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Monday, March 15, 2010

Reversing Diabetes

"The goal, concerning diabetes," should be to "cure" diabetes not just to learn to live with it as Wall Street Drug Profiteer's want us to. In many diabeties can be
reversed if diet is changed and adding the right herbs. Drug companies want to keep this disease going thereby doing bogus animal, fish i.e research so you can't reverse the disease because most don't have access to their knowledge. All this means profit to them. . The public want to eat anything and a lot! NOTE THIS IS LONG BUT WILL WORTH THE TIME TO COPY AND READ THOROUGHLY.
There's more diabetic products coming to help keep them in business profits going up. That's what it's really about. Weight and diabetes is their biggest money makers and these two cause the rest of the disease.
Doctors are just parrots to Corporates greed. Who know nothing about blood sugar problems. If they did their would have been a cure long ago. They continue to bribing the medical professional with free gifts, rhetoric lectures that keeps everybody ignorant in treating one of this worlds worst problems in the same old ways.
We start with the wrong foods eating sugars which feeds the yeast in the first place. Then put yeast in one of the insulin's that acerbates the problem. Or, other company's used E coli, also a parasite and the other man made chemicals. Diabetes is a parasite (Anti fungal problem.)
As you know yeast and e coli is not dead. It may be added in a manute amounts but it growns and builds. It just adds the same fuel that cause it in the first place. By the way, insulin is a chemical hormone and makes most gain weight. Why don't they use plant form of hormone? If you can't give up today's drugs/chemicals, sugars or white flour products and most especially corn syrups, no one can help you in this cause. You'll just have to learn to live with being a diabetic. And, taking shots that have hormones, yeast or e coli in them add to the already problem that will kill, cause blindness, lames the diabetic in the end, then blame it on the diabetic disease, rather than these medication causing it in the first place!
Diabetics have a nutritional component or deficiency to it, so insist on on eating organic good quality foods, such as whole grains, all the vegetable you want and Organic fruit, and don't forget herbs for the liver and parasites that is always involved with diabetes. Magesium citrate or apartate not oxide will be a great aid to diabeties as will some of the other minerial such as cromium, (the right amount is important)
For those who can understand only: Do try the mild food, or plant based diet is in this blog. Don't forget to fast (semi fast if you can't). Yes diabetics can fast but not while fasting taking any diabetic medicines. The medications here is the problem. Do take the liver herbs to correct the sugar dump. This will happen at first. Lots of cold water to wash out toxins.
See Liver herbs, and be as faithful in taking them every day as you would an insulin injection. (Parasite herbal too.)
Most will have to start with a with semi-fasts... diet, (not fasting) because they're so polluted and will cause too much dumping. One herbalist said, "they die in their own filth." The semi fasting has the same foods except it's milder plant base foods without the grains. (Also, you can do this at shorter intervals such as once or twice a month.) However, I find a fast diet will do, if you know how. Please read that page.
Diabetes do well on fast. (It's a commandment for all.) It does wonders for the liver without the shots and drugs or it doesn't work and may cause complications.) Blood sugar may be high while the liver is cleaning dumps out the sugar and its effects of abusive. Diabetics is a abuse of un-nutrient foods and has cause a genetic pool defect in generations in the family. -->Dock Family
" What is the effect of insulin on the liver is just beginning to look at.
In the News: It is to suppress the production to sugar by the liver. The sugar floating around in your body at any one time is the result of two things, the sugar that you have eaten and how much sugar you liver has made. When you wake up in the morning it is more of a reflection of how much sugar your liver has made. If you liver is listening to insulin properly it won't make
much sugar in the middle of the night
I take a liver herb before I go to sleep like Burdock Root and also, Turmeric, Red Clover Blossom to keep me asleep. I may have on hand other liver herbs from time to time, such as Yellow Dock, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle, etc. *(See the liver posts)
If your liver is resistant, those breaks are lifted and your liver starts making a bunch of sugar so you wake up with a high sugar levels." This is called the "Dawn Phenomenon"
The bottom line in this news article is, we should be less concerned with blood sugar levels that are elevated (150-250) in the mornings unless there is a consistent elevation throughout the day." (Burdock, Dandelion etc. helps with this process especially in the liver's of diabetes. Follow it up with the herb "Lobelia tincture" to remove poisons though out whole body. This herb will assist the Liver herbs too. I have a post on actually making this tincture that I'm never without because its one of my basic herbs. It's basic for removing toxins if your out of control in anything because too much of somethings is in the blood that wants out is damaging to the whole.
(Lobelia herb is best not by itself.) Next, go to my Colon cleanse, especially if you have any problems here.
Vermifuge herbals, or, Parasites, Liver cleanse, and Mild plant based food diet to get of sugar problems causing it to gradually go down in numbers and to restorative health. Only, then you will have to cut back on insulin or overdose as to low blood sugar.
If you ate a desert loaded with sugar, high sugar is normal. The taking of insulin is abnormal.
Evenings, you could have had had some organic cheeses, egg, organically grown brown rice,whole wheat bread, popcorn or yogurt, vegetables to balance it out before going to bed. Never desert by itself, it must be eaten with foods that will balance the amount of sugar taken in. Too much protein by itself will also lower blood sugar, so be careful it's not at night when taking insulin unless your too high.
My mother, aunt and brother was killed by taking too much insulin for the amount of food they ate in the evening. They were actually too ignorant to teach this to and took incorrect advice of professional who will never figure out this process. They woke up and died (all three) as they went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and kill over before they got there...low blood sugar caused by the Doctor's amount of insulin. I can't tell you how many times mother went in the hospital, in a coma, from low-blood sugar as she followed the doctor advice fanatically.
