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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Best Hidden Recipes

 Pita Chips + Hummus Dip
Pita Chips
These crunchy munchies are simply delicious and great with great salsa or hummus dip. It has 14 grams of fiber and it's whole wheat so that's in a complex form, 8 grams of protein. It's much more nutritious snack than other kinds of chips. They’re so filling but not too heavy that you’ll not need as much. Left-over bagels of various flavors can be thinly sliced using this method also.(Slice rings or the smaller ends)
*1 package of Whole Wheat Pita Pocket bread
*Drizzle olive oil on puff side up covering each pocket evenly (brush or with a paper towel)
*Sprinkle tops, oil side, with garlic powder (not garlic salt)
Afterwards then cut:
Cut the Pita Bread into 1/8th, or larger, pie shapes. Single layer them on a sprayed cookie sheet, then bake in the oven for about 10-12 minutes or till crisp being careful to watch and not burn then turn them over for the other side. Bake a few or a lot. (These can be filled in between the slices of bread with cheese or different spreads for more of a fancier appetizers but more work.)
Hummus Dip You may want to add Chickpeas, the same as Garbanzo beans (legume) or Black Beans to your diet because they’re brain’s natural serotonin and, are considered brain food in some countries. For ¼ cup Garbanzo's have 14 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein! You can start with cook Garbanzo beans or Garbanzo Bean Flour
• *1 can Chick peas (drain and rinsed) Or, use the dry and cook as suggested on package. Cook in veg or chicken broth.
* Lowery’s Seasoning or, less sea salt to taste (Optional)
*2-3 Fresh garlic clove or just a sprinkle of the garlic powder
• *Olive oil to the desired thickness of your dip (1/4 cup +) . (Slow and gradual)
*2-tbs Lemon or lime juice+ (One lemon)
Place all ingredients into a food processor or blender and puree until in the mixture is a smooth paste for a dip. You can heat the above puree dip for 2-3 minutes in the microwave and then add the about 1/4 fresh chucky salsa. Hummus Dip can be garnished with some sour cream, cheese or top with an avocado. You may not want all three just a variation of taste once in a while. Or, diced tomato instead of the salsa. Watch the salt your while corn chips may have all the salt you need or in some of the other ingredients.
Variation of flavorings; of your choice can be added so check on labels for more ideas from your health food stores. You may want to use cheese, 1/2 tsp of cumin, pinch of cayenne, bit of chopped olives (they add salt), red sweet peppers or green peppers, few diced pimentos, pepper seeds, 1 tbs parsley, cilantro, i.e. or just plain. Use very little, flavoring and just enough color in the dip for presentations because beans are already heavy. If you have on hand (About 1 tsp Tahiti to 1/4 cup which is Sesame seed paste). Add It adds in more nutrients. If you want you can sprout the garbanzos do, then cook and mash.
This is more a "method" so double the recipe up the spices...or add your own flavor? If you need the dip lighter use the lighter olive oil, but you'll lose some of the flavor. And, you can use some of the bean juice (chicken/vegetable broth) in place of some of the some of the oil. It's better if you keep it simple and add in only one "optional" suggestions. In the summer you may not want to heat the dip up first.
Use Avocados as a dipped topping would be an alternative to the hummus dip. A quick style is to add 3 avocados to a avocado commercial dip. Refresh it with 1/2 lime. Or, just use 4+ avocados, 1/2 lime or lemon, 1 tsp. Lowery's seasoning salt blending in blender. Variation: You can add in 3 tbs of salsa (cayenne) if you want to spice it up.
Avocados has 14 minerals, balancing blood sugars, slow burning, fights candida, 30% mono oil, 4 grams of protein and 7-10 grams of fiber.
Avocados help the body produce Glutathione which is necessary for the liver to detoxify harmful toxins. Recent studies indicate improved liver health with the regular consumption of Avocados.
KFC Cole Slaw
The fresher the cabbage, better tasting the slaw and more nutrition we get from this vegetable. It’s one of the good cancer fighters. If not this recipe, then experiments with other cabbage recipes till you find the one your family likes then serve at least twice a month. Adding in more herbs or spices and other vegetables only makes it richer in added flavors, deliciously, nutritious, and a more complete meal when served with fresh corn bread. It's not organic unless the product has this green label.
This is a method recipe. I use a food processor for this salad. Or if you don’t have a food processor (chopper) to cut the cabbage in smaller pieces, then, dice in fine shreds or some stores they carry the very finely shredded cabbage in bags. Be sure to wash off all chemicals, for that matter, any thing that is “sacked,” and drain-dry well.
Cut the amount of cabbage for your family that is needed. It does not store to long in fridge after adding in a good mono style mayo.
Add the carrots the size depending on the size and then go more by color… sparingly. You don’t want a strong carrot taste, just a tease, but adding in beta carotene. Combine the liquids with the seasonings and beat till smooth. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving. Add the liquids to the cabbage and carrots etc. and toss well.
Chopped organic or fresh in seasoned cabbage Or, buy coleslaw mix
• Shredded carrots
• 1-2 Tbs Sugar (to taste)
• Instead of sugar add in raisins
• Sea Salt
• Fresh pepper
Liquids: mix together;
• ¼ cup milk
• ½ cup mayonnaise
• ¼ buttermilk
• 1 ½ tbs. vinegar (white)
• 2-½ tbs. lemon juice (Fresh?)
• Or, skip these steps and go for the mocked KFC style. Semi made by using "Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing" seasoning. Make up fresh then follow directions on the bottle. 3 tbs. of powder in jar equals one packet. It’s basically the same as above, but KFC uses a powdered mix with dairy rather than making it up with all fresh ingredients each time. However HVRD has added spices…watch out Food Company’s can add in anything with this cover! MSG…we will never know. But it’s nice in a pinch. (Builds the body up with the vegetables, at the same time, tear it down with added chemicals?)
*8 cups of slaw will serve 6-8 (If you buy a Cole slaw mix be sure to wash out their preservatives.
All publishing right reserved
NO MEAT: GOLDEN MEATY (Tofu) NUGGETS Golden Meaty (tofu) Nuggets
Here’s a basic and, more a method recipe of making wonderful tasty tofu nuggets for casseroles, salads, or just a substitute meat (depending on flavoring added. It’s very easy. You need to prepare before hand to drain the organic extra firm tofu (more fibrous organic brands.) Wrap it in a towel so to drain out the excess liquid over-night or, some freeze it first, then wrap, to drain even more bean liquid out adding a firmer texture. It’s a creative way to add in protein without over eating of animal’s protein, and far more nutrition in the utilization of plant, legume protein for healthier diets. The herb turmeric is often used with tofu because it give it such a nice color, flavor plus this herb is great for our health. I have a made a shaker up with Organic powdered chicken broth (flavored) from the bulk section of the health food store and, mix it with turmeric, pepper and or yeast etc and sprinkle a cover over my slices of tofu or mixed in tofu scrambled eggs. *Turmeric has great blood sugar and fungal control properties.
This is a bit wordy but THIS METHOD is very simple…1. Get as much liquid as possible out the tofu. 2. Flavor it 3. Fry it and enjoy.
• One tube of extra firm “organic” tofu (more fiber the better)
• Organic butter (for vegans margarine)
• 2-3 packages of Mrs. Dash
• Olive safflower, or any mono good flavor oil
• Turmeric,
• A flavorings of your choice (soy sauce, liquid amino, Worcestershire, chicken, beef powder to season.
• Sea salt if needed for some recipes? (To taste)

