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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Need Remedies For Skin Problems or a dry hair shampoo?
Cornstarch (Arrowroot) has some excellent "cheap," simple healing properties especially for babies and seniors. Remember, with any GMO corn the fungal properties have also been deleted and/or modified and will effect any healing properties. No Generically Altered plants will be a good product for healing purposes. Even our bee’s are being kill off because of these same sick freak of nature (GMO plants) that do not contain the "God Giving" healing properties for these bee's immune systems. Bee's do not return to the hives if infected or sick. Watch the frog, bee's, birds, snakes, and other insect and small venerable life...they will give "man" warning of a too toxic environment.
IT'S BASIC, QUALITY AND ECONOMICAL!While working in the cornstarch factories, it is found that workers there had beautiful skin from, there eventually branch out to use cosmetics foundations for herbs and medicine.
What they do not want you to know is it’s great on babies bottoms and it the base of their baby products. It is also a great deodorant, and keeps fowl orders away. Seniors know it kills bacteria about the rectum and even yeasty itches i.e. under folds and breast and on even bedsores or where ever there is moisture.

Cornstarch will keep the effective area moist spots of the body dry. In the past, it has worked as for a dry shampoo (Add a nice herb scent) and it was popular in the 60’s in the USA but went out of vogue, but is coming back around again and very pricey.
An old remedy of grandmother’s was burnt flour or, if she had it in the cupboard, cornstarch for diaper rash. If you read all diaper medicines, they still contain grandma’s old remedy. I wonder if that is not the secret ingredient making it work.
*Add a organically grown Corn Starch to your food storage (12 boxes or more) It doesn't seem to go rancid.
I put my cornstarch in an extra large holes in a pepper shaker or flour shaker, keeping it by my bed for convenience, and apply in areas that are needed. Baby powder is out of vogue.

*Soothes skin irritation (drop EO into cornstarch to enhance it. Add to it zinc oxide and Castor oil for skin. (Peppermint, Tree Tea oil or Eucalyptus i.e. will be cooling to the skin. Oregano oil for more serious problems.)

*Relieve hemorrhoid pain by mixing one tablespoon of Kingsford’s Corn Starch, or an organic substitute, with enough water to make a paste, and then gradually add more water to measure out a pint of the new mixture. Next, you should boil the mixture for a few minutes, allow it to cool down, and then use the mixture in the affected areas to feel a soothing comfort. Cornstarch is excellent for heat rashes. (add in drops if essential oil for a nice smell or etc.)
*Sunburns; mixed with a cooling agent or plain.
·Add to Herbs: Licorice (Gycyrrhiza gabra) or any fungicide compound found in herbs. Make a very strong tea, boil 20 min., and soak feet into it. Garlic oil and Ginger root (Zingiber officinale) contains caprylic acid. Also, Lemon grass tea, cloves, dill, peppermint, i.e.
*Cornstarch was used for starching laundry, stains and for adhesives or coatings in 1840’s. It has been used as a base for hypoglycemia in diabetic medicine. See post link below.
Recipe is in (Prevention Mag.

*Athlete’s foot is a fungus related to the ringworm (Tinea pedis), and it can spread to your groin and hands.
Bed Sores: or any type of skin burns from an area of too much moisture and bacteria has set in, like under fat folds (apron or perinatal area.) Apply with power puff i.e. and cornstarch will keep the area dry and heal it.
Other Suggestions:
Feet RemediesCorn Starch- Sprinkle this cornstarch onto your feet and into your shoes and socks to absorb moisture and reduce friction.
Baking Soda- add soda into a bit of water. Make it into a past and rub it on the affected area and between your toes. Let it sit for five minutes, then rinse, and dry. Repeat this process daily until your foot condition is gone. Be sure to shake some in socks and shoes. Baking Soda is another natural remedy that is found to kill fungi. Great as an expellant on skin in the shower, and tooth a natural tooth paste.
Breast: The moisture can cause rashes, irritation and burns just powder on the cornstarch after you shower and it will be completely gone if given a few days.
Clorox- Make a solution of one-half up of Clorox bleach and a gallon of water. Then, soak your feet in it for fifteen minutes twice a day until your athlete’s foot disappears. According to people who swear by this remedy, the chlorine bleach kills the fungi related to this condition.
Hairdryer-One reason, beside the fungus, of why you may be getting athlete’s foot is due to excess moisture in between your toes. So, before putting on your socks and shoes in the morning, make sure your feet are completely dry by holding a hair dryer a few inches from your toes.
Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap-Soap up your feet with this product, dry them and then apply a dash of the soap as lotion to your feet. Make this part of your daily routine in order to eliminate athlete’s foot.
White Vinegar- For ten minutes, soak your feet in this product. You should do this up to four times daily for several weeks. Vinegar is acidic and will kill bacteria and fungi on your feet irradiating your problem.
Treat cold sores by using corn starch - This remedy is good for if your cold sores are already blistering. When the blister bust put cornstarch on them to dry them up. Really works well. Have cold sores? Sunscreens: Aloe Vera works best! It will keep out the bad rays but let the vitamin D in.
The sun is good for you, but do not bake in it (depending on your skin sensitivity and type). Remember it can fry an egg in the sun too, so be reasonable and always use common sense. The sun will “draw out” impurities and toxins including cancers to the surface (skin area), so, it doesn’t cause or make the cancer i.e. “A little dab will do you” at one time, space it out. And, it really depends on the environmental area that may effect different person level of toxicity.
Sunscreens are full of chemicals; they are not worth it for me.
The next link is using corn starch for hypo glycema
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