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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lobelia Inflata, (Removes poisons & chemicals)

Lobelia (Best Little Herb of North American Indian's and pioneers)
This herb has to be within these pages because it is one of my “basic” herbs that I use often, and is in most of my formulas.
 (Lobelia inflata) A genus of more than 200 species. It belongs to the Belliflower family (Campanulacaes) family. It's used in most of good formulas that understand healing; It is called the general of the formula because all herb (all normal organic plants have an intelligence) and Lobelia will tell the other herbs where to go in your particular body!
For medicine always us Wild or Organically grown herbs and check the date. They have missions for men and the scriptures say they were created before in spirit... Lobelia's the General to all herbs.
Common names: Lobelia, puke wee, emetic herb, emetic weed, Indian tobacco. Asthma weed, Gag Root, Vomit Wort, Eye Bright and Wild Tobacco or Bladderpod.
The therapeutic actions: Antispasmodic, emetic, stimulant (in small doses), relaxants (in larger doses); nervine (sedative, expectorant, antivenomous, counter-irritant, emmenagogue, diaphoretic, diuretic, cathartic, astringent and a nauseate. It doesn’t contain nicotine or other poisonous properties, but will remove them!
In this book, and if your interested in herbs its basic for all herbalist, “Indian Herbalogy of North America, by Alma R. Hutchens, it says the uses by the Indians from the root of the plant Red Lobelia for and for expelling or destroying intestinal worms. It makes them sick. The Shoshones Indians made a tea of Lobelia and use it as an emetic and physic. They used it as an antidote to poisons.
 (A syphilis herbal)
Lobelia is one of the greatest herbs ever been given to the world.

Dr. Thompson (Famous Herbalist) said “there is no vegetable which the earth produces more harmless in its effect on the human system, and none more powerful in removing disease and promoting health than Lobelia.” Lobelia is a “general corrector” of the whole system, as it is easily diffused and able to influence the entire body. Lobelia is an efficient relaxant, and is believed to be the best counter-irritant known to mankind. Its action is felt immediately on the “nervous systems.” As a Emmenagogue and a powerful antispasmodic, Lobelia is effective in causing immediate relaxation and expansion of the contracted parts of the respiratory system (such as bronchial tubes, esophagus, glottis and larynx.) This allows the “breath of life” (oxygenated blood) to flow freely to the de-energized tissues.
Lobelia’s wonderful healing effects are due to the herb’s great ability to remove obstructions and congestion's within the body, especially in the blood vessels. It lessens the depression through the vaso-motor and strengthens the muscular action of the vessel walls that propel the blood, and thus promotes health.
Lobelia has helped the very young to the very old, with only positive results. This happened when the Joseph Smith had revelation to give this to everyone who had malaria when they first came to a swamped area to live.

This particular church does not recognize nor understand what really went on here, passing it over as a non-significant event. Has any prophet ever been given revelation for any other herb for "all" persons then we need to ask, why Lobelia? I hope this will give all some insight and history to this amazing herb. (Remember they did not take the huge amount of chemical drugs as today. Lobelia will remove them and lessen their effects.) Exceptions: If your on "chemicals," will take them out of the system and interferer with its dosage. Chemicals is just bits of glorified drugs. Do you need to take out this drug? It will alter it's effects.
Poison: This is a ridiculous falsehood. It is a myth that has been promulgated by allopaths to dissuade potential patients from using the God-given herb and from being healed. It is imperative to use only the organic form of this herb for complete healing!
Lobelia accurately and intelligently selects which way is best for mother and baby in its way of healing. When a fetus is dead, or in an extremely weakened condition, Lobelia will cause it to abort. As this herb will know the differences. However, or on the other hand, if the fetus is well and healthy, and the mother is weak, it will cause the mother to heal and strengthen, enabling her to carry the child until the proper time of delivery. It is truly a “thinking herb" and works best like a "General" in any formula giving other herbs their directions.
Joseph Meyer’s book “The Herbalist” started a statement that “Lobelia is too dangerous for internal use by the unskilled” which has no basis in fact. (However, if not understood it may scare the novice.) This selective misrepresentation of this herb is incited by professional jealousy of Dr. Thompson when he could not remove him from his station and this goes way back. (Read this history) Also, Joseph Smith and Herbal Medicine. Their's a PDF book on line by Heimerman worth studying if your going to heal others with this herb.
USES OF LOBELIA: Smokers and other uses is; Remember all herbs have to be used as if ordered by a physician till the problem is over, or comes back.
“Abscesses, adynamia (weakness) angina pectoris (heart excitability), asthma, blood poisoning, blood circulation problems, boils, bronchial problems, bruises, catarrh, chicken pox, cold sweats, colds, colic, congestion's, constipation, convulsions, cough, cramps, croup, digestive disturbances (nervous dyspepsia, acute indigestion, etc.,) drowning, dyspnea, felons, female problems, heart weakness, hepatitis, hydrophobia (mad dog bites), hysteria, inflammations, insect stings, and bites, laryngitis, measles, phrenitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, poison ivy, poison oak, rheumatism, sprains, stomach irritation (small doses), tetanus (lock jaw), vomiting (small doses), whooping cough and zymotic diseases.” It also is good in fevers and is suited for phrenitis, meningitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, peritonitis, nephritis, periostitis.
Infusion- the seed is best used when crushed
Powder- Use the leaves, stems, flowers and/or pods.
Tincture- Use the green or dried herb.
Dose: 1 oz. of the herb to 1 pint of boiling water makes an ordinary infusion; to be administered in tablespoonful doses every ½ or hour. A weak infusion giving in teaspoonful doses every 10 minutes will relax the muscular system and
Administrations: Lobelia rapidly influences all parts of the body. However, due to its highly divisible nature, it should always be used with a more permanent stimulant such as cayenne or peppermint or some other permanent stimulant, to keep alive the blaze that it has kindled.
What scares the user is, in some cases, large doses will relax the whole system completely, so that even the smallest muscles cannot be used.