PREPARE AHEAD: Next morning after the tofu has been drained and wrapped in tea towel absorbing most of its moisture it is ready to slice about ¼ -1/2 inch slice, and again making into perfectly square cubes.
Add oil and butter for flavor so not to burn the butter frying or baking till golden in color and holding its shape. Sprinkle on these cubes with Mrs. Dash, turmeric, and powdered chicken broth i.e.. Let the cubes get golden on each side before tossing or turning. Do not break up cubes. Taste before taking off the stove to see if it’s the texture and taste you desire.
*Add in the liquid flavorings if necessary for some recipes, smoke, soy, liquid amino act as a salt, yeast flakes, i.e. or keep plain, but hold back till are almost finished cooking or it may stick. (If this happens add in some water) All are optional
Remove and drain in paper towel. They are now ready to add to any dish that would require meat or drop in a sweet and sour soup (Knorr brand has a good sweet and sour base), sandwich or, salad. I like them plain. Because the fiber is taken out of this concentrated protein bean it leans toward the high glycemic index rather than low when considering the use for diabetic. To balance it this out always serve with fibrous foods.
You can cut into slices as you would spam, rolling the tofu slices first in the dash, turmeric and imitation chicken broth, found in the bulk sections of health food stores Then fries it up absorbing more of the liquid, by adding texture, with flavoring of meat to the tofu. This will make up a very delicious Spam sandwich.
It is possible to alter this recipe by crumbling the tofu in chucky not smaller than ¼ inch following the basic method directions. This may be better for chilies with bean recipes and adding in the chili seasonings to the tofu last minute so not to burn etc.
@Freeze what you don’t use for toppings.
More about Meat Eating:
Re: 1 chapter of Daniel vs 15
© 2006 P.Thompson …all publishing right reserved.
Left-Over Turkey or Meat Spread
12:50 PM, 23-Nov-2007 .. Posted in Main Dishes .. 0 comments .. Link
Leftover Meat Spread
• Chopped meat (baked chicken, turkey, beef, ham, Spam, hot dog, cold cuts, 6 eggs or even cooked organic tofu);
• Smaller chopped onion or green onions or fresh chives for color, + nutrients
• ½ to1 stock chopped celery
• Fresh, bit of parsley • Salt and pepper to taste
• 2 tbls + mayo (enough to hold it altogether)
• abt 1 tsp. mustard (optional, except for the egg salad)
• 1 tbls pickle relish or pickle (optional)
• Chopped Romaine Lettuce or Watercress
• Whole wheat bread, pita or, whole wheat wraps The ratio of measurements to ingredients depends on how much meat in your serving 4-6-8 etc. This is about 4 servings per 2 cup meat. This is a great way to use leftovers and especially meat you don’t really care for dark, light, neck, tail end etc. Have a handy small food chopper that can pulse the meat to desired constancy (don’t over pulse unless you want it for a fine spread for crackers i.e.)
First chop up the vegetables in a food chopper or a blender on pulse and a pickle if you don’t have relish. Leave out anything you don’t like and sub what you do like. This is basic. Pick up a small food chopper at Savors or another Thrift Store. I also make this same recipe up with 6 boiled eggs for egg salad using the same ingredients except for of course the meat.
Post Notes: Adding in Blk beans to your wraps. Rinsed cooked black beans can be added to the whole wheat wrap, diced up a tomato or. add salsa i.e. This adds more grams of fiber! After soaking beans an hour in hot water, salting the dry black beans cooked in onion-garlic and left over vegetable odds and ends of all my cooking boiling them in the soup mixture. After about an 2 hrs. read the direction on package for exact times, I then strain, rinse the beans discarding the odd and ends of all the vegetables to the garbage. I just want their nice flavors. You can use odd and ends of meat or broths for flavoring in a pinch too. (I use big freezer bags for the freezing veg. till I get enough to process as a broth.) The whole idea here is to add fiber to our diet that's hard to do.(25-35 g daily) Once a month I package in small snack plastic bag 1/2 cup of black beans in the fridge or freezer and put them in everything including just for snacks. It works for me! 1/4 cup is 12 g of fiber that nearly 1/2 the fiber needed for the day. The rest of your fiber is in the vegetables and the wrap. Never eat meat without gobs of fiber to get it through the bowel with out any hang up. Protein in 1/4 cup is 11 grams...1/2 cup is 22 really, who needs meat. RE: Read Daniel for the story of not eating meat but legumes.

