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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Male, Female, Fertility Herbal Remedies

Female and Male Page Concerning Fertility and Natural Birth Control (UPDATD MATERIAL)

(lei gong teng (also known by "Thunder God Vine")

Did you really believe synthetic hormones are not chemicals? Or, horse urine is an example of man's (Drug Co.) stupidity of corrupt medicines. Do you really believe they can be trusted? More and more of us are convinced their control and greed will always come first till more consumers demand more, by our spending, not to support such foolishness. If hormones are thus made of chemicals then we are harming the body and our fetus that are being hit up to three months before women find out they have a child developing in the womb. The health of the child then would be in jeopardy. Even before women getting x rays, they are asked if they are pregnant (if they know) and so should women have warning label on any hormonal pills.
Just ask what is happening to our fish in the sea where all the hormones are being dumped. The fish are un-sexed, sick, un-eatable and can't reproduce. Below are some natural alternatives for women who need natural birth control. Noted at the bottom of this page are available two books dealing on the subject.
"Water &; Food Supply: Environmental Issues

*FISH: A.P. relates, research on the effects on wildlife has yielded some scary examples: Pharmaceuticals in river and lake water are being blamed for “feminized” male fish and other changes observed in earthworms and zooplankton. Could this be read to day “feminized” males in our country? Too many hormones are being dumped back into our water by women’s birth control pills; menopause pills i.e., though foods, shots, insulin, drugs such as Prozac i.e. and our animals hormones and chemicals. It all goes back to the earth and in our water. Remember how giant the ocean in comparisons to our own ratio or ration to water in comparison. Watch the bee's, frogs, insects, birds and fish in the sea. A for warning of our own futures." What's the effects on humans is not being researched and/or covered up.

Female Formula
To be taken orally for female problem; Squaw Vine - 1 part , Marshmallow - 1 part , Parsley - 1 1/2 parts Ginger - 1/2 part , Licorice - 1 part , Stillingia - 1 part , Lobelia - 1/2 part , Black Cohosh - 1 part
Vaginal Suppository
Squaw vine
Slippery Elm
Yellow dock
Use melted cocoa butter (or organic wax) add herbs, form into 2" suppository, put on waxed paper in refrigerator. Insert for 3 nights and douche each morning. Used for fibroid tumors,
intermittent bleeding and use between periods of hemorrhage.
Vaginal Discharge
When acute, treat as a cold
Cleanse blood with liver herbs such as yellow dock, burdock, milk thistle, and dandelion root i.e.
Use semi-fast or mild food diet in this blog during acute infection, or fast. No meat, dairy or grains.
Douche; with any one of the following;
Bayberry-abt. 1/2 tsp. strain and put in a water bag or; Chlorophyll -abt. 1 1/2 tsp. in water bag or Goldenseal -abt. 1/2 tsp in water or douche bag An herbal pack for vaginal use: Melt cocoa butter with Squaw Vine, Chickweed, Yellow Dock (cleanses the blood), Goldenseal, Mullein, Marshmellow root, and Black Cohosh. Form into suppositories, (place on waxed paper refrigerator to cool) you could make up this formula and cap it also. or, Tree tree oil
Natural Birth Control: The natural mucus method showing when fertile. This method involves tracking changes in the amount and texture of your vaginal discharge, the mucus that forms around your cervix. Those changes reflect the rising level of estrogen in your body. For the first few days after your period, you may have no discharge at all. Then you will notice cloudy, tacky mucus as your estrogen starts to rise. This is when a woman is literally in "Heat." It's important to know this is the time you will want to...and dream i.e. When the discharge starts to increase in volume and becomes clear and stringy like raw egg white, you will know that ovulation is near. A return to either tacky, cloudy mucus or no discharge means that ovulation has passed. You should avoid intercourse from the day you first notice the discharge until four days after it has gone back to normal or disappeared. A vaginal infection or the use of vaginal products like douches or medication can produce changes in your cervical mucus and throw off the pattern. When used — correctly and consistently — in conjunction with the temperature method, the mucus method can be 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy.

Calendar Method
If you decide to use this natural method of birth control, you will first need to keep track of how long your cycle’s lasts over the course of a year. Count the number of days from the day you start menstruating to the day before your next period. (The first day of your period is always the first day of your cycle.)
Then, to determine the first day of the cycle on which you might be fertile, subtract 18 from the number of days in your shortest cycle during the past year. To identify the day on which you can start having sex again, subtract 10 from the number of days in your longest cycle. If your cycles last between 26 and 29 days, for example, you will have to avoid intercourse from day 8 through day 18 of each cycle. In truth, the calendar method does not work very well for most couples when used on its own; overall, it has about a 75 percent success rate. Don't just do one method do all here.

