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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Tincture of Garlic or Onion Why not make your own...Health Food Store are becoming too expensive for most who are in need.
Tincture of Garlic or Onion (good basic syrup recipe for coughs, asthma etc.) colds and flues and much more. It is natural sulfa like the sulfa drugs and works in the same way. I wouldn’t believe this worked except I was coughing my head off one day and happen to be in the health food store and asked the clerk for a cough remedy. She referred me to the one in the fridge that was this one. When I got home I looked it up in my book because the herbalist in the area was one of my teachers. Sure enough I had the formula. The local company no longer makes it up. They were a much better company when they were small. The owner is now deceased. So for those who want this basic tincture it’s yours for the making. How ever this is under a copyright and cannot be published. Thank you for not stealing. I enjoy helping others but not all at my expense.
Tincture of Garlic or Onion Syrup of; Garlic or Onion
1 lb. of minced or chopped garlic cloves

Equal parts apple cider vinegar and distilled water sufficient to cover the garlic (*Or/and Onion which is weaker but great for children.) Get a garlic press they are great.
1 pt. of Glycerin, if stored longer. Added this at the very end. You may stick a cinnamon (cloves) stick in at this time and then store it. (Also, you can use grain alcohols and/or vinegar is used in making of tinctures) I don't store mine a long time so I just use Bragg's Apple cider Vinegar.
(You can add lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon, clove and parsley to help with the odor if too offensive.) Add in parsley before adding the honey etc., then, throw it away or chop some of it in the concoction after straining in Tupperware plastic strainer. Their holes are smaller. Strain again through good quality paper towels, sieve, linen etc. This is very slow, but effective.
3 lbs pure honey (This is a method. If you half the recipe add less honey.)
Place the garlic into a wide mouth jar, cover with the vinegar and water; close, shake well together; allow to stand in a cool place for 4 days, macerating (shaking thoroughly) 1-2 times daily; add the glycerin, shake and allow to stand another day; strain with pressure and filter through muslin or thin linen cloth; add the honey and stir until thoroughly mixed; Seal the jar tightly and keep in a cool place.
Dosage: 1 tsp. – 1 Tbs. 3-4 times daily between meals Uses: Asthma, bronchitis, catarrhal conditions, phthisis, tuberculosis, coughs, dyspnea, heart weakness, internal ulceration and so much more but this gives you the idea. Look up properties of Garlic. (Their are ways to take the garlic pungent odor out. Work with the vinegar first with caraway, cloves, fennel seeds, cinnamon stick is storage container, macerate, strain, then add the glycerin.) I do not mind the taste with out all the extra herbs.
My style, as an herbalist is to add a carrier herb (catalyst), like lobelia tincture, a very intelligent herb, which knows what to do and assist other herbs where to go. The lobelia tincture or use strained ginger root (also a catalyst), too, (and so is cayenne). These are all optional. Catalyst herbs move herbs more quickly through-out the body and good carriers of other herbs. A good herbal formula has a catalyst in its composition. Memorize these three and use one in formulas.
*You can do this with stronger onion (especially for the children) as well as garlic. It's doesn’t seem as strong but don't under estimate it, I’ve used this myself a lot. I only like fresh garlic in season or onion yet, sometimes-fresh strong organically grown garlic isn’t available.
*An onion cut in half left in a sick room will absorb the germs of the illness. I learned this from a real old timer who had lots of experience. Open a window let fresh air in and some sunshine. *Remember in during the flue or illnesses to use the fast, semi-fast or use mild foods.
Colon: Keep bowels running fenugreek and others will work, watch the liver marsh mellow herb and other herbs will work and don't clog up the pipes such as the stomach, assisting the body in its elimination process. Don’t forget the “holiest” approach drink lots of liquids, lemon aid etc. for the Kidney too.
*Dr. John R. Christopher School of Natural Healing use to make up a formula similar to the one above. His son owns the company now and may have discontinued the product. Check it out they has a web site I've referred to on the side. He still has his book on the market and its basic to have in any good library. I have my old lessons that I purchased from him before his son got into copyrighting his materials.
Enema or Laxative Approx. 1000 mg vitamin C each hour always with a full glass of pure water. Tonic teas: such as, Comfrey, Red Clover Blossom, Alfalfa Mint, and Horse Tail, etc. Chest Cold, use lung herbs such as mullein, lobelia etc. Also Vapor and Mustard Plaster
This is copyrighted PT Sherman Do not publish but use it for only your personal family needs. for more ideas toward better health This is my other blog which has a children's cough syrup (home made)
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