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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stop Using Plastic?

"Bisphenol A", in plastic's have surmised and concluded BIG "Conflicts of interests"
While listening to a documentary on Kued TV last night and my worst fears were confirmed about "Plastic" BPA (bisphenol A) is chemical affecting lab animals. It is effecting the endocrinal disrupters and causes cancers. (Posilac, 1GFL) You will be hearing more about the harmful affects when heating or, storing foods in plastic's. Much of this is referred to the Pub Med a on line research engine, also,
One of the villains in this whole cover-up is the EPA that’s taken government money, since the ninety, to study more about this BPA. But, then when pressed on the outcome of the study in which they kept ignoring, or, got new people in key positions and played many diversion tactics that finally didn't work. As it showed that there were no studies done. Journalist and their bosses got prying more something wasn't right?
The prying of private not paid nor public sources produced that the EPA had much conflict of interest and bias studies from the chemical companies themselves. “The authors included scientists affiliated with Shell Chemicals, Dow Chemical Co. and General Electric - all then makers of bisphenol A and don't forget Monsanto.” Let me make it clearer. The EPA had basically forged outcomes of documents done using these chemical companiesand concluded that the Benson A in plastic was ok. Monsanto has always conducted and concluded their own paid outcomes, but now are being over-turned and look more into. Why? The results effect everybody's health....hello!

What they were covering up is it alters cells and effects breast, prostate cancer, and hormones of the body, weight and even diabetes i e. So of course an alert went out to newborn using plastic bottles, which is declining in uses since the release, and mothers to be.
“Among them was a 2005 study that determined the chemical disrupted brain development in rats at very low levels. The panel also missed a study last year by Yale University researchers that found the chemical altered reproductive tract development in female mice exposed in the womb. Again, the researchers found these effects at low levels - below what the EPA considers safe.” Hello!

But that's not good enough...The EPA should be fined and owes funds back into our system and all involved in this deception and should be fired. How many people have been permanently harmed and are now at risk.

What about all the plastic surgery’s, boob jobs, dentures, food container (big gulp cups), dishes, etc and many more such unanswered questions that can't be asked of these same greedy liars.

RE: David Rosner, professor of history and public health at Columbia University. "It makes you think twice about accepting any of their conclusions." (Obviously insightful!
How Much? “It only takes 40 parts per billion of the hormone MIS to produce male sexual organs in the human embryo. That's about one drop in 15 bathtubs of water”. (W O !)
“In recent decades, increases in the number of boys born with genital deformities, girls experiencing early puberty and adults with low sperm counts, uterine cysts and infertility prompted some researchers to wonder whether the prevalence of bisphenol A could be interfering with human development and reproduction.”Scientists began looking for a link between bisphenol A and its spikes in cancer, obesity and hyperactivity. Others, such as Patricia Hunt, simply stumbled onto it all.” (Thank you Patricia!)
Bisphenol A is an estrogenic chemical, hormone-mimicking in baby bottles, aluminum cans and hundreds of other household products. Centers for disease control and prevention found detectable levels of BA in over 90% in human urine samples, blood placental tissue, amniotic fluids and breast milk.
Worth the repeat: Resulted in Breast cancer, testicular cancer, diabetes and hyperactivity in lab animals. See; (Journal Sentinel) hyperactivity, obesity, low sperm counts, miscarriage and a host of other reproductive failures in laboratory animals.
Studies paid for by the chemical industry are much less likely to find any damaging effects or disease. And their history of deceptions speak for them in the future.

***This basic reports were basically reported by Susanne Rust, Meg Kissinger, and Cary Spivak who have done a great job on this “watch dog” reporting.***
Aiding in the cover up is, (American Chemistry Council) National Toxic Biphenyl A, NTP (our federal agency), GE and Pfizer also funded this cover up.
More independent studies need to be done on all food and drugs (another extention of chemicals).
Canada bans it and California in all children’s products And most Europeans counties...but not in America, Why?

To see the photo on the bottom left-side go to this blog and click on the pictures which will inlarge the photos. It's worth the effort to see the alterations of the effects on plastic in animals i.e. AOL will not enlarge the photo?

Note: I'm aware of on the "reuse of plastic bottles" yatta, yatta, yatta. This information (History Channel) is not from the same studies. Many time they just represent government commercials that have been propagandized in partnership with the FDA as their source.! But, remember many of us don't give a dam about their opinions. Their there for a purpose. Not all that I've read there agrees with "natural fields" of study espeially in the chemical field areas.

* affects-weight-anddepression.html Wonder why we're over weight? Just one more reason...

How to stop by not buying anything made of plastic's. It's worked in buy hormones in milk, MSG, and now the corn syrup is coming out of some of the GM cereals, and etc.

* Styrofoam cups allows styrene molecule from polystyrent in your foods and body.


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