No-Flour, Oatmeal Cookie 8:53 PM, 20-Nov-2007 ..Oatmeal Cookies
This is a no flour complex very high in fiber acceptable breakfast snack cookie recipe. Make this the best organic oatmeal cookies ever. So much better than then from the tasteless oatmeal cookies from health food stores that have preservatives in them. Substitute some of the organic whole oats to whole-wheat flakes or other grains when you get use to doing this recipe. Coconut, peanut butter and chocolate chip and such can be added in after making it from the original recipe first. Also, this makes up a big batch for large families (or to freeze), but I prefer to ½ the recipe making smaller batches. My neighbors use to come to my house to get this cookie. I use to always have it on hand but then my daughter moved. It was her favorite cookie recipe. I waited many years to find this kind of recipe. It may be a good recipe to store and pass onto you next generation. However, you may not want to share these gems.
Oatmeal Cookies
• 4 cups organically grown whole oats is best
• 1 or 1-3/4 cups dark brown sugar (or, to taste)
• 1 cup of pressed safflower oil ('s the Tonalin CLA...) or Mono oil
Let the above three ingredients stand for eight hours. Then mix together the following:
• 2 well beaten organic eggs
• ½ teaspoon sea salt (high in magnesium)
• 2 teaspoons almond extract
• 1-cup nuts (slivered or chopped almonds?) Use the smallest ice cream scoop for dropping the "haystack" looking oats on a cooking sheet and round together the edges or it will brown to much. Bake for about 10 minutes or longer if you desire a crispier cookie. They need to be first baked (abt .10 minutes at 350) and then cooled on cookie sheets before removing them or they will break. Be patience they're well worth the wait. Some like these crispy, but I like them medium. Also they will naturally crisp up in storage. (Half the recipe) Do not sub "diet sugars or high fructose types of sugars" I've done honey too...mmmm? It's the egg and sugar that holds them together but it has to be soaked and baked in then cool to do the trick.

