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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Piranhas in the Health Food Business (Drawing of a home made distiller from a pressure cooker)
Yes, piranhas have moved into the health food business because folks are beginning to buy more in these stores and it is big money. Everyone’s concern about their health especially with threats of a diabetic epidemic happening all over the world. The bigger health stock companies along with drug companies are getting in on the act too. We're all tired of the news concerning the drug companies ripping consumers off and contributing to the worst health records ever recorded. Which proves they have helped less than they’ve ripped off.
With the drug companies now trying to smooth over they’re down right lies. Covering up all the problems they've created as the biggest contaminator of diseases caused by their own products. It’s been in the news it all so redundant! Following their example, and now moving in the health food stores we are shopping for healing from quackery's in health products.
Even the drug companies are moving in with their syndic carbonation's of vitamins, mineral and such. (Vitamins are made up of the poorest culls and make up the cheapest products in the market) Theirs natural carbons in nature but the drug companies make them from man-made carbons. Natural’s not money. Some products cannot be trusted. They are full of fillers from inorganic sources. We can't use carbons not found in nature. Any laws of nature cannot utilize them in our natural state.
There are companies who are moving fast in the health food business. Look on the stock exchange board. They form cooperation peddling their fake products. They will go were the public is buying. These products are producing nothing worth having and not worth the monies they are asking comparable to product that are doing their homework and producing quality grade.
Reliable companies are not using any GMO, pesticides in grains, fruits, and vegetables and have stopped using the fat hormones in dairy products. They come from the best whole organic plants. It cost more to produce these health items and they deserve the extra money. The others do not but get more money because counterfeiters uses with of words on the labels with attractive packaging. They are hoping we’re ignorant as consumers - who skip reading labels. Do... even if from the health food stores. Don't talk down to us, and we want better labeling. I want to know if this comes from a GMO plant or genetic freak, they've cell produced, such as the new meat coming into the markets with no labels. We have the right to choose what we want to eat, with out the under handed, controlling manufactures who believe they know best for us with conflicts of interest's- getting rich at our health and children's expense.
Their is no law regulating labeling what product are really organic! Believe me the AMA, FTC and such powers to be are slow to move into this area because it will affect their pals the bigger drug companies that have a rippling effect to all stockholders of pharmaceutical companies and their future.
Read labels carefully! Read what they don't say too. Watch for quality analysis on herb labels. If it's not a real organic herb (no GMO) then it will not be as effective as a quality herb in your treating your illness. The parricidal or fungi has been altered to make it resistant to pesticides. Where’s the pesticide going? In the ground and back up the plant when watered. If it is genially alter to resist certain parasites alien to the plant healthy development then by that same natural process which is now in the plants defense is affecting our use of it within our body. We then are altered and our fungi aid the plant would have given to us normally. Every thing has a rippling effect. If the fungi part of the plant is alter what do we want with this product? It's the parasite part of the herb that heals. The paramedical companies don't know how to cure so why are they becoming God’s and alternating our food supplies. Honestly they do not know what they are doing and we’re their testing like animals.
One example is the patent the process of the soybean, which they now can do. They’ve invented a new soybean, which they now own the process. Now they own that procedures and when any manufacture or buyer purchases this plant they get paid for that process. It’s theirs they own it. They can’t control the natural bean. They've made a new product they can control the world with and get money at all end of the manufacturing of these soybean product as well as its stock. Of course they now own an organization or cooperation. These people and their families deserve to die of the cancers i.e. after all their outrageous conduct has produced it. The little Hitler’s of the world for what they're doing to everyone’s health. Such Judas deserved exposing for what they are doing to everyone’s health with is basic to all. Slowly kill normal genetics of us all. Plants anti fungal properties need to be left alone! It’s the parasites in diseases that kill us. We need the plants to heal us.