Lubrications: Use coconut oil it's a good barrier. Very Old remedy was to wash out vagina's with warm water and vinegar and placing a silver dollar over cervix. humm just reporting...
history? Coconut oil may kill sperm...
Remember any herb that will kill a germ, virus, fungi, or parasite is capable of killing sperm and can make women (men) infertile. Their are many others; vitamin C, a natural sweetener that been turned white, STEVIA.

Herbal Birth Control
Red Clover, another is Neem used for men and women, and, Neem oil can produce temporary sterility, and implantation (this testing done on rats), Coconut oil also. QAL or Queen’s Ann's Lace Seeds (wild carrot) can be used as an emergency birth control and used daily contraceptive implantation inhibitor. Pomegranate fruit, (pumice seeds) was used by ancient women.
They are are many, many others Ritin 500 mg daily Don't use every day...Apricot kernels (is also a parasitic herb), Cotton root. bark, Rue and Vitamin C is listed too. I mention vitamin C because you may be trying to get pregnant and are using this vitamin. Watch out for anti fungi herbs if trying to become pregnant because they don't know the difference between sperm and worms. Chanca Piedra (Phllanthus niruri) is an example. Order my parasite page to know more of these herbs which you maybe taking.

Others are: Smartweed Leaves (polygonum hydropiper) and many others that may cause abortions and are listed as birth controls. (Very misleading, most of them have some very strong natural hormones and will serve in both areas) Being wise is
being educated on the properties of all herbs, research at least three places before using any herb in this area. Preventing, and aborting are two different issues. I list this herb, Smart weed, because it is known as a birth control, but it like others can be deceiving in their nature. I will not cover the abortion herbs in my blog. Just enough to educate and alarm to be careful and not just read one article on any natural birth control on the web. This herb does cause an implantation and/or missed period.

Another herb to be cautious of is Mandrake. It can actually cause malformation of the fetus. (Other such herb do the same so do LOTS of research.) It's a very good herb in its place and used with much skill, but never with women who are fertile, even in a formula. I had two girls while pregnant using mandrake in an herbal laxative called Inner Clean. Pregnancy’s is not a time to clean because it will clean to the baby, including passing on parasites. One child had an extra front tooth and the other had an extra finger on both hands. I still worry if that's all. I discovered the problem much later when reading the Indian Herb logy Dictionary Book and immediately knew what had happened as I had used mandrake with both pregnancies. Please do your own research on anything I write about on any herb and also others. The most I can do is lead the reader to why's and where's to begin your the research. There's not enough space to explain it all in here.

*Wild Yam Root is said to be a good birth control method? I wouldn't trust it? Buy the book and do the herb long before marriage. It is used when going through menopause as a natural
remedy. Before marriage you have to be on Wild Yam a month or two as well as any other herb.

Yeast: Oil of Oregano extract taken in high doses, mg., until yeast disappears. Next is a link going into more yeast remedies. (Tree Tea Oil has a cooling effect to cool off the itching and I prefer.)
The quality of the Oregano will make a difference in getting rid of yeast problems. It takes a long faithful regiment in the treatment of yeast. Change your diet. Put Oregano oil in a gelatin Cap and swallow right away before it melts. A dropper full or half will do it every day.

Males: Males need to be treated for yeast above just as women do also see "page." All charantia seeds, Ginseng, Bitter Melon seeds extract for anti-fertility effects in males, Saw Palmetto shrinks enlarged prostrate tissue according to European Studies 350 mg daily, Red Clover-prostrate health, Pumpkin seed, Neem and or coconut used for anti-fertility and killing sperm i.e. Tongkat ali root extract increases serum levels of testosterone production and changes hormonal levels. (Said to boost drive 75 mg 2 X da and one hour before) Ginkgo Biloba facilitates blood flow and helps penis sustain an erection. (rear sex will cause males to eventually to be dysfunctional. The bowel is very toxic to this sensitive area and can cause cancer within the male genitals.
Men who do rear-entry-sex maybe doing more harm; it can lead to impotence, yeast and parasites from leakage in your partners bowel, and give poison toxin, (cancer) to you. I've smelled pooh on men's breath too.  God only know what they've done. For health sakes avoid them as life partners.

