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Monday, May 16, 2011


Which is more powerful in increasing appetites, corn syrups or aspartame?
Note: Many other chemicals-drugs have some the same properties, but these two are too common and used by most especially children. A example is most drugs for depression, bi polar, schizophrenia i.e. Drugs, also a chemical, works on the brain increasing the appetite that changes blood sugars. All drug-chemical deplete the body of vitamins and minerals, to which is your poison? One appetite increaser is ”Corn syrup”. Every one is becoming aware of this particular problem. (Note the products that no longer use corn syrups in breads etc.,) This sweetener increases weight by producing high blood sugar that makes larger appetites because it is so refined. (History Channel) It has the ability to raise the blood sugars seven times higher than any other sugar product on the market today. Test it out; note that every time its consumed the gluttony feelings afterward.
If your a diabetic and have had high blood sugars you know we're more hungry during these highs numbers. Diabetics who take their blood sugars and are familiar with any product that raises their blood sugars and avoid them.
However, note this is how corn syrups works on everyone not just diabetics. Candy made with corn syrup given to children is a double whammy. They want to eat more, oftener, plus they get more hyper because of the corn syrup in “corn syrup,” candy's. Try finding sugar candy or other fruit type or made with natural sweetener for them. No such thing exists or readily available in their reach.

Secondly; The most abusive is diet sodas made with aspartame (Aspartame goes by many other names these days. Why hid their logo name? Most would market their name and be so proud?) This is too powerful chemical that takes 3 months to get it out of the system. When you do get the system clean of this chemical you'll notice your appetites will dramatically decrease. If you go back on binging of any diet sodas (candies etc.) the “huge appetite” will return and often. You will eat but not get filled/full. Why, because this chemical works on the brain not in the stomach. The cue is; That's why you will also experience in the brain... fogginess or forgetfulness, senile - blanks thoughts, etc. (Pay attention to your body signals- this signal is also in the brain and uncontrollable appetite.)

The test; try it, you know you will anyways. So this time pay attention to your body's reactions and signals. Are you more-less hungry or thirsty? Simple. Even chewing the diet gum did it to me. That's why so many are obese and gain weight with these products. Yes, it will keep the blood sugar down but the extra hunger for food and eating it will cause “weight gain” as it has proven in the studies. Eating more and more often will increase blood sugars, again double whammies. Abusive, unknowing parents give these diet sodas to children and pop machines are in schools.
Test will not work if; 1. If your eating every thing and anything. Who has not taken corn syrups out of your diet before in other foods i.e.. Then how could you tell? 2. If you are already eating aspartame in other could you test it? ? The ones that can test this out are folks who have gone off these products and then added them back, one by one...That's how I found out these products do increase appetites that are out of control.
I used to drink diet sodas before term college tests. Thinking I needed the caffeine to keep me awake and alert however I noted the diet soda cause me to blank out with memory problems.
There are other refine natural sugars that are the same but not quite as bad, but the principles are the same.
STOPS INCREASING APPETITES; AVOID THESE TWO INGREDIENTS COMPLETELY! Test this out for yourself. That would include all diet sodas, and diet foods...(The more aspartame more the more chemical for hunger. It doesn't take much.)
A sane society should be banned corn syrups and aspartame and those marketeers who distribute them should be stoned for what they've knowingly done. Agave need to be in a organic raw state, too much of this is mislabeled wait to buy this product when FDA get this more clear.
Note the ads on the side....these products will never give up....and lie through their teeth!
The soda manufacter have to add potassium and minerials because it is leached out with the carbination.
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