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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This post is an added correction to my previous “FAT BLOCKER” posts. When I went back to my posts they were changed. Was it the diet industry or sugar? I probably left my door open by not signing out.
 MY material will be out by others but it’s good to stop anyone until they can make as much money on them as possible on the two. These two parts change; revealing certain sweeteners and the latest on fat blockers. It was corrupted to make it looked like I had made a mistake, omission, flub i.e. detouring readers away from the real educational intent of the post altogether. Please let me know when you find these mistakes. (By whom?) Now back to the subject:

Health News

We need oil in our bodies let me make that very clear. If you regularly take too many fat blockers you will crave more dairy or fat (chicken, chocolate, i.e. It’s your body’s “history” of signals’…in memory of foods stored into your minds-computer telling you… you need to eat more of a favorite fatty foods which is in you've programed that you’ve already eaten and if not over-done will feel better. The body recorder knows ALL your software, malware, and virus es and uses its program when necessary.
New studies (Mostly done in Europe) are coming out with “fat s diets,” and its working well for them?) If you use too many fat blockers you’ll defeat your purpose and will gain weight, yet, not be hungry, and have energy. Metabolism that’s too high is far over rated. Has this knowledge worked? Are we loosing? NO (Then, stress kick in)
The mind needs good fat to lose weight to; have energy, brain power, focus, keen eye-sight, and to control blood sugars. (Hormones) Fat slows absorption and help blood hikes, add fiber to balance it out and slip it through.

I've noted before when I was on Flax or Fenugreek oil which was taken for arthritis pain, clarity of mind came back, and my joints didn’t hurt as much. (Fish oils work too.) This was much better than any pain pill. In fact I had to write P A I N on the front of the bottle with a black marker. It’s easy to forget how or when you out began to be relieved of pain, or exactly when the pain disappears. Fenugreek oil may cause dirreaha in some.
All blood sugars naturally raises higher toward the end of the day naturally. When anyone’s blood sugar gets high its natural signal is “I’m hungry. Unfortunately, the more you eat the higher and hungrier we become. That would include any excess of sugar, corn syrup, especially diet sugars which are sweeter and low caloric. Taking large doses of these types of herbs are not normal. What did your grandparents use? We are far heavier than they were. We have fake sugars, corn syrups and fads invented by educated idiots.
For one; It mess up the electrolytes of the body. When I went on fat blockers for 3 month and gained, in pain, lost walking skills, couldn’t turn over in bed (as the pain was so bad,) retained water, and with no fats became foggy minded. (See: Zone diet on the subject.) As I didn’t take them in the evening so to sleep I was three times hungrier then...

NEW FAD: *SENSA," a new diet aid "sprinkle" it onto food before you eat, is just a fat blocker.

WHEN A STUDENT IS READY A TEACHER WILL APPEAR'....Thanks for all your comments! Please, feel free to add your own feelings in comments but don’t change mine. Thanks. 2002-11 IBSN-0100368574©-copyright 2006 by P T Sherman...ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
*All diets have some did the Zone and he made plenty on his imagination, theorys and inventions.

Thanks for all your comments! Please, feel free to add your own feelings in comments. 2002-11 IBSN-0100368574
©-copyright 2006 by P T Sherman..ALL RIGHTS RESERVED