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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Organic only: Margarine or Butter?
It’s all about Organic Margarine vs. Butter and how we need to be so be careful in discerning some butter over the better choices of margarine's. Huge cow, big utters and more milk productions (dairy) are the result of the introduction of such chemicals as Rbgh, a GMO growth hormone, to produce more meat, milk, butter and more money. (More hormones more milk). These cow and other animals are full shots, chemicals and of that particular “fat hormones” to making cows give more milk as in pregnancy.

The problem is these same hormones will transfer to our body's and give you the same sensations as if you are pregnant like when producing milk. Then its re routed to storage is in your adipose because that is where all chemicals, antibiotics or drugs, pesticides head after going through the liver.
Nature is good to us by storing these in your own fat where ever possible. In effect, your fat actually spares you life and organs. (* (1) drugs, chemicals (posilac), and pesticides, also found in their feed) The drugs are stored in animal fat, It here to understanding how in butter's fat has the power to transfer to you what the animal was storing in its fat.
In some bodies, there are problems with this route because they do not store fat easily. *(1) All three of these; drugs, chemicals, or pesticides are all just variant terms for the term “drugs” referred to in my writings. If you are overweight, it maybe a blessing in disguised, for its nature’s way of saving your life rather than trying to add these poisonous toxins to a healthy or to attach it in inherent weak lesions inside body in a tissues. Sometimes it has no choice depending on the genetic constitution of the body involved. When I studied iridology, I began to notice some of these markings in the irises. (see pages on iridology)
For these cause and effects butter is not necessarily better than margarine if coming from a “drugged” or chemically fed cow. It’s going to make you fat by the ingesting of its fat-hormones and not necessarily by the fat in the butter itself.

Coconut Butter is available in HFS and some groc. stores
So, eat organically grown butter only if you know the cow or farm and what it was fed, water-organically grown grain, grass i.e. or even fed an organic plants sources. This is why organic products cost more and why you should look first locally or grow something and raise your own cow or share one. I know I have over-killed here but I am trying to get across the idea of this message. It maybe very important to your family’s future health.
Insist on eating only organically grown butter not from just any dairy, be choosy. Buy into half a cow and co-op with another’s who will produce your own milk where and when necessary, and if possible. We raised goats, which require a small space to graze. Goat is cheaper to raise and the milk proteins was more near to mother’s milk for infant children. Get a good book and do research on this milk if it has a funny taste to it was not handle correctly. This milk has to be handled with good sanitary habits and cooled down fast so that bacteria doesn’t move in and make it stinky and taste awful. Goat milk is not so much prevalent to have so much pollution yet? If in you area and finances allow there are even smaller animal for our small children that are not huge in proteins make for large calves. In addition, they are not as polluted or poisoned by man.
Margarine varies but many companies are coming out made from organically grown plant sources. Usually, this comes margarine from health food stores or special section in some grocers. First, when possible, buy only the ones with no trans fats having the most three or six omega’s and mono oils and from a pro biotic like buttermilk and yogurt. site that has how margarine is made.

 I prefer organic margarine to inorganic butters or when I want to cut down on dairy/meats and for baking. Yes, some margarine has preservatives (drugs.) but, ‘hidden’ within its fat, as explained, but so has inorganic butter more so. The hormone part is missing here. You are getting drugs in both…which is worse? (Fat hormones, vs. chemicals) Most of our food supply today is poisonous to our health as drugs build up in our fat and cause cancer and other illnesses. The most we can do sometimes is just to cut down in how or where we can.

Just weigh carefully all the fact and be wise in choosing margarine vs. butter for your breakfast. Margarine's are accuse of being plastic yadda, yadda, yadda, but the real reason I stopped eating margarine. It's a poisonous food for many, and full of Monsanto's chemicals, like, altered soy and corn products, canola is another. I don't buy margarine unless the ingredients are organic. These GMO oil are said to cause many of today's illnesses. (Check out the link below for more details)
The health food stores in the future will have actually have a harder time staying into business because super markets are seeing where and what we’re buying and go where our money is being spent and are stocking these healthier foods. HFS has been way over priced unless they buy from larger corporations, like Whole Foods, or, in bulk. The other smaller HFS products are not rotating, as they ought because of the lack of space and many consumers. They will not pay local organic grower enough to bring in fresh produce because it may not be cost effective for them. The regular rotation is most critical as with organic eggs and produce that are spoiling faster. Eggs are notorious for passing on salmonella, if not rotated regularly. This happens a lot! (Spray eggs with vinegar, kills salmonella, and soak, wash meat, especially pork in vinegar too.)

The way to afford organic food is to keep meals simple and basic. Use the best complex organically grown staff of life, your whole wheat and grains i.e. Breads are still our staff of life and basic. They are not making you fat unless you have alternated them. Having wealth cannot buy health and neither can stupidity. Neither can any exotic miracle cure-all herbal formulas invented by the ignorant herbal marketers of our times. Theirs not enough good organically grown foods in our super markets even for all the sick.
Raise an organic garden, do your research on the how’s and where's to get organic or heirloom seeds. Get rid of nonsense out of your life, keep it simple, get in touch with nature, and get real!
Buy: Encourage companies to change like Tillamook Cheese Co. in Oregon who is dropping the Rbgh in their dairy products. Moreover, even Starbucks is getting rid of the poison by the end of the year! (Many others are doing the same, since I'm from OR I love their products, except for the yogurt-too much sugar added.)
And, to get rid of this poison then don’t buy from companies who have an affiliation with Monsanto biotech Giant Corporation since 1993 who produces this artificial growth hormone making more than 270 million a year hiring their own giant lobbyist and are reporting their own health effects of their drugs. Canada re-did their research with mice and found the opposite result. Bottom Line: Let the fatty’s and the “Monsanto’s” buy the butter! No, they buy the best, take a look in their groc. carts. Four of their science's was to do some of their own tests on the milk hormones. The story ended as three of them, now, will only buy organic milk and the 4th bought a cow. The story is found; .
* This is not covering: olive oil nor coconut oils as substitute's
All rights all reserved (No reprinting pages in any media form without permission.)

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