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Friday, May 14, 2010


Mushrooms; Medical Break through's:
I've been herb walking since I was young. I used to go mushroom hunting with an experienced environmentalist friend in central Oregon. His wife would fix and cooked up our picnic food in the wooded area as he gathered a certain mushroom that grew on a North side of a tree. That got my interest up. Then I got a very good picture book about mushrooms in that area and I was off.
You do have to be very careful, some are toxic and poison depending on the source of its spores of where they originated and what grew on or from. I got too scared and gave it up when I was not in my familiar surrounding of hunt in Oregon.
Many are selling formulas which I don't think you get enough to make a difference, but they get rich on our ignorance's. You'd have to buy a lot to make a difference to actually cure cancer etc. but its a beginning. Cabbage and its family will do the same as a cancer preventer, but it also has to be in the diet routinely each month.
However, the reason I put this post in here is to get the reader to add mushrooms to their diet, as a food to aid "LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE."
 (**Mushroom as Mental aid I will not be cover here) This type of healing takes more skill than I have.
One thought is incorrect that every fungal is bad for you. It depends on the condition and season of its growth. There is a point of development when it is, has white fuzzes or black especially or smelly or in any condition of deteriorating of some kind of extra bad mold growing on it. (Mushrooms need to be solid, plump, firm. Avoid dried, limp, slippery which indicates decomposition.) They should have a fresh nice earthy smell. Only 5-6 days in fridge or on store shelves. Uncooked mushrooms does not freeze well and do not wash clean wipe the dirt off.
Green penicillin has proven very beneficial if done correctly. Roquefort cheese or, blue cheese, with beneficiary mold but not when it has a off to another color is just the opposite. (No, white, hair, gray, black coloring etc. other than blue/green (or, chlorophyll colors) MOLD ON CHEESE.
It helps when this source come from organic, non hormone, chemicals, form so it will not putrefy the system to poison it. What do they all have in common...their all stages of fungus. The culprit who propagandizes to never eat mushrooms or mold forms, in spite of history/ (scripture that give clues of how they used these products) he, also claim also not to eat any grains. Healthy grain are the STAFF OF LIFE. (This would be organic grains that do not have the anti fungal properties nor the nutrients and have become unhealthy and give the allergies known today. These foods are too abundant along side the rise in allergies.
A immunologist and urological surgeon with 30 years of drug R&D experience with various pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Marvin Hausman discussed his research into food as medicine, and in particular, the healing properties of mushrooms. He discovered that certain mushrooms are high in antioxidants, including a very potent one called L-Ergothioneine that humans can't manufacture in their bodies. The ancient Chinese were among the first to use mushrooms and other plants for their health-sustaining values.
IMMUNE BOOSTERS: Some of the more exotic mushrooms have the highest levels of antioxidants, including the Reishi from China, Cordyceps grown in Tibet, and the Antrodia from Taiwan, he stated, adding that antioxidants can help reduce inflammation in the body that is associated with many diseases, such as cancer. Tests have also shown that certain mushrooms can be helpful for diabetics and reduce their need for insulin and oral diabetic drugs, Hausman, a medical person, detailed in his article.
Many people have low levels of Vitamin D and could benefit from mushrooms that offer a natural source of this compound, he said. There may also be an upcoming breakthrough in treatment for Alzheimer's involving mushrooms high in Vitamin D, he shared. Interestingly, Hausman noted that dried mushrooms retain their nutritive value-- "it's the only biologic food that allows total removal of water, without destroying any of its components," he said.
Many of these mushroom aid and repair the immune system, (modulation), cancer, organ functions, help to repair damage of chemo function, energy (depressions). Try using Maitake, in diabetes, flue, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel.
Shittake fungi, (Is in pills form and extracts) (Reishi, called a longevity herb)
These moles help in radiation damage, inflammation, Organ preservation, liver, heart. ABM (1943) grown in Brazil effects the auto immune diseases and is the most potent of all the mushrooms.
Shittake and other mushrooms will aid in Allergies, B12, skin cancers, kidney failure, toxins, insulin, cells and even tumors. They lower cholesterol, asthma, and much more could be added here.
There are over 1.5 million mushrooms (700 eatable) and 35 known medical. It's obvious they stimulate healing. Look up the mushroom and its properties and add them to your diet. Reg. Mushroom from the markets.
Great in nutritional value and great for weight read more on this site: (Portabella)
OTHER SITES: (Go to google's images to view photo and find good sites)
Lists all the mushrooms (need its name to use this site)
Mushroom recipes:

***PSYCHEDELIC SCIENCES: (Psilocybin Mushroom, for example, is used for obsessive compulsive disorders, traumatic stress and many other such addiction and are to be used only by skilled physicians.) Hallucinogens cause their effects by disrupting the interaction of nerve cells and the neurotransmitter serotonin. Distributed throughout the brain and spinal cord, the serotonin system is involved in the control of behavioral, perceptual, and regulatory systems, including mood, hunger, body temperature, sexual behavior, muscle control, and sensory perception. (These would consider to be unwholesome herbs but can be used by a physician in this science.) Do not pick wild mushrooms unless trained by a skilled person there to identify the particular fungi.

*Any herb, food that cleanses the liver will aid depressions if followed through daily. Oregon Fungus

The vit. D in needed from mushrooms for cancer, weight, recuperations of bad health problems i.e. are in this post:

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