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Monday, February 16, 2009

Think Outside The Box

(0)Brown iris
(1) Parasite lines in blue iris

(2) Aged parasite spokes........
Some times I approach my topic/subject in a different page in a different way to get home this knowledge that is not on the Internet or anywhere else. I am a diabetic and this is what I’ve observed in my own research and with an herbalist holistic view. Most so-called experts do not even have diabetes to give counsel to anyone and are parroting what’s isn’t working writing another book for the thrift stores. How you can know is follow their advice and see if it really helps. This is only an introduction. What to do is on other pages in this blog. My point here is for diabetic persons who look for another answers to look outside the box, or you can never reverse this disease or any others. Not everyone wants to cure their diabetes because they are too ignorant and love the lies of the drug manufactures. They think eating the suggested diabetic diet and insulin is the answer.

Here’s a bit of the research of ideas that have gotten me to these points. I do not believe in there a bondable diet and fungal insulin’s. Many will not go here because it has all worked for them or they don’t know. Most have given Internet or TV rhetoric on herbs and natural means that simple hasn’t worked and keep repeating it for the piranhas of the health food business. Some herbs even the drug companies know lower blood sugar levels, like Organic Goldenseal Rt, Juniper Berries, or Fenugreek (not on an empty stomach), and same old same old herbs too numerous to list them all, but take a long time and are not all the answers. Most of these herbs have to work on the fungal, virus, parasite i.e. involved. So there’s more to it than a pill popin’ one answer solution.
My pay-day is to get the one that think outside their box to explore and experiment to a cure! The route used today will never accomplish any cures! In fact will produce more diabetics.
There always has been a great problem when taking any insulin like Humalog and Novolin. Doctors will never do their own research and get outside the box. These chemical remedies involve their extenders designed to lengthen, as a timer when using insulin keeping blood sugars level. Lantus is chemically made of man not found in nature but made up of carbons (Nature only has so many natural carbons man makes up more inorganic one.). Shots are truly against the law of all law of nature. Are they found in nature? And they do shot acerbate nature’s design in healing? No one’s an exception to her laws. Nature will prevail and always win. Man has to work within her laws to regain health by obeying those laws governing the “body.”

