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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


All life/nature are polluted by conspiring wicked men in the last day. Now we inject them into our children in drugs to keep the wealthy on top to rule and reign with blood and horror, one way or another and in devious ways. Let's practice on the weakest of life...children by owning their natural rights.
I am not saying for parents not to Vaccine Children. Some in poor 3rd world countries it maybe needed or the ignorant who can do nothing else? However, my point here is the parents right are slowing being taken over by governments for money?
Children and the disabled can't even care for themselves. Take a look at their Wall Street Poisoning's they make then, look up at their records of death using them. Are you counting all the law suits on medicines and it medical procedures and practices on televisions? So the is point what? Let make a law where they can sue...and so they did! This will not stop here...

Vaccination Controversies/ Nature People
"The first part of this video has a constitutional lawyer specializing in food and drug law, Jonathan Emord, addressed issues relating to vaccines, and our personal rights and freedoms. He noted that the US govt. funds a national Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to the amount of three billion dollars, which is designed as an alternative to court claims against damages from vaccines (including the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine which has gotten a lot of attention lately). They knew what they were doing with they implemented you can't sue the government which also shows they're in bed with Wall Street drug company's. How do you think they get rich by the time they're out of office. Setting themselves up along with their health, and retirement benefits for the rest of their lives. Come folks how long is USA going to take this fraud.

 (The last part of the video is pure nonsense, polluting more deceptions to wickedness using Medium's: warning)

OUR government concedes there are risks associated with injectable substances and the reactions people may have to them.
'Jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. decided that compulsory vaccination was constitutional under the 14th amendment.
HOWEVER, Emord pointed out that this is actually a deviation from constitutional rights. While acknowledging that some vaccines are helpful, Emord believes that people should not be compelled to be vaccinated by the power of the state, particularly when it's well-known that serious, adverse reactions can occur.
Instead of pushing mandatory vaccines upon children, the government and medical establishment should be devoting their resources to eliminating the safety risks associated with them," There are too many poisons injected in children that bring on other child diseases and disabuilities.

Addendums of question and answers on video and some are mine:
Emord brings out:
Here's what's in vaccines
The National Compensation Program Gov. Funded?
There are 69 vaccine given to children.
Too many Poisons toxic poisons are given to children. The Chemical companies are behind this money making venture. They need jobs so their stocks continually go up for stockholders. Are you one?
The operate is familiar just like Satan using fear to cause hysteria to gain control of your pockets.
They use this form of control to sterilization on women, no men, under the same laws. (Homes)
Also, the flu vaccine is beginning to be compulsory. We have no right to say NO, even religious right are being controlled.
The populations ignorance to our rights are changing and backing no vaccines.
Contaminations: Their afraid of getting the diseases, however, we've close homes even with e coli and managed the disease. Quarantines
The rest of the population have been vacated so what is the risk to all those who have been vaccinated?

Compulsory Vaccination against the will of all involved. What about the Right to Life issues?: Should we all need to be genetically tested and/or baby's aborted if they are defective too? Should we have Freedom of Choice if terminally ill? (The pharms need the money and medical field to take their Gov. money's. They'd loose business.)

Who's the police? How about a cancer vaccine's for everybody vs. natural alternatives?
Are they reacting because of the preservative/chemicals?

Some state's in the hospital, require vaccinations. Move or, let's go back to having babies at home.

Is it a core of ADDHD, ADD and/or autism's? We don't know it isn't.

Lastly, it the right thing to do, look the other way and take your poison?

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