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Sunday, March 8, 2015


BRENT PHILLIPS miracles using energy to physical healings. (New Age?)Image result for brent phillips
If you've been following me, you've discovered I'm doing different ways of healing because that's what I'm doing research on myself. My mind is always open. Here's one. What do you think?
You can see him in person using this line:
It's all the same just using different words, but ends up with faith, or has he learned to use THE LAW OF NATURE and its sciences that governs connecting to the physical body? Oh yes! In one part of history (scriptural) God speaks of the Earth moaning because of its inhabitant being so wicked. Another place; He mentions we can know God to be righteous because the "elements" would refuse to obey him. (This lead me to believe they separate but, God is so righteous and has mastered faith he can control them.) Another place; and, I could mention more,  he reveals, if man was righteous and had enough faith he could control nature by making the mountain move and etc.
I was told in my Patriarchic blessing "to be generous in teaching the laws of nature." First, I learn I had to learn the more about the subject.  I have tried to do so. Also, I've encouraging my readers to respect their environment that feeds us all living. However, this part the basic's I haven't taught before as my readers were not ready.

 Brent Phillips markets faith as "law of attraction" takes a new direction using new wave/age words for confusions. He had not a good spiritual base so he uses this direction with new vocabulary in this direction.
Back to my teaching as a teacher: He is using the law of nature's energies tools or a scientific part to laws of attraction, and/or to clear the subconscious to heal itself as he calls it. I've always believe you can command your body to awake and clear out problems disturbing you. You are your ships captain, not others. Get rid of the drought, fear and lack of faith (theirs that word
Which came first the chicken or the egg? It's spiritual realm  (your spirit that God fathered is your spirit), or the shell part, your body, physical that other clay beings made. (Dust thou art and dust shall thou return.)
The earth's the shell and the yoke is the sun (son) of God and the spiritual part. Is the way I look at it. One cannot exist without the other but the are separate in design and purpose.

This may work for those who don't have a faith, nor the priesthood, oils for healing,  herbs and a health base doctor i.e.

It's about sapping into the subconscious mind that maybe holding you back on the physical part of the mind. C2C did his show, but a too distracting host


1. How to use science: frequencies, (energy's) inter-detentions? All his theory's take God out of the equation's. However, many can't use them anyways.

2. Note also; pH levels can change frequency levels for changing cancer cells i.e.

3. Blocks: angles, prayer, faith clears his  BLOCKS.

4. Will man began to learn how to control "Nature" as God does and use these "tools" he speaks of? Will the elements obey? (Mountains)
He has a "muscle testing exercise" view and hear at(1.58.35)

5. The philosophy of Awakening with no attachment foundation;  (a)Instant healing process of 4 steps his new age word; (b)Intuitive reading see realities;
6. Muscle testing is directly to the mind codes; works subconsciously to clear programs of the mind missing blocks; Manifesting more gifts; is a  Brent process. Laws of attraction may have baggage too complex to your own behaviors.

brent phillips standing muscle testing how to read muscles ...
Jun 29, 2008 - Uploaded by OneMinuteU brent phillips standing muscle testing how to read muscles.

End suffering by an awakening of frequencies or energies?

Chanting? Or, use vibrational healing like elec. mag. I've used one of these for parasite.  has them. Mine was stolen. This is not the same, couldn't find it?

Parasite Cleanse by Hulda Regehr Clark - Cure Zone

Image result for magnetics for parasites, curezoneMine was smaller than this and connected to a round copper tube.


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