*Interview with David Bronner, president of all natural, authentically organic
You bet they took Ma Huang (an asthmatic herbal) was off the market because it cured asthmatic attacks, and Comfrey and also the herb Mandrake. I am aware we misguidedly used them incorrectly. (They're to be use with much skill!) Where are the doctors? They can't use these herbs because of licensing problem and lawsuits, not to mention they don’t study this area as many foreign counties do. The drug companies can make chemicals feel like a plant. Don’t the Drug industries kill more than the health food industries products ever have? Are you listening to the new? Who kills the most! The statistics will never be produced it not profitable to do so.
Ephedrine - Good Guy or Bad Guy why don't we have Ma Huang? Because it controls, with it aid Licorice Root (a corticosteroids) asthma. This would affect the drug companies’ prescription's business; doctor’s visits, hospital and oxygen care companies etc.! Keep the Asthma tic's sick is big business.
Comfrey root is a great renewal cell-growth product for any and all lung problems. It's one of the few plants that produce B-12.Now you have to raise it in your own back yard and process it.
Mandrake, comfrey and ephedra are examples that I am aware of that have been taken off the market, and are many others in this category. Mandrake has lots of problems especially with pregnant women. It will kill any thing that crawls at certain stages. At different stages of the plant it has different capacities. It's use in the bible and mentioned with Leah and Rachel. But we've come a long ways since then we've got doctors and pharmaceutical companies to utilize. After all, they know how to use this old plant that the common women of the bible used in a certain stage.
Yes, we all know the health food business attracts nuts. Go on line and search out mandrake. WOW! And they Drug Company attract murderers, thieves, and liars for the purpose of gain.
Note with Ephedra, that there are so many businesses in the health food area that do not know what they are doing with this herb. It’s only their business to sell it not to educate you. All is not well here! This is not for those who want to loose weight, getting high or other such misuses. It's to be used with much skill. Getting a cheap high with wear out your adrenal getting chronic fatigue will set in as you will get up tired eventually. Theirs always a price to pay for any herb misused. Try just plain old coffee, and even this is abused.
I'm not against people writing health books. It's a honest living and it's morally clean some may be more inexperience and not ethically correct even if it's written by a doctor. There’s a lot of misinformation written by money hungry writers on the subject of health. No book I've ever read is entirely true...Remember to keep reading and trust your gut instincts. Check out everything new by educating yourself and your family.
****Changes are coming to the grocery stores such as healthier chickens.
"Four of America's no. 10 largest chicken producers are ceasing to feed chickens low doses of antibiotics. Yes, we have anemic eggs and sick chicken.
The practices made the chickens grow faster and stay healthy, but health groups have for years argued that doing so was causing a public health crisis.
Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infections
Low levels of antibiotics in animal feed have been linked to antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in humans. Groups such as the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association have been campaigning to stop the practice for years.
40 Percent of Chickens
Now, Tyson Foods, Gold Kist, Perdue Farms and Foster Farms have all stopped using antibiotics for this purpose. Combined, the four companies produce almost 40 percent of the chickens raised for eating in the US."
How many generations does it take to pollute chickens and there eggs? Now our chickens can't fight off their viruses. - 'Natural' chickens take flight”
Saturday, March 11, 2006
Cooking in Teflon? GO BACK TO CAST IRON
I delight in exposing this company. As I watched this "Cooing With Teflon" on TV listening to DePont representative (female of course) lying to all the presented evidences shown during the show. I became angry that this company knew, at the expense of our health and children's, that they fully aware of what their product doing. And for money they were going to continue ruining everybody's health. It was very evident!
"Cooking With Teflon can be hazardous to your health".
DuPont's is facing new charges from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that it concealed research showing that pregnant workers were passing on Teflon chemicals to their unborn children. The EPA has also accused DuPont of failing to report evidence that the chemicals used to manufacture Teflon had contaminated water supplies affecting 12,000 people in the local area. Many of those affected families are suing DuPont.