Menopause: Organic grown only Soy Milk and/or products, Small fish in an omega oil such as cod liver oil i.e. Coconut oil, In addition, many herbal female hormones such as wild yam root when bleeding profusely (Dr. David Christopher has one formula that works). Black Cohosh extract, if you get a headache cut back you have all you need. Others are; Magnesium, Dong quai, Kudzle Root, Damiana leaf, Red Clover blossom, red raspberry leaf-root (great in pregnancies), Chase Tree, Ginger Root. Dandelion Root, Mother Wort or True Unicorn, Valerian Rt. or Wild Lettuce, i.e. Their are a lot of organic tropical hormones to be applied on the soles of the feet, faithfully. There’s many more.
Don't forget we get chemical hormones, steroids i.e. from Animal products. (Meats, Cheese, Eggs and medicines, and even used plastics, i.e.)

Book: Your Fertility Signals by Merryl Winstein (How to Achieve or Avoid Pregnancy Naturally) This is just the beginning of your research...on each method.
•Herbal Remedies for Inducing Abortion It's a must to put these in because many are trying to get pregnant, so, don't use the following list a lot of herbs that fall into these category and well as foods, vitamins, such as C or, anything that will kill a parasite, including drugs:
•Dong Quai
•Black Cohosh: many female herbals can use for both, so be cautious.
•Cotton Root Bark
•Evening Primrose
This herb is commonly used in cooking but not many people are aware that it is a very strong and powerful abortifacient. Many times the herb is used for starting delayed periods. The herb is used as a necessary and introduced into the vagina to start the process of abortion. The herb acts directly on the cervix to prepare it for the release of the fetus.
•Pineapple: Raw pineapple is known to cause miscarriage in pregnant women. This is one reason pineapple is not given to women who are expecting. This is a topical fruit and women of the region use it for abortion. Pineapple causes thinning of the blood and encourages heavy loss of blood from the body. Women who are menstruating are advised against eating pineapples. However, for abortion one has to eat at least 4-5 raw pineapples in one day alone. Along with this, drinking juice of raw pineapple also helps.
•Rose Hip, (Vit C) Who would have thought that this essential oil will find its way in our list of abortifacients? But the truth is that rose hip is a rich source of vitamin C, which can cause abortion. Rose hip is perhaps the safest of the herbs listed here. However, the herb works only when used before completing 5 weeks of pregnancy.
You will have to take most of the herbs in tea form. But in order to induce miscarriage you will have to drink many cups of the herbal tea throughout the day (including at night). Set an alarm clock at night so as not to miss your dose of herbal tea. This will ensure that the herbs are present in your body throughout. If you do not take the herbal concoction for eight or more hours it may not show any results.
Many women also recommend that it is important to do some vigorous form of physical exercise or to tire yourself out with lots of physical work in order to aid the herbs. Running, jumping rope or extensive traveling will help fasten the process of abortion. Some women have reported that wearing tight pants (along with consuming the herbal concoctions) also helps.
Bottom line: Check out more on the research of these herbs and others.
Male oral contraceptive (lei gong teng (also known by "Thunder God Vine")
They've known this is a male contraceptive for some time...but the don't and won't make it in a pill form...The males are lazy in this area and run the drug co. and most males would rather pay for an abortion or neglect his part in it. (If you have too much testosterone this would cut back on this hormone and sperm count, for some this is an answer to being over-active?)

ASHWAGANDHA-REVERSES-CHRONIC-ESTROGEN-EXPOSURE (check this herbal out, aides, and too many UN natural female hormones, male or female. This will balance them out.)
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an herb commonly used in Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India). Although it's not botanically related to ginseng, Ashwagandha is often called "Indian ginseng" due to its supposedly rejuvenating effects.
All right publishing reserved
My Disclaimer: Consult your health professional for any medical advice, not here. This is a Journal/blog, meant to educate, entertain, and only voices my experienced opinions at the most as an herbalist, teacher and artist. All publishing rights are retained.

Dr. Sebi: Aids , impotence: Sarsasparello,, Oiuaco and Concoensa, Aswag...
This is now happening: Univ. Of Ut study. They say to add vitamins to your foods. (Of course this works because the vit. content is dead in GMO foods)
*Men are becoming for infertile (UT News JUN 2013 KSL showed sperm count down 1 percent every yr. the study said it was also due to pollution and of course diet.) Stay away from hormone waters and GMO foods that lack nutrition.

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