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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Colon Care Using Natural Remedies
The colon is the most important system in the body in treating any disease. It's the largest organ in the body. If the colons out of whack so is your health. All disease start and end here. Mild organic plant fibrous foods are essentials to feed the hub of body that as this iris is showing feed every organ.
Sixty percent of your immune system is your colon. Drugs (chemicals) strip the terrain of the bowels. To regain health start with what goes into through the stomach and for the colon to process it all. To heal with herbs today will mean a change to “organic herbs,” others have lost anti fungal properties and in most cases ½ their healing and nutrient properties. Some have even been sprayed or chemicals used in the plant or soil altering healing powers of herbs. The brown colored part of this iris represent the colon is showing how it's effecting the whole system. The main idea here is that the colon is responsible for feeding and keeping every organ in the body healthy and functioning. Some herbs for the colon are the following;
Cathartic Herbs (Not all plants are listed) These plants functions is to evacuating to the bowels. Aloe Vera: (International Aloe Science Council Gastrointestinal Health) Aloe Vera aids in the alkalizing the system.
Caution: Avoid during pregnancy. There are many herbal colon formulas on the market, if your over-weight notice if your formula has Ginger Rt. that may for some stimulate appetite, but great for the stomach and pH balance. However if your over-weight we can't choose this formula. Instead use one that uses Aloe Vera instead of ginger root whenever possible. Bears foot Bitter root Boneset Butternut Bark Caster Oil (See formula below) Cascara Bark (Gives the crawl-action to lazy, beat up colons) Hydrangea Mandrake
(Caution: Not if pregnant, going to be or lactating Moms,) (Deobstruent) This means it removes obstructions from bowels. Poke Root (Deobstruents) Rhubarb Root Salts **Senna Leaves (also, Biliousness, worms) (works on the liver) but works better with Psyllium Seed. Demulcent herbs functions are soothing and relieves inflamed areas internal or external. Flaxseed (Flaxseed meal has 8 grams of fiber and tasteless, use on and in everything, like rolled oat meal in the morning an excellent food for the colon.) **Psyllium, act like a broom and cleans out pocket in the colon. (Mucilaginous,)
Caution: must be taken with lots of water. Slippery Elm or Marshmellow Rt. (For congested bowels, pain, Gastritis, colitis i.e.) (Mucilaginous herb) These herbs work well with IBS problems
Colon's Laxative's: (Increases Bowel Action) Coffee will start the bowel going in the mornings; Apple Tree Bark (gastritis) Amaranth Alfalfa (One of nature’s finest herbs. Is highly nutritive and alkalizes the colon quickly.) Detoxifies the body. IBS: Comfrey Root (B-12, cobalt). IBS needs B-12 and B-complex. Use the water-soluble vitamins, some can store this vitamin for 5 years, but, easily depleted with use of acid type of drugs. (Work on the liver too, so watch the medications you are taking when using Comfrey Root...try the leaf that is not as strong. Barberry Buckwheat Black Walnut Blue Violet Burdock (Liver) **Cascara Sagrada (Give a lazy colon the crawling action needed, a must in most formulas) Chicory Chlorophyll's such a wheat grass, Chlorella, etc., (Get rid of smells, toxins and builds the colon and brings the body into its natural pH state, alkaline) Elder Gentian root Goldenseal (acts as an antibiotic) Guinoa Ginger (Stomach soother when using colon herbs) Motherwart, Mullein Mustard Peach Pumpkin Seeds Saffron White Oak Bark Vervain White Ash
Formula’s: Laxative 1 part mandrake ¼ part cayenne and ¼ part myrrh gum (Not to be used if pregnant or going to be or lactating)

Gastritis Equal parts Slippery Elm Raspberry Leaves ½ part Marshmellow and Agrimony. Sunflower raw seeds in hulls and leaves as a tea for babies and small children. Cautions do not collect near roadside. **Senna Leaves strong laxative but not for IBS

IBS disorders, (Irritable Bowel Syndrome and parts of bowel removal use Brazil Nuts 3-6 each meal and 3 to 6 grams of whole grain fiber.); or, get Organic Acacia Senegal (Tummy Fiber),Peppermint tea, probiotics (10 strains with 1 billion bacillus in each dose.) Goat milk, green or chlorophyll foods. (Rebuild) Note: Parasite bloom in the colon (see parasite herb page) Hormones, Wild Yam The colon needs nutritious fibrous, complex foods, and herbs such as Glucomannin (fiber) i.e. However, choose from the grains not fruit. Some Bowel problems cannot take bran etc and others cannot take too much fruit fiber. Eating at least 3 g. of fibrous food each snack and meal. If not enough fiber in the meal or snack then take a supplement that equals three grams of fiber if necessary. This will give bulk to the runs. This will make up the fiber not in the meals or snacks that make this condition worse. This is most important if you have missing parts of your colon/bowel. It works

(Peppermint oil for diarrhea )

