statins are used to treat high cholesterol and have too many sides effects to produce health. Increase risk of cancer, an immune system suppressant, degenerates muscle tissue, pancreas's dysfunctions, hepatic dysfunctions. From cognitive, pain or numbness, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disease and genetic mutations of the atronin-1,blood glucose elevation, Acidosis, fever, cataracts, sexual dysfunctions, tendons, neuropathy, body energy of producing cells (mitochondria) and a spectrum of many other problems. Statins lower CoQ10 enzymes, calcium and minerals causes anemia." Simple fish or the omega oils will bring it down if use faithfully with every meal every day and will cost less all the way around.
17 Foods: Lots of fibrous complex plant base diet foods such as the cabbage family and add MORE mono oils to a plant base diet and cholesterol problems will disappear mysteriously. Add organic soy products and legumes. Oatmeal and Seventh-Day-Adventist researchers say “nut at least 4x a week
18 Herb Heart: Foxglove is actually (digitalis purparea) and needs a professional herbalist to individually show and recommend dosage (This herb has to be Organically grown for the medication properties Every herb has it’s own amount of nutrients depending on seed, soil and environment conditions grown in and very hard to exactly be accurate However this herb is worth mentioning for some persons not being treated through the medical professional across the world Others are,
19 Heart: Aspirin (not the coal tar products or nor chemical aspirins) sold in drug stores etc White Willow Bark (Salix Alba) is the herb that started out as natural aspirin or try Meadow Sweet (Spiraea Ulmaria) These herbs thin out the blood, so watch out if your taking blood thinning DRUGS: Sub... Another herb that thin out blood like Statin's are Ginkgo Biloba 100 mg Standardized extract of 24% stop before any surgery about a week before Remember do no take the herb Fenugreek with blood thinner (drugs) and ginger. G-herbs and their are many others. Don't do both...and these herbs have to be taken like a drug every day faithfully with diet.*Fish oils are great if they’re smaller and from cold Atlantic northern waters with no mercury. So many are allergic to fish and it’s oils today. Use Flaxseed oil instead or raw organic olive oil.
20 He seems to have some good reading on heart disease Sinatra's "Heart Break in Heart Disease."
21 Exercise: Walking or yoga
22 David Hoffmann "Heart-smart herbs: tonics to keep your ticker in tip-top shape - includes related articles - The Herbalist". Vegetarian Times. April 1996. Find 26 Apr. 2008. on garlic and Hawthorn Berry for the heart
*The Better You Eat…The Less It Will Cost You in the end!
Addendum: Live In The Now newsletter..."Heart....You can find CoQ10 supplements virtually everywhere. And most people, unfortunately, are tricked into thinking all CoQ10 is the same. But there's a dirty little secret that they won't tell you on the label. All of the research supporting the benefits of CoQ10 have been conducted with natural CoQ10. But most supplements are made with synthesized CoQ10. Worse yet, guess where it is synthesized from - believe it or not, tobacco leaves are the primary source! Trans-form should be on the label? Made in the USA? and/or yeast?" Whatever... yeasts not good either.,+cancer/
Cleanses liver dandelion see link (Treat the whole body)
Photo of dried tobacco leaves.
This was taken from Stop Aging Now .com or are they just selling us another brand of CoQ10 more expensive.
It's here because some CoQ10 is synthetic and comes from tobacco. Yuk! do not buy and check your sources.
I have congestive heart failure. I have to keep the water down. I uses natural diuretic's found in my other posts. One is celery and potatoes chip. They taste great together and, even with the salt one will control the other, as a snack. And, celery seed every meal and etc.

This is an update:
Cholesterol Myths

 Dr. Uffe Ravnskov argued that the cholesterol campaign is the greatest medical scandal of modern time. There are more than 20 studies which show that people over 50 with high cholesterol live longest, and there are no studies that indicate that high cholesterol is a risk factor for women, he declared. The widely prescribed statin drugs have many side effects including muscular problems, as well as memory loss and depression, he said. Rather than cholesterol, heart disease is actually caused by such factors as infection and inflammation.

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