When I was a young inexperienced herbalist and just learning this happen to my daughter Heather, she went limp like a rag doll when I tried to move her. This scared me to death, but she was completely well from her high fever the next day. She never was sick like that again.

It will remove what should be there in the blood metals and such as getting too much stored nicotine from *tobacco out of the system when taken with lots of water i.e.

This is a condition termed the “alarm.” Dr Greer tells us, “It is uncomfortable although not dangerous, “unless poisons (drugs_chemicals) should be administer which in this condition will be quickly absorbed. (Like with an over-dose of drugs or toxic poisons that is life-death situations) What will be the problem here is the lobelia makes some herbal base drugs work work twice as effective in this case to a fault. It may be “doubling up” of the drug by the lobelia (Lobelia is always “the general to all herbs”, who tell the other herbs, i.e. what to do and where to go) that will do the actual poisoning. That’s why some herbalist is uncomfortable to advise administration of Lobelia by the lay public. It will individual healings...and may react differently on another because of their sickness.

Many follow lobelia with Cayenne. I don't really know why it works but it is better to help in blood circulations.

Other Nervine or Antispasmodic herbs: Scullcap, Valerlan, Lady Slipper or Nerve Root, Mistletoe, Wood Betony, Cramp Bark or Viburnum opulus var. americanum, Hops, Black Cohosh Cimicifuga racemosa, and Wild Yam Dioscorea villosa.

Tincture of Lobelia
2 ounces Lobelia herb (stem, flowers and leaves)
2 ounces crushed Lobelia seed (I can't find the seeds anymore so I just leave out)
1 pint Apple cider vinegar (or a good organic vodka alcohol)
You only using drops.

*Did Mary and Jesus drink wine at the wedding? Tombs are full of pottery that had dried tinctures of herbs and good organic wine to administer medicine to the healing of the sick.
Preparations: Macerate in a dark bottle for 10-14 days shaking periodically then strain off the liquid and bottle.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Lobelia page)
I am never with out Lobelia in my medicine cabinet and it has save me many times of poisonings which Lobelia is known to do. This herb is a predestine herb that’s is chosen to blessed to save mankind during health recoveries. There is so much more I could add but you’ve got the idea and some direction for further seeking the many remedies on how to use this herb more so in formulas that are so lacking today of its influences. More about Dr. Thompson, one of the greatest herbals in America.

(Classic folk) This is the recipe I prefer cause it keep longer: one part lobelia to 2 part of Vodka spirits. Or, add the amount of Lobelia you need cover the Lobelia herb plus two inches above it with organic apple cider vinegar and macerate it for 4 weeks and strain and press out liquid. Bottle it in dark no plastic bottles. Cover the bottle with alummin foil if no dark brown bottles are available. The vodka will keep longer. If you will keep this going and use every day, it will remove the daily poison, pesticides, chemicals etc in our foods we get daily. Not only because of the ACV but lobelia is a great poison remover. I use mine every night before going to bed. Its on my night stand. However, Drugs are chemicals. Remember the liquor is minimal doses are started out by 5 drop i.e.

* Scriptures (History) and this book is the place where I first learned about any herb and about Lobelia. Download and print this book out. It's well worth it. (No longer in Print)

*Breaking the tobacco habit needs B-5, which comes natural from lecithin, followed up by B complex, all of which will make you sick if you smoke while taking them. (lobelia start with tincture, Golden Seal Root, Liver herbal, Water
(Read Dr. Gant Book)\
ADHD read P.T. Sherman © 2006-11
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