Lantus is a chemical that cannot cure diabetes. This company doesn’t even know what causes diabetes so how can they even treat or teach how to adjust or cure it. It is not the Drug mongrels design to heal. When have they ever given any instructions to heal anything? Doctor cut it out and that’s where they make money, not in healings. Most even forget which body their working on.
Yet, Drug Company’s (not doctors) give out ridicules advice and trains like parrots and produce parasites selling their propaganda, and sell their snake oil chemicals. The market is making trillions off diabetes, and related problems they’ve created.
“…Behold, verily, thus saith the Lord unto you: In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days, I have warned you, and forewarn you, by giving unto you this word of wisdom by revelation--…” Read further on the Mild Food page.
Example: “Conspiring Men” are wicked much like tobacco companies who knew tobacco kills slowly was causing cancer yet send it to foreign countries to kill them in their ignorance taking advantage of their ignorant and unorganized laws. Do you believe this is responsible, righteous behavior? It’s plain wickedness! The diabetes insulin, pill and drug companies are of the same order.
Now we’re beginning to see there are great risks with side effect of taking drugs as the lawsuits rise in the media news. Even with pills now given to diabetics and the harder to catch insulin’s. Both types are worsening diabetic’s problems if not causing more problems like the side effects of their drugs. The problems are greater than ever imagined!
One of the pills side effects can swell up the body (or one side of the body too), legs seem like you have gout i.e. Do pay attention to body after adding a drug to see what is doing and add only one drug at a time. Stop the product for a while and see if that’s the problem changes your condition instead of blaming the condition on diabetes. Above all read the direction of side effects inside the package, and talk to other diabetics. Isolation can get you into trouble sometimes. Doctors, diabetic magazine, pharmacies i.e. are just parrots, “puppeteeing” what drug companies teach them. They now invest in TV companies and shows promoting their positions to the masses.
Yes, I believe drug companies know the answers to many cures, (from plants) but have paid off. Humalog problem is its extenders E. Coli and, Novolin problem is its extender “bakers yeast.” All are live fungi!! Do you have “yeast” problems? My doctor has said many time, “Oh, diabetic are prone to yeast.” You bet that's so true, just listen to the Doc.'s.
Another question to consider…is the yeast alive in these shots? Representative of the drug company said the yeast was dead. How can a dead yeast “extender’…extend then, if its dead? How can e. coli or yeast be dead if it extends insulin’s its time? Why does both products have to be refrigerated if its dead?
Diabetes is a fungi over grown (yeast) condition. The solution to any yeast problems today has always been, to get off yeast in breads and all yeast products. (Insulins?) Doesn’t yeast come from a dried inactive form and by adding warm liquid the yeast comes alive and raises to its purpose? Is beer’s (LIVE yeast, fungi that keeps beer fizzy) giving men prostate problems? It’s said this yeast stays and settles in prostates? (Impotence and/or cancer problem can occur down the road?)
Back to Shots, is the yeast dead? E. coli settles in the brain and tissues of the body till it builds up with another diseases not solving diabetic’s problems but actually worsening their health. It can make your body in racked in pain. If you have or are taken these products take “parasite herbs” that kill virus’s like Organically grown Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus amarus), oil of Oregano (best sources), (see “Parasite” blog i.e.,) and live bacteria in plain yogurt like Kefir (or such). All diseases have a parasite and yeast is a problem with diabetes. This will not solve the problems completely because too much is coming in through the shots than going out, and this will always have to be repeated. New studies show E. Coli 046 can be kill with yogurt, try adding this to you diet every day and use the yogurt tablet when taking this insulin.
The Big Lie: A diabetic ate a piece of cake and their sugar was 200. After eating the cake it went up to 350. Your choice of insulin brings it back down to 200. Did this get rid of the sugar from the body or just cover up its effects? Where did the piece of cake and the effects of this choice go? Did insulin dissolve it all with more side effect than the sugar? What does this illustration prove? Did you dissolve the sugar, corn syrups, white flour and chemicals of the cake (or another foods)? Did it disappear in your colon? What long term affect with this type of eating and afterwards taking insulin to try and “cover” it up “their big lie” The cake effects non-diabetic and diabetic alike! Don’t fall for the ideas that insulin will cover any food.
The chemicals, hormone and yeast or E. coli did temporarily bring your sugar down. The side effect is many die because not enough food to cover the insulin and now you die of low blood sugar. Mother and my brother went out this way in the mornings of low blood sugar slipping into a coma. Would it be better keeping the sugar higher at night than to give shots that vary with the amounts of complex foods not understood by most and eaten? Who is doing studies on how many people are lost in this way and the why? The drug companies and their advocates do all diabetic studies. There are no funds to prove otherwise unfortunately.
How long is this lie going to be covered up? Somehow insulin shots will cover your cake and calories keeping your body healthier by doing so rather than getting educated and set up clinic getting people off the shots entirely with better nutrition. By the way the education we’re now getting is totally incorrect. Meters have made more diabetic by telling the diabetic they are too high after they’ve eaten irresponsible and should be high. (THAT WOULD BE A NORMAL READING!) Bringing it down with insulin is a fruitless "cop out" lie making matters worse in most so-called diabetics. I simply don't believe all are diabetics. The problem is going to a doctor and him harping on his patron’s diets won't bring in money.
Get a meter and test your sugar to find foods that keep your blood sugar more level. Change you diet slowly its really the only way and wean off insulin should be every diabetic goal.Eat and drink so you don’t need insulin. Insulin’s hormone is not conclusive to loosing weight. Fasting one to two meals without insulin. This can be done. Diabetic do this once every three months for monthly check ups. It will rid the liver of the sugar stored there and then will level off (accumulatively it will lower overall sugars). However, if a diabetic “fast” while taking insulin you will go into low blood sugar…now there’s the big problem caused by taking to much insulin.