**GRANOLA: Layer the mixture out, depending on size of your lined baking tray-lined and slowly baking them at 250 for 40 minutes. Or for a more crunchy bites up to 1 hr. depending on tray size and thickness and your oven. Also, just crunch up the left-over cookies in milk, works great too. (Add in other ingredients) ©2005-7 All publishing right reserved

Utah Green Holiday Jello Salad This is the easiest, quickest, no boiling just mix together, cool and enjoy one of Utah's green Jello phenomenal recipe for your holidays. It will taste great if we stay away from artificial sweeteners or what I call the "fake" sugars or, corn syrup. So, get a brand name for this one recipe or the best Jell-O in your market. We don’t need to be hungrier during the holidays, which high fructose and corn syrups do to our appetites because of the blood sugar spikes. The protein in this will level b. s. out longer and the fiber. It will be hard to get hold of all vegetarians Jell-O or organic Jell-O with no bad ingredients, so I don’t bother when it’s too incumbent. If it’s in your area go for it. I do insist on my dairy that have no hormones; I seem to handle weight better and not so hungry? The Knox in the Jell-O’s good for the bone cartilage too. So I buy the basic's at the health food store although Horizon products brands is in groceries now. If you read some of the health news they are not the best brand to buy however, some say they’re not as honest in the idea of what's Organic. Usually I make up another Lime Jell-O Recipe with the chopped celery using cream cheese instead of the cottage cheese but, this year I’m doing this easy no cook version of this basic GREEN holiday salad, which Utahan’s are noted for. The plus is it has only four ingredients and cheaper for our decreasing budgets, and is just as fresh and tasty in a pinch. However if you wanted to dice up the ½ - 1 cup celery for the crunch instead of the nuts go ahead. No one every can tell what the crunch is so don’t worry about the bits of celery in it. Plus, it’s good for arthritis conditions and adds extra vegetable fiber we need. Nuts good omega's, vitamins, minerals, brain food and fiber. Green Jello Salad
• 8 ounces cool whip • 3 pkg. small lime jello (leave dry)
• 1 sm. Carton of cottage cheese (Organic is best)
• 1 can crushed pineapple Mix all ingredients well, and then add in nuts or the celery. Mold it in a long pan to serve in squares or just a bowl i.e. depends on the presentation desired. Refrigerate and Yummmmmy! Serve over a leaf of lettuce and topped with a teaspoon of cranberry, ½ of a strawberry or anything red. "Can sugar substitutes make you fat?" ---IS A google link ......................................................................

