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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Pork (Bacon) is know to cause cancer:
Image result for killing of animals by humans
Their fear can be passed onto you!
l Amazing and we use it in vaccines. Eat it in flu seasons i.e.
This is just the suffering that was caught on video. The whistle blower also saw SQM workers beat downed mother pigs on the face and head with chains, drag them to the kill floor—a deafeningly loud area filled with the stench of death—and electro–shock and jab injured sows for up to 30 minutes. (read)

MY TWO CENT WORTH ON THE SUBJECT OF TAINTED MEAT as this story up-set myslf. I wondered who ended up eating this torchered pig flesh and blood in it.

I was trying to raising five children with an Ex who could never keep any job on about an acre of land. For economic reasons, too, we raised goats. The milk was excellent for the children with a small amount of land. It very troublesome to tether them, and get your children up to milk them, but I had two small one's who need milk and (Ex) wasn't going to bring home any milk that was on a reliable bases.

One day after having my last C-section two of my neighbor (sisters,) "The Christensen's ," decided to come over and pick me up for an needed outing, since I had no car and needed to go anyplace to refresh my soul.

I got my best baby-sitter John Christensen and was all set to drive out of the drive way. My X couldn't even provide clothing I was wearing an seven year old dress I made myself.
After once being a model and Ms runner-up etc. it bothered me. (My controlling Ex could never find enough money to buy me anything or keep up my style he liked before marriage.)
Supposedly, he had three million dollars in property but his family never saw penny of it, It bought friends (politics') with its use.

Sorry, I just realized I'm detouring off my cause in different directions. However, I wanted my reader's to know how desperate I was for food when I did this...awful thing.

I got into their car but then, I had such a strong feeling "don't go!" I told about this feeling to my two girl-friends and they said to pay attention to it.
 So, they waited for me to go inside to check out everything. John was one of my kids child too, and his Mom also wanted to know if he was OK too.
I look everywhere you'd think their might be a problem; all was well with all the children, no fire or no one hurt, I reported back to them still sitting in the car.
The Mother of John said, "Well maybe something would have happen," so we all decided I should stay home.

Everyone went home; I turn to the left where our car was parked and happen to look where I had staked out a new born all white goat tethered to the fence with rope which had choke him. It was recent because he was limped or just died.

Never till this incident did I realized that we are entitled to have revelation or inspiration for any animal's. It was because this goat was taken care of by me so I could feel he had been crying out to me. I walked right pass him and was pre-occupied with the thoughts of the children. I forgot to check on my animal's.

This is the day the Lord, in this trial, that taught me a most valuable lesson (Always, the teacher teaches when we're ready) about how he loves the animals and to show us we need to care for them.

This story is not over: "Waste not Want not," is embedded in me as a child of a poor farmer.
If my Ex would have given me some portion of the millions in our divorce, which he did not; I would still be poor because I think and act out poor even today. Once poor; your never are really are rich nor get over the mentality of it.

Going back to the goat story; What would a woman like me do with a dead goat and five children to fed? Eat him.

So I knew another goat raiser in this neighborhood and sought her out to help prepare him for meat for our table. We did it all on the same day however with hindsight, I realize that he was not hung properly to bleed out. (All meat has blood in it ...and is the carrier of adrenal fears i.e. which creates fear caught from the animals, or drugs i.e. I was taught this long ago. It came back to roost this day.)

This goat's blood was full of fear this goat experienced before he died. I know because when I ate the chops I was full of uncontainable fear and I couldn't stop crying just as the had experienced. He must of read me seeking the problem and was passing him by.

THE SECOND experience; I again, reappearing: when I ate the meat started crying becoming upset with emotions. 
I call one of the two lady's telling them that I didn't know what was wrong with me but, after I eat the goat meat I'm really upset with out of controlled emotions. She agreed with me, The goat meat was tainted

I threw out the meat but never forgot how I felt on a emotional roller-coaster. Animals' do have feeling and experience pain and, emotions.
I was raise on a farm but my family wasn't in tune with an animals side of the story. I'm truly sorry. I don't care for meat at all.

I know this is not the pig story you may have expected, because I don't eat pork. I really don't eat goat, lamb, but in times of famine...yep !
I related to another problem other's  can't cover in torching an animal whose in pain...then eat the tainted meat from slaughter houses sold to our markets. It will be a curse to those who eat of it, not a blessing.


  Autopsy on chicken nuggets Researchers in Mississippi conducted an 'autopsy' of chicken nuggets from two fast food chains in Jackson Mississippi and confirmed what we all suspected about the mystery-meat medallions ...
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