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Friday, October 26, 2012


Other sources of proteins other
than meats. In plants they're
are normal balanced amounts in
plants sources. Nature does know best.
Arthritis, Neuropathy Pain with using some simple natural remedies (I do worry that you will think you have to use everything on a post. SO DON'T DO THE WHOLE PAGE ALL AT ONCE. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW WHICH ONE WORKED OR DIDN'T? Here are some I've used:  Here are two recipes specifically for arthritis given on this page plus a few good links for those who need more knowledge to other herbs that my work for you. We are all at different stages of arthritis. (ACID AND ITS CRYSTALLIZATION CONDITIONS) Having arthritis (lupus),and gout; I’ve decided to summit my few simple natural remedies that works for me. Some, I no longer do, or all the time, but refer back to when needed (juicing). Don’t do all of these suggestions at once, and do more research to see if every herb taken in, if it will interfere with what your are already taking.
In the past it use to be long horrible every day nagging pain that eventually could wear anyone down. I couldn’t walk for the pain in my left hip, which was so unbearable to the point of finally a wheel chair existence.
These suggestions managed my disability. I still have one some my major problems weight and with pain from neuropathy diabetic problems. life's not easy, but it was worse on drugs.

Herbal for pain: (Sub for Ibuprofen) If I take Chanca Piedra every day this pain no longer bothers me. I’m a so much better, not in constant pain. And no longer takes pain drugs as they acerbate arthritic and neuropathy problems. Sites are given at the bottom for herbal suggestion that are not included here, but may be more valid for some readers. One of the herbal co. now carry it in pill form.
I like licorice root too. A must, it natural cortisone.

This page includes all types of arthritis, gout, i.e. and is the researched result to my trying many products on the market and drugs that made my health worse plus didn’t work. These suggestions are what I’ve found that works the best. If you need to add any natural remedy please do so. Some remedies work for some and not for others. Many sell product and push drugs but don’t have any real experience with pain for these disabilities at all. Pay attention and listen to your body, it will give you signal.

Start toward a goal of a Semi Fast Diet or to milder simpler foods, which I named "mild food" (This is a plant based diet-vegan or vegetarian will work too.) helps to minimize pain, and keep the colon so it can eliminate a toxin process. Maintain the mild food diet (plant based) will keep your body at a normal Ph. (Meat creates an acid condition in the body, if the arthritis it too bad/painful its best to cut meat.)
Foods: Some may have to take the dairy out of your diet because of inflammation that is involved in arthritis. There is non-dairy probiotics products on the market. (All fermented foods are in this category, such as, sauerkraut is great food for arthritis if not heated.) (This iris is showing an "acid" stomach bad pH. The white circle about the pupil. It's reaching far out into the body shown by the rosary's on the edge of the iris (white, to brown colors)

This totally depends on the amount of pain or arthritis you have.
The concentrated animal based protein makes pain worse. Remember, animals, intuitively don’t eat when in pain. . Watch how you feel when you eat a food. Log it in your journal. This is so basic to maintain that food diary. Write down how you feel that day, even if your brain feels foggy record the foods you are. Keep in that daily diary not only a list of foods eaten every day, but what supplements, drugs, i.e. you’ve taking and how you feel after taking them. This can teach you so much about how to treat your own disease or illness. If this is not working move on to another herb or supplement. (Keep a journal of herbs, pain, drug, and your own doctor. This will show up your mistakes that's not working and why.) You’re your own white rat and you have entitlement to inspiration from the Spirit for your own body.
ALLERGIES: Certain allergies to foods "set off" arthritic pain reactions. If you are taking aspartame or any of the other names this chemical hide by...this page can’t help you...These fake sugars and parasites cause this condition and pain. Keep doing research in this area before going on to these remedies. The arthritis is cause from parasites go to my parasite pages or to anti fugal herbs and rotate. Stopping at the one that’s working best for you. Vary herbs their over 30,000 different parasites. Specific herbs deal with particular parasites and their toxicity. ASPARTAME is the worse for pain...

