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Monday, February 16, 2009

Insulins Are Barbaric Medicines

Re: The Millennium Survival, (Wednesday, April 19, 2006)
Insulin’s and Your Diabetic Shots are Barbaric and Ignorant for the most part
Let review Lantus:
Remember that Lantus is just made-made Chemicals. Carbons if you will that don’t exist in nature at all. It will be nature that will cure and working with her not something that does not exist.
To get these poisonous chemicals out of the system regularly I use tincture of Lobelia. This herb gets rid of these poisons. I choose not to use this particular insulin because it causes me too much pain with my arthritis
Humalog’s (R or N) extender is E-Coli (read you instruction that came in the box. I take an excellent yogurt to keep this from E-Coli from building up every time you take a shot. Kefir is a good one and there are good yogurt tables in health food stores also. Do you need to take the “N” extender? It may be better for some to just take the regular shot every meal. Again Lobelia in a formula will rid the chemical.

Novolin is another that has an "yeast" extender which is very ignorant design because diabetes is linked to “yeast” problems. Read Infectious Diabetes by Doug Kaufmann. When I had this problem with Novolin I used Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, with the mother in it, with every dose (meal). I did talk to the company to “fish out” more information on this problem and they clammed up. You try! I don’t have the yeast infection since stopping Novolin. My son-in-law use to take this brand. He’s a Doctor, but switched to Humalog. Their’s a big problem with men’s impotence when yeast builds up in testicles, (even with beer-wine drinkers where yeast is heavily used), and then the led to more potential problem such as cancer when the yeast is not cleaned out.
Their are others insulin’s but the side effects are worse than the high blood sugars, which is highly over-done and over diagnosed as being cause because it was diabetic ally caused. If you eat cake (etc.) your blood sugars will NATUALLY be high. Just fast for the rest of the day and for the most part this will bring it down NATURALLY. Or, eat differently the rest of the day to make up for the excess sugar (corn syrup is an enemy to diabetics). But most just keep eating sugar and never stop for a rest from sugars. The end result is too many wrong diagnoses, get them on insulin and they don’t know how to get off. (Keep ‘em barefooted and ignorant!)

Try to stay away from sugars especially stay away from any fake or diet sugars and begin to use a plant based diet. Use complex carbs; lots of fresh (in season) fruits and vegetables and no soda pops especially the diet pops with corn syrups are the worst, making you hungrier with huge spikes in blood sugars. And then you’ll be able to get off insulin very slowly when your numbers began to come down as you change your diet and use herb to get rid of the parasites, virus’s that got you there here the first place. Insulin will eventually kill you off with its much complication of using their chemicals that build up in the body, which the drug companies are blaming on the patients. Too much of anything will off set the body's ability to heal.
Always have a goal to get off insulin if you want to get better. The drug companies teach the doctors how to treat you, but their goal is to keep you on their product for keeping up their stocks. They want no cures! Drug, hospital and the medical profession stocks would fall.
It can be the insulin that at the root of your health problem or is it really the diabetes?
(Treat the liver, bowels, kidneys, parasites and diet (holistically). Each has a page is in this blog to compliment this page.) There is no magic cures or pill. No fast foods restaurants.

And there is no such thing as a free ride even with insulin or their pills (heart problems). When you eat sugars the insulin only covers it up but does not get rid of the effect of the sugar and bad eating habits. It only covers it up with a false meter reading.
I do hope with my experience this will be of help.

*For diabetic neuropathy: try Chanca Piedra (Phllanthus niruri) add cayenne and lobelia to make a excellent formula. It will help with the liver also.
*Don’t abuse insulin: If you over-use insulin this will send false signals to the body to stop product of natural insulin of the pancreas altogether. This principle whole truth for with other supplements also such as hormone therapy, i.e. The body was design to heal itself.
*Always treat the liver with Burdock Rt. 425 mg 3 times a day? (Weight, age and health condition is a factor with any type of dosage)
*Fasting “with out insulin” will over all lower blood sugars (Try at least once a month) When diabetic go to a good doctor, he will have you fast once a month to find how you’ve been doing. The liver may dump excess blood sugars, but this is normal. Afterward the b.s. will begin to level off.

The last statement I want to leave you with is diabetes is not just a "sugar" problem, but mostly fungal in nature with incorrect nutritional over feeding them.


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