Sweet Potato Pie This Sweet Potato or Yam Pie is simple yet very delicious. It has more beta-carotene in it than broccoli or carrots! I actually prefer this recipe for the holidays because it more healthier, fresh, cheaper and easier. If you need two pie just pick a larger patato with a bit more cream and sugar to taste. I don’t like “canned” anything and this is fresher. Every one I serve this novelty to loved it.
• 1 large Yam or Sweet Organic Potato
• 1/2 cup Organic cream (about) Remember chemicals-hormones store in the fat...
• 1/2 cup brown raw sugar (can be less)
• 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spices or just cinnamon i.e.
• 2 organic eggs
• Pecans or a few walnuts for presentation but is just an optional topping (Use tin foil so the nuts don't get too brown.) Mash steamed yam (steamed or boiled that’s been cooled down) with electric mixer or food chopper and add in the other ingredients. Then sprinkle and push down a bit at the top the pie before baking with some nutmeats. Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes (Check-insert the knife in center of pie. and when it comes out clean it's done.) Cool and top with whipping cream. Crust 1 cube butter, margarine, or another fat to 1-cup flour. Blend in food chopper and add tablespoons cold water till it forms a ball that can be rolled out into a piecrust. Don't add more flour. Put the ball into a freezer bag and roll out flat to the size of you pie plate. Cut the sides of the bag, lay over your pie plate, and peel off the plastic. Then fill with potato mixture and cut edges off. Or just buy a crust from the grocery. It's what I do most of the time. *This is pie is very light, if yours is too heavy, or cracks just needed more cream or less yam. How much cream really depends on the size and texture of the sweet potato or yam. This mixture should be like a cake mixture. Happy Holidays to you and your family! 12:43 PM, 13-Nov-2007
No Yeast Pioneer Donuts I get in the mood for doughnuts every fall. I don't want to ruin what I've taken a lot of time to If I have one white flour donuts I want more but these are so satisfying that a few will do for the whole year. Here’s a very good old pioneer doughnut recipe made with no yeast. Many are into no yeast recipes today for better over-all health effects. Remember you can always make your own buttermilk by using a start from a commercial one, add it to a quart jar and top it with milk. Keep this going like you would sour dough starters. Or, just add vinegar to milk. If you use bakers whole-wheat flour use the lighter ww flour if possible (bakers whole wheat or soft spring wheat for baking) To use whole wheat use either less flour except when you’re using honey. It’s liquid enough to handle the change in absorbs ion of the fibrous whole-wheat in any recipes. These donuts are full of fiber and make great breakfasts that stay with you till noon not like the store white sugar ones. They're so satisfying that it will cure your craving for the sweeter donuts. It's a winner!
Pioneer Donuts
*1 egg.
*2-½ cup w/w flour.
* ½ cup sugar (use ½ cup honey if using *whole wheat flour).
I’ve seen a similar recipe using up to 1 cup of sugar, but try with 3/4 before going that direction. By the time you add the frosting the 1/2 cup is plenty.
*1 tsp. baking soda.
*½ tsp baking powder.
(1 tsp sea salt.
*1 tsp. nutmeg (optional or apple pie or pumpkin pie spices) or just plain cinnamon will do.
*1/8-cup warm margarine or safflower oil. A good MONO oil to fry in smaller batches
(W/w flour will always need a little more liquids and a rest for absorption, or a little less flour.) Combine all the dry ingredients then combine the wet ingredients with the sugar, and butter and mix well. Roll out to ¼" thick and cut with a doughnut cutter, or a large circle glass and a very smaller lid for the hole then stretch if need. Test the oil abt 350 degrees...Fry in hot oil until brown on both sides, drain on absorbent paper. After cooled…sprinkle with powdered, plain sugar, or use a cream cheese frosting.
(Use ½ teaspoons in 1 tbls of sugar and/or spices sprinkle on donuts.) This is great on buttered toast too. (Sprinkle with powdered sugar) Buy canned frosting for emergency’s. When I traveled to Europe I noticed the pastry's were not as sweet as in America and tasted delicious! It influence me so that I've cut back on all the sugars in my recipes, especially when frosting, sweet like ice cream, cool whip, or jams are added. A good quick frosting is in a tub added to cool whip till it stands on its own. So light.

Apple Pie Spice: is so expensive if you can even find this now. I had to make my own to use in recipes such as this one. (It's just one part cinnamon, ½ part nutmeg and ¼ part allspice) Combine and store in dark tight container. Do not store on top or near heat. Use this in anything like, apple pie, cakes, cookies and fruit dishes, that calls for cinnamon, it gives it a better tastes. This can be left out too.

Cut the donuts, after cool, in half and use as bagels with cream cheese and jelly, jams or fresh fruits like berries. The oil to use is Safflower oil or if no weight problems just use an omega 6 mono style of oil.

These materials may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed, © 2006-10 This is just a "blog" & herein & is my opinions. Go to your physicians for any medical advice not here! Re: From: Millennium’s Mostly Vegetarian Foods Saturday, August 19, 2006 (First published by P. Thompson Sherman)
Post note: Yogurt acts as a good dough softener! Keeps cookies soft. Even a tablespoon can sub. for buttermilk in any recipe. Milk with vinegar will sub for buttermilk also. Please comment your thoughts and changes of YOUR recipe results. Site Meter
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