Herbs Substitutes Natural corticosteroids; Licorice Root (natural corticosteroid) when the adrenal is the root cause, and it can be. Yucca 1-3 capsules a day is a steroid saponins compound to cortisone. Even Wild Mexican Yams has steroid properties and many other such herbs rather than harmful drug. Why not try them first if they don’t work go to something else. Flaxseed oil, or another oil is a must.
* Astragulas root for the liver, and use fibrous food base diet for the colon. You have to treat the whole body not just a specific area as the medical profession who cannot cure any disease! A great herb for the elderly.

The best remedy, and cheapest is chlorophyll which will neutralizes uric acid. Chlorophyll's such as Chlorella, wheat grass, alfalfa or spirillia-kelp i.e. will also work. If allergic to fish stay away from the latter, sea weeds or fish oils (small fish is better). You'll notice immediately, and will be able to move without much pain (every meal, or food). Chlorophyll for a normal Ph in pill or anyform will be a healing plant for these conditions.

*This Formula is also For any pain: My Chanca Piedra herbal formula is; Chanca Piedra:
_ part Chanca Piedra to
_ounces Comfrey root; this herb will have to be bought or raise to use in this formula.
_ ounces Lobelia (This will get out the poisons and chemicals in tissues, and about
_ ounces of Cayenne. Every 3-4 hours in 00 capsules.)

This will take place of Ibuprofen or Motrin and other type of such medicines (NSAID). Order on Internet the Chanca Piedra by bulk. (You can leave out the Comfrey leaves or root (for liver too) and it will still work, but will not have building new cell properties.) I believe all herbal formulas need to be individualized.
Some foods specifically targeted arthritis such as Artichoke or cherry’s, celery i.e.
*Add the B Complex’s, and Calcium gluconate if needed. Strong natural calcium such as Alfalfa (hormonal) try it rather than inorganically calcium from rock or shells.
*HOLISTIC VIEW: Treat the stomach first, Colon, Autonomic nervous system, then out to specific organs such as liver and kidneys. Keeping these organs clear and clean of toxins, as it will aid pain with minimal back up to more built up toxins to cause more pain.

*Omega’s for pain: Smaller fish, or Flaxseed oil about 1000 mg to 1300 a day up to 3-5 grams a day as needed. When you stop or are out of these you’ll note a difference in the pain threshold. You can try triple omega’s 3 especially. If you use fish oils or cod liver oil get it from good northern waters. The smaller fish has less mercury and from a good reputable company.
*Caprylic acid (coconut oil) for parasites, nuts and seeds oils are especially good .too

Watch your Ph balance or acid forming foods and don’t drink acids soda pops they will make this condition worse with some with their acid forming chemical sugars, which are causing this condition. (Aspartame can be the culprit to your pain. Take it out for 3 months and see).

Natural Juice Formula For Arthritis1. 1 quart of raw carrot juice ( parasites) This is approximate measurements:
2. 1 quart of raw celery juice (this breaks down the uric acids involved in arthritis.
Drink approximately, 1 quart of carrot juice to 1 quart of celery juice raw for two weeks.
Then 1 pint daily ½ carrot and ½ celery until arthritis is gone! Repeat whenever or if necessary. Arthritis Cleanse
...............(See semi-fasting) mild foods are the same as a plant base diet. (No GMO foods they lack in anti fungal to heal disease.)
Stiff joins are relieved with this program. (Two weeks)
*Broth water (Use cooked juice of broth water for variety) View post 2 lbs diced potatoes (not peeled)
About 3 clove of diced garlic
3 stalks diced celery or just drink a green drink with celery in it.
¼ cup of fresh parsley
In 2-3 quarts in boiling then reduced to a simmer slowly for 1-½ hours. Cool, separate liquid from the pulp and throw away. Drink the broth though out the day and for the next two weeks. Or, make this up on a fast day and drink the whole 24 hours. See broth post
Chronic Arthritis; see the post on part 2
When I have pain I've used baking soda in water and it takes the uric acid away with the pain. (APV will work too on uric acid) Stay away from all sodas, coffee, tannic acids and teas as they are too acidy for arthritic/gout conditions.
Don't try all this a once...Just keep the post and start with what you already have in the cupboard, then expand; one at a time.
*You must learn to kill the uric acid (unpasteurized  raw Swiss cheese ea meal may work for some) Celery Seed is now available. i.e.
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