Bottom line, eat correctly in the first place!
My daughter, professional ballerina, keeps trim at her age and after having a child. This is how she does it. She may eat a pecan pie but with piled high of salads. greens and gobs of veggies and never alone. She eats more than me. I couldn't believe how much she are and she has had a weight problem. What she does is to deluded the poisons with good foods!
Do you need to take more insulin after the pie? No, if its not over 250 this was natural high for a normal person when eating pecan pie or sugar desserts. It's unnatural to disused what really happened. You can lose weight better by not overdosing yourself on raised insulin covering it up
by adding more or the extra insulin's "live yeast", "hormones" which make you fatter continually. Yes and yeast is an anti fungal. It stops the body from any elimination of disease (so does protein.) So, the body builds up with more disease, adding more parasites because a
cleansing cannot take place. Can the body heal.You may experience, in reversal order as it was diseased and you will naturally need less insulin in time. Every thing needed is not in one post, you do have to read it all posts to get ideas needed to improve health. That's what this blog is all about.
*Keep honey packets i.e. by your night stand to reach for when you don't need all the insulin taken then make corrections in the morning.
Never use fake sugars or diet products. Even natural organic sugars are better or use herbals like licorice root or even Stevia. (see my sugar post) Honey shoots the B.S. high but comes right down afterwards if used in very small quantities, and always with balanced meals except if you are experiencing low blood sugars. Fruits can be a sweetener and are much better for the diabetics, but better taken with meals.
*If you think Milk Thistle is increasing your appetite its may be because of too much sugar is being dumped in the blood and for a while will be high. As any diabetic can tell you, if too high, sugar increases their appetites even if your not a diabetic.
Novolin: The "suspension human insulin" has yeast in it, so does the regular. Read your directions under Product Description. "This human insulin is produced by recombinant DNA technology utilizing Saccharomyces cerevisiae (bakers' yeast) as the production organism." Is it any wonder why diabetics are prone to yeast infection and it's problems? You need to take herbal fungus fighter everyday while taking insulin.
Can you understand why men who store yeast in testicle for later cancers and impotence. They too, can have yeast infections, but are not diagnosed because most will not go to doctors and are not checked out. Read Doug Kaufmann's diabetic Books with David Holland, M. D, The people, not drug co. or self interest group need to do more research in this area. Although Kaufmann's diet is off the wall, as far as I'm concerned, but at least all that meat eating is grass fed?
Humalog has 'E-coli" as its extender. It just get worse. I no longer trust the pharmacist, who teach the doctors, who teach the nurse practitioners passing down their learned propaganda rhetoric chain then on down to the diabetics.
Lantus is out for me because it makes my body swell up with water on the left side of my body. It's full of nothing but chemicals and proteins which stop the body of eliminations of toxins. It's one big toxin builder. Everything that's in this product is not spelled out on the bottles. For others it maybe more effective than adding a parasite to the body? Use the Lobelia, Goldenseal etc. to clear out the chemicals.
(Insulin has a "cumulative effect") but so does fasting, semi fasting, herbals, and nutritious foods.
Report: *"Gila Monster give a protein from their saliva similar to humans insulin. It mimetic the hormone GLP i.e. FDA has already OK'ed the lizard-derived shot for diabetics." Of course it all has to be synthesize first so you can't make or control their profits. Also, they will come up with profitable market for its new researchers through Eli Lilly. This leak in the News raises the stocks in the market and its hopes raises their stocks for the company. That's how stocks rises and falls folks. They do get researchers to go to the rain forest and ask the natives what new herbs will heal. However, they bring back the plant and copy it in carbons synthetically, so you can't copy or in animals for the same reason.
Is it a cure? No! They are not looking for a cure that will make diabetics dependant on the Drug Lords. Get It Yet? You can't make money curing a diabetic naturally, but can on the dependant medications and its research. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Post note: If eaten or drank fructose – corn syrup i.e. in any form, you've earned an higher blood sugar of over 200. This would be considered to be normal for anyone. Pills nor Insulin will not cure the effect to eating these sugars. And, the side-effect of these medicines are worse when masked by them.
Parasites: Gen. 1:29 "... use only seed baring plants..." that would exclude genetically modified plants, food herbs i.e. Chemical Giant corporations of wall street variety don't read scripture and can't recognize a lie they've created because they offend the "spirit" of God. This makes them blind, stiff necked, dishonesty, and their reward in it this is money wandering in research with no inspiration for real cures.
*(At first liver herbs will dump the liver of its stored abundance of sugar, don't be concerned...the gold too is to heal the liver (Milk Thistle).
Note: Metformin drug, derive from an herb and made into chemicals, and others such drugs will cause a B12 depletion.
.....................Diabetes aggressive control of blood sugars..............
Physicians were shocked earlier this year when the results of a few large long-term studies on diabetes showed that aggressive control of blood sugar, blood pressure and blood fats did not keep people from dying prematurely of heart attacks and strokes (New England Journal of Medicine, April 29, 2010; JAMA, July 7, 2010).
In fact, those under intensive treatment to lower blood sugar actually fared worse (Lancet, Feb. 6, 2010). In one study people with type 2 diabetes who received both insulin and oral medicines to get blood sugar close to normal had a 49 percent higher risk of dying during the study than those who lowered blood sugar with oral medicine alone.
In a new study of people with chronic kidney disease, getting blood pressure down to the target of 130/80 did not keep their condition from worsening (New England Journal of Medicine, Sept. 2, 2010).
No one would ever suggest that risk factors like hypertension, diabetes or elevated cholesterol should go untreated. But aggressive treatment can result in serious side effects and may not yield the anticipated benefits.
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