One individual was born with only one nostril and various facial defects and has decided to sue the company, claiming that Teflon chemicals caused his birth defects. DuPont, of course, denies that Teflon is unsafe for use in households, even though when Teflon is heated to a high enough temperature, it gives off fumes that are well known to kill parrots and other pet birds. So what's the real story on Teflon, and is this a safe chemical to use in your household?
My take on Teflon is that it is especially dangerous to workers who are present during the manufacturing process because they are far more likely to be exposed to readily available forms of Teflon chemicals. It's also a danger to communities who may depend on water supplies that could possibly be contaminated by Teflon manufacturing chemicals. However, I don't think Teflon is a huge danger to individuals in terms of using Teflon coated pans, as long as you keep them at a reasonable temperature. The only time Teflon gives off toxic fumes is when it is heated to a very high temperature, something like 600 degrees or more, in which case, yes, it can become dangerous. So if you keep your Teflon pans relatively cool, they are unlikely to give off these toxic fumes in any large quantities.
Again, it doesn't mean that Teflon is good for you, because it certainly is not good for you. A much healthier cooking pan would be an iron pan or stainless steel pans, but with those pans people tend to add a whole lot of cooking oils so that the food doesn't stick to the pan, whereas with Teflon you don't have to add the oil -- you can use water. When using nonstick pans, the added oils can present a health hazard that may be equal to or even greater to the hazard from using Teflon cookware.
Another consideration is the quality of the cookware you are using. I wouldn't even consider using low-cost Teflon cookware that you might purchase at Wal-Mart, for example. Instead I would only buy high-end Teflon coated pans and cookware available from trusted, high-end manufacturing companies. That kind of cookware tends to be a lot more expensive -- one good cooking wok, for example, may cost you $200. But you can be sure that the Teflon won't be peeling off and ending up in your food. Just to let you know, even though I am a stickler about toxic chemicals in the house, and home, I do use Teflon coated cookware. But once again, I keep the pans at relatively low temperatures and I use high-quality pans that are less likely to degrade and allow Teflon particles to enter my foods. I also tend to eat a lot more raw meals anyway, so I'm not cooking very frequently to begin with
Teflon has been know for the following:
For more than 200 years, DuPont has put science to work, resulting in the creation of products that contribute to healthier, safer, and better lives for people. A major DuPont innovation that has made these contributions significant is Teflon®.Discovered in 1938 at our Jackson Research Laboratory in New Jersey, Dr. Roy Plunkett was experimenting when he realized that a chemical sample surprisingly changed its properties into a white, waxy solid with unbelievable characteristics. This innovation was the product we now know as Teflon®.Teflon® is best known for its slipperiness, which is useful where non-stick features are important. DuPont revolutionized the cookware industry with the introduction of Teflon® non-stick coatings for cookware, making cleanup a breeze. High-rise buildings that use DuPont™ Certified Limited Combustible Cable are safer from smoke damage. And, Teflon® used in fabric protection keeps clothing and carpets looking newer, longer. "
This was on Channel 5 and I stayed glued to the channel as they interviewed several heads of DuPont company. It was my impression strongly she was on big lie for her company (stocks folks might fall). Sorry I can't seem to locate the original story.
My daughter Sarah had just came me a set for Christmas. I threw everyone of them away and my aluminium ones quite some time ago. Just an example of "Happening's" of a toxic nature. If pregnant mothers can't use it, and birds die, do I want these chemicals in my body? Maybe Yours?
READ---> Is There Hidden Teflon in Your Water?
Teflon is in Your Food Packaging Carcinogens in Popcorn Packaging In one frightening example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has looked at microwaveable popcorn packaging and found that PFOA is not only present, but that it migrates to the oil from the packaging during heating.
Other than microwave popcorn bags, fluorotelomers are used in:
Packaging for fast foods like sandwiches, chicken and French fries
Packaging for pizza, bakery items, drinks and candy
Paper plates
EPA Says Teflon Could Put Your Health at Risk
Addendum:The APA has declared this product is hazardous to your health on the facts such product as this has caused tumors in rats. HELLO!
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