*For others; There are many good bowel cleansers on the market today to keep the bowels open and moving at least once a day. Find the one just right for your health problems.
Gas: Anise, Bears foot Root, Blue Violet, Boneset, Calamus Root, Chamomile Tea, Cascara Sagrada, Catnip, Cedron, Evening Primrose, Fennel, Gentian, Horsetail, Juniper, Plantain, Poke Root, Sarsaparilla, Thyme, Wild Yam, etc…. (Add in the herb in your area of the world…God takes care of us all) Foods For the Bowel
Constipation: 3 prunes a day (Great for children or prune juice and, Cod Liver oil (Vit. D) that used to be used for D-Rickets) All fruits are mildly laxatives Tamarine (Tamarindus indicia) mild Pumpkin jam i.e. Bran and other grain fibrous cereal
Hemorrhoids, (no cheese) Fenugreek, Aloes, Vitamin C and Slippery Elm or glycerin or cocoa butter suppositories and baby wipe or wet tissues. Garlic clove up the rectum lube with coconut butter.
Formula: 1 part golden seal 2 parts bayberry and chickweed ¼ part witch hazel bark ¼ part catnip. A fruit diet for a few days then switch to mild foods high in potassium. Impacted Bowel can be relieved by a warm enema with added herbs and specific oil E O for the colon terrain, colonic's or hydrotherapy. ("Ice," Zink oxide, all over the counter remedy)
Caution: Too many enemas’ can also strip the bowels of natural terrain. Glycerin suppositories are a good idea to keep handy for emergencies for especially for children. Watch the intake of foods like cheese and even almonds are constipating i.e.
Polyps: Lack of calcium, eat more legumes, natural fibrous foods, 100% whole wheat, vitamin C, and B complex when using all B Vitamins. Lots of natural B-12 in Comfrey is a good plant for B-12 (Mucilaginous) for the colon. Banana is another source of B-12 and many other foods especially for vegetarians to know these plants. This is especially for good for Senior, Vegan’s or Vegetarians and those who strip their colon with acid types of drugs. Diarrhea- Plantain Plantago Major, P. Lanceola, Centuary Erythraea minimum: C. gastigeatum, Sunflower leaves, Peppermint, Wormwood, i.e. Raw sunflower seed, (shells boiled...) and drink the water but may be too constipating for some. Almond nuts tend to be constipating. Coconut, flaxseed meal (8 g. fiber), Tums-crude calcium, and white clay (see that page here in this blog for more information.)
**1 tablespoon Psyllium in a full warm glass of water Or 1 tablespoon Chia Seed (ground) in warm glass of water Omega’s oil will slow down digestions and complex food or psyllium seeds Solarary carry it...other may too. It hard to get item.

Crone s problems or IBS: If using steroids switch to licorice root and faithfully use it as a substitute for this awful steroid drug that causes diabetes and weight gain. In (IBS) Crones disease use Acacia Senegal a pre-biotic an all-soluble fiber that's more gentle for the stomach For Crones disease please click this link that goes into this further. If you use products with psyllium use seed not husk.
Once in a while use Archway Coconut Cookies for diarrhea (Crones disease) A gotta read, and I like this site. (I have 3 feet of colon gone, small and large intestine. I use shredded coconut like snuff every meal, and it takes care of my problems if I don't over indulge in fruits alone or its juices.) No Laxatives herbal at all. Treat parasite if their is spokes or arc us radial in the iris. See iridology page. By the way if your animal has diarrhea use bagged shredded coconut. My dog loves it like candy.

Probiotic therapy (Plain, no low fat, no sugar, add in fresh fruits to sweeten.) Buy the yogurt that has at least 10 active cultures or more, and continue until symptoms are gone and the colon terrain rebuild. (Use timed probiotic tables of at least 10 different strains, and 1 billion bicillus each in one dose.) Chlorophylls, green is a friend to the colon. Goat Milk, (not the cheaper varieties, yogurts, and cheese or fermented foods Colostrums products to rebuild and boost the immune system.

The Natural Colon Cleanse 1 whole lemon 1-tablespoon black strap molasses (raw unprocessed) 1-tablespoon Castor oil 1-tablespoon cayenne pepper

Colon and it's odors
Yeast can eat holes in the pocket of the colon...treat for yeast in all colon problems and the liver. (Oil of Oregano, for leaky gut) Photo's: Left side of the body (Copy and then enlarge charts to read the colon area of your iris.) Right side of the body. Starting from no. 1 the center of the iris, (same as in the colon in the body), the colon is no. 3 zond of circle abt. the pupil or hub.

 *EYES; (All the brown star burst (spokes) derives from a plugged up colon. The parasites represented by the dark radial spokes in the pupil above is living off the toxic show as a color brown is the colon.)

Many of the elderly, drink prune juice first thing upon rising in the morning. Don't forget to keep up on the fiber too Seniors often skip the apple a day, fresh vegetables, organic grain that have enough
fiber, or other fruits. (Choose your fiber carefully...GMO grains maybe too hard on the colon.) More fibrous fruit, vegetables and organically grown grains like wheat for man the bread of life than meat.

The Power of garlic: See why is beneficial to eat garlic in the morning on empty stomach Garlic has proven for so many times as highly efficient in relieving the symptoms of hypertension as well as in regulating the blood circulation, in boosting the liver and bladder function and for preventing the risk of heart disease. Stomach problems, such as diarrhea can be treated with garlic consumption. But it alleviates the normal functioning of your digestive system and regulates your appetite. Garlic has also shown its positive effects on some nerve problems and prevents the stomach acid to be produced, which mostly happens when you are under stress, but only if it is consumed on an empty stomach, before breakfast. Garlic’s benefits and values are well-known to the people from all over the world and therefore it is called“a healing food“.
Garlic and Alternative Medicine  According to numerous medical practitioners from the field of alternative medicine, garlic is considered as the most effective food due to its power to clean the body from worms and parasites and to prevent many diseases such as depression, diabetes, typhus and certain types of cancer. - See more at:
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