Fasting has a accumulative in its effects on diabetics. (a re-set or set point) It will allow parasites to move out with fungal herb, Psyllium Husk for colon and burdock root, seed extract for the liver. (...go to to the liver page here in blog) (Use lots of water with Psyllium and take at the beginning of a meal). If you’re on the pills it’s better. Don’t take the pill once a month and fast as much as possible. Take a meter where ever you go and read and watch blood sugar go down. Do not do this fast when "taking" a diabetic pill.
Remember not to fast using insulin during this time. Or…go slowly on a "mild complex food” diet periodically, no meats. It will clean out parasites as you use the parasitic herbs, along with phyllium in the colon. Milk Foods is a slow semi-fast and a gentler way. One could use the semi-fast also, which is no dairy, grains or meat. See diet page: As you can handle these concepts, it will bring back to health gradually till off today’s biggest lie of all times. "Diabetic shots and its medications
*Eating 5-6 small meals a day on “mild foods/plant based diet’ eating will keep your sugar up and at around or under 200. Why? And this would be "normal" reading BECAUSE you just ate. Some snack all day long and your normal b.s. will not be under 100. So, don’t “plug in” the LIE and "shoot up" fat-hormones and chemicals. That’s a normal blood sugar range when you just ate with in an hours or two. You'll mess up you health with excess drugs (insulin also a fat-hormone) if you don't take this into the equation of how much insulin is required. This is the biggest health problem for diabetics. What do excess not natural hormones do to the body? …hint FAT! Caffeine and yeast, which is too big topic here but they just, don’t mix. For this reason you will have elevated blood sugars if drinking coffee, even with no sugars.
The biggest cause of diabetes cause is parasites! (Or, an inherent lesion on the pancreas is another reason) Get rid of them and its parasite become imperative and expedient then it all will began to heal from here. The reason so many herb formulas don’t work is because there's not enough work in their study before making up their formulas that’s dealing with parasites issues.
*Feeding Lactobacillus reduces E. Coli in 10 days in eradication of bacterial over growth. (plain Kefir has 10 cultures). + There is been 300 studies to date, check it out on line for further study. ) It may need to be repeated if you are using insulin’s. It has an allergic acid, which act on the nerve endings. Chanca Peidra herb will not cure diabetes, it will aid by ridding the body of the parasites involved that will aid especially in diabetic neuropathy and muscular degeneration (ARI). In Brazil in medical school they educate new doctors about the ability to treat kidney stones with his natural remedy. It is found in many pharmacies throughout Brazil. Kidney stones can even back up into the pancreas, liver gall bladder areas!
Most diabetics and its diseases can be reversed and will not require any further insulin unless old habits return.
(Water dilutes blood sugars, plain yogurt for e coli, and too much protein also raise b.s. because they block and plug up the system to exit toxins such as chemicals and sugars. And, many should not forget to treat for stones…(pancreas/liver etc.) Exercise uses up excess insulin...need I say more? And no GMO herbs they lack in anti fungal power!

*There are many herbs and foods, which kill parasites, coconut butter, and even vinegars see Parasite pages, but most are not short term and has to be administered with the meals or foods you eat every day. And, some work better than others depending on the accumulations of toxins, parasite, age, weight and condition of the person.

Iridology: *The blue iris is showing spokes or lines from the center or core of the iris. This is representing parasites holding onto toxins or mucus. Note they start from the "hub" of the body's system the stomach and colon. Remember diabetes is not just a sugar disease. The parasites are feeding on the inflammation or mucus cause by the sugars and toxins stemming from the stomach and colon.(2) Note how it can develop and get worse. Yeast eggs hatch out by the thousands ever 20 minutes.
(0) This brown iris was added to show a contrast to the blue iris. The light circles on top of the brown color is "nerve rings" and indicates "stress." And where these rings cross on the spine area will tell you where an adjustment is needed there. This person is probably very stressed and depressed because the spokes, at noon, is in the brain area. The faded blue white area at about 9:00 on the edge of the iris show too much drugs adding to their stress. The body if brim full of toxins (drugs-chemical) that the parasite are feeding on and now have taken over. This was what my iris looked like but no longer! These lines can be changed because I changed mine and my diet, no drugs and always uses the liver, colon parasite herbals everyday!

Post Notes: To be more clear...

Meter: True reading is more like every 4 hours without foods. Too much protein in the colon will stop toxins and that includes parasites, chemicals, drug, mucus and even sugars from eliminating. You will find even if you eat meat sparingly your blood sugar levels will meter higher those meat days. Eat meat with lots of veggies. A good diabetic herb will address the liver, colon and parasites. E Coli insulin’s can settle in the brain and will show in that iris as white opaque on top looking at 12:00 o’clock area effecting memory, cognitive thinking, i.e. Itching of eyes, ears and scalp may occur also.


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