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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


WHO'S SAFE of radiation exposure? The sea, water, air, fish, insects, creatures, fowl, etc. will all spread this exposure abroad.

Thousands of dead pigs discovered floating in Shanghai river that provides drinking water to millions in China
(NaturalNews) The bodies of 13,000 dead pigs have been founds in the rivers and streams that supply the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai with its drinking water. The carcasses are believed to have floated downstream from the city of Jiaxing in the Zhejiang...

Who will buy Japan's food supply? You may not want to buy from an areas that has over exposed, polluted, ( "... 1/3 part of our waters in the last days as predicted,") USA has a rippling effect with drugs found in fish i.e. and are government funded.
Can we take a lesson and reflect for a second? Results to radiation exposure will not be known afterward for generations. The ignorant wall street marketer's to utilities, want to build more such sites.
States such as, Utah should watch closely as a huge earth quake is predicted in its future. However, they are making plans to build one making all the people at risk as in Japan. This combination of events should be outlawed by all not just Utah. This is because it effects everyone in some way here on earth not just in one state or area. (Better International Laws) The many rich, wicked, Wall Street Corps... prey on this kind of money making ventures. I'm for the idea of going back to using lamps and candles could save the world. However, here are some radiation exposure precautions. There are many more if you search the Internet.
*Potassium Iodide or KI pills (in a 130 mcg dose) are typical prophylactic treatment for radiation poisoning or if you know you're going to be exposed. (Depends on body weight)
*SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide) two drops of which represent an effective treatment for adults. Adolescents 3-18 years should receive half of iodine treatment. If you live near a nuclear plant you may get free KI pills for First Aid in the event of a radiation release. However, KI protects only against a specific type of exposure and very effective in preventing thyroid cancer. Its idea is the KI fulfills the body's thyroid daily requirement for iodine, so there's no space left to take up the poisonous radio-iodine. It's best taken several hours before the predicted arrival of any radiation leak then continue taking maintenance doses until the danger is passed. Can you take it out of the water or ruined soil in the area, fish, fowl, soil or food supply? The water will only dilute radiation, not make it disappear. If you don't have nuclear energy, don't get it. It will eventually end the futures for our child-care's environment and health of everyone. Hello!
It would be better to develop natural greener energies such as; wind, water or solar power but greedy men will never let the common people decide to choose other than to have nuclear or to be responsible for their choices. The results of broken families, or poor effected the most cannot afford medicines, remedy's, basic necessities, no homes will always be wipe out first. However, now we see, so shall these greedy, rich, lusting, ravishing mad-men with their ignorant deed will also be affect. Where are they going to run, taking us along with them.
There's a lot worse things that can happen to men than accidental death. Dying slowly from this can be hell, ask a senior. Why did they build so many of these plants in one area? Will you buy Japan's new food supply, or their fish or food supplements from this area? (Chorella i.e.) What about the men who continually work in and around the clock at the Fukushima Daiichi plants? Their family and their lives will never be the same. No amount of money will compensate for the health they will loose. Other remedy's maybe the following;
Lugol's iodine, or potassium iodine, Charcoal tables
*Bentonite clays (not from this area)
*Miso powder (any thing detoxing)"Miso contains a substance called zybicolin which helps to prevent radiation poisoning and effectively prevented radiation poisoning after the atomic bombing in Hiroshima."
A Nuclear Power Special: (These plants have powers to destroy all living...pts) On Saturday night's program, John B. Wells was joined by four nuclear experts, Arnie Gundersen, Kristen Iversen, Steven Starr, and Scott Portzline, for a discussion on the real dangers of the Fukushima disaster, how nuclear power plants are being compromised, and the likelihood of a Fukushima-type incident in the United States... cont.
pge 2 continued
*Chlorella and other seaweed products such as Kelp or Spirulia (not from this infected area) Sodium alginate *Pectin Sodium Bicarbonate (limited)
*Lobelia Sodium citrate (trisodium citrate) See heavy metal removal *Balance of sodium, potassium See liver cleansing herbals *Here: The Department of Health and Human Services has approved potassium iodide, in a dose of 130 mg, as a thyroid blocking agent in radiation emergencies. To be most effective, however, it must be taken in a window 24 hours before and up to 2 hours after exposure...BEFORE...HELLO!
"It doesn't have to be KI. Sixteen drops of Lugol's solution, 8 Iodoral tablets, or 3 to 5 drops of SSKI work just as well. Actually, Lugol's solution is better than KI because the breast concentrates iodine, which KI does not have, and would better protect the breast from radioactive iodine. And lacking an oral source of iodine, applying 2 percent tincture of iodine to the skin works almost as well. Painting iodine on the abdomen in a 4 x 8 inch patch blocks thyroidal radioiodine uptake by 95 to 99 percent." "A person who takes 15 mg of iodine a day is already well protected from the radioactive iodine in fallout. The thyroid gland will retain less than 2 percent of absorbed I-131, similar to that after consuming a 130 mg KI tablet."
Read; more about "PHYTOREMEDIATIONS," and its humble ''Tumbleweed'' …" for Uranium fall out," which, after such disaster is the only plant that will grow there that survives ...)

Note: Plants above ground are the most vulnerable (green leafy) however, root plants are the best to eat at this time. They will have less radiation in their products.
Radiation is in the tuna and all fish, Mercury,
hormones, birth control meds, and Prozac has ruin
sea water and fish. Are you allergic to the fish
or what they've ingested.
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