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Sunday, May 2, 2010


History as far back as when people existed on earth plants have been using food for medicines to cure disease. History shows teas have been used for food and medicine. This movement is fast moving forward and cannot stop. Truth is immovable except for the stiff necked ignorant imbecile led away by Satan lies who loves to hide such truths to hinder mankind health.

It's Vegetation, Plant, and leaves are used as teas that gave us "Thiamine" that helps in weight control, and its history has been their cures in medicine for diseases!

 Ezek. 47: 12..."and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine...." is  an old law is still holds true and is good for healing! ..."

But, don't drink it??? Why? Why do we need so much pro biotic many hot products (food) that hit the gut kill the natural flora there. The stomach is the hub of the body. (No Hot it kills flora as in yogurt and probiotics rendering them useless for healings)
Organically grown TEA'S are good beverages like "Ceylon" to "Green teas" and etc. (Check my blog post for L-thiamine in teas in Earth's Organic News.) Thiamine is an full of amino acid (infusions of Camellia sinensis), found almost exclusively in tea plants. Some teas are bitter...that add more anti fungal is organically grown and stronger medicines. Its Thiamine is found in Gyokuo leaf (research in the '50), and most teas which makes it a very good beverage.
It is related to glutamine and can cross the blood-brain barrier and enter into the brain. It also contains psychoactive properties and has been shown to reduce mental and physical stress or produce feelings of relaxation or improve cognition and mood when taken in combination with natures "nature" caffeine.
Theanine produces these effects by increasing the levels of gamma-amino butyric acids (GABA) levels and has shown micro molar affinities for AMPA, Kainate and NMDA receptors. Researchers also speculate that it may inhibit glutamic acid excitotoxicity. Theanine also promotes good alpha waves in the brain. Theanine increased brain's serotonin, dopamine (GABA) levels.

TEAS ARE A GOOD FOOD SOURCE: Maybe you can think of them as a thin vegetable soup?
Research has been done on rats repeatedly with extreme high doses of theamine
and cause little to no effects. It did show neuroprotective effects in one rat study. L-theanine has a significant effect on the release or reduction of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, resulting in improved memory and learning ability. L-theanine may also influence emotions due to its effects on the increased release of dopamine. L-theanine reduces brain serotonin concentration by either curtailing serotonin synthesis or increasing degradation in the brain. Studies report that L-theanine increases the ANTI-tumor activity of chemotherapeutic agents. In addition, a good regulator of blood pressure, stress relief.

Japan is credited with most of the clinical studies and information we possess on L-theanine.
*L-Theanine helps the body's immune responses to infections by boosting the disease-fighting capacity of gamma delta T cells. (Pub. 2003, Brigham and Women's Hospital) Blood sample of 11 coffee drinkers and tea drinkers who consume 600 milliliters found the production of anti-bacterial proteins was up to five times higher in the tea-drinkers, a stronger immune response.

Conclusions on "Green Tea" With little Caffeine: Choc too?
Research into L-theanine derived from the contradictory observation that green tea, with its high caffeine content, produces a very calming effect. The seemingly multi-dimensional reasons for this relaxation effect will continue to be studied. Current areas of ongoing research include using L-theanine as an alternative to Ritalin in children and adults, as a treatment for PMS, in controlling certain conditions of high blood pressure, in sharpening mental acuity and concentration, and as an anti-cancer agent alone and in synergy with other cancer-fighting agents. L-theanine may find another area of application for its use as a supplement in reducing the negative side effects of caffeine brought on by the over-consumption of coffee, soft drinks, or other caffeine-containing substances.

It's good to use in between meals for weight-loss and so is soups! And, did you know you can pour hot water over caffeine tea then count 5 sec. pour the water out-off and you've just decaf your tea naturally! One more word about Caffeine, theirs natural and chemical caffeine like found in soda drink. One can be medicine and the other is just another poison for the body.
Don't get confused and don't over do these medical teas but use them as a medicine when needed (infusions.) Teas have the most antioxidants studied. Fruit namely berries are also high but harder for the poor and not as available to all.

History: (Plant's) In a tea's infusion i.e., in history, have been used to cure all sorts diseases.
Now, instead of teas, we have popularized simple herbal capsule with most of those are same tea or vegetable, and sometimes not in the form of the simple whole form an herb, in which processes can become toxic and even unwholesome. Teas have away of letting us know when we've gone too far with bitter tastes. The Bitter herbs or in teas is nature saying..."take caution."

Remember I serve and have no "Sacred Cows" as writer, that I cannot give my opinion on. This is a free country of free speech. I don't like any church to control (cults) of any thing subject and tell me what's correct and what to do. I can discern that for myself and so can you.
Mormon religion

Note: The other problem with the contradicted and compromised "Word (words) of Wisdom" original meaning in the Doctrine and Covenant as of its intent from the beginnings, is in part unintelligent, uninformed pioneers of their day, who knew nothing about herbals.

Even J.S. and his family was often criticized for their family drinking teas. Interesting it's in the "History of the Church" books and Joseph Smith and Herbal Medicines. (No, longer in print, the side is on suggested sites to visit and copy from there, and in )
John Heinerman's book) I hear you can order some of his books?

The over all compensation of interpretations at that time, and continues..." made it a commandment. It originally said "hot, cold" drinks, at that date interpreted only as coffee and tea. However, It said it was not a commandment in the original book. But, unwise change it not realizing this would change (plant) or herbal medicines. This history has corrupted the meaning and this book because its not God's in original form, and are counseled by their doctors, educated authority's who like today know nothing about plants nor the history's behind them. These stiff necked, righteous men are corrupted about teas because they obviously don't study it ALL out thoroughly.

 Remember on my posts I do not attack issues not any religion but an issue. The issue here is tea for medicine, and anyone who would differ.

Thus, has church hindered and compromised the health AND progressions of many who could using teas to aid in health? This issue is steering toward a "culty" mentality attitude if you differ, and your a sinner too. Cults leads to a complete control over everything, no room for your own views.

Making an infusion of a plant leaf for weather for enjoyment, disease and/or health is not a sin. Further study unlocks more of the mysteries to "nature's laws." It's unlocks the meanings and essence of the scripture or history. Ezek. 47: 12..."

Most of us while taking Doctor prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs and taking in coke product s (all chemical soda pops), have the gall or ignorance to invest in coke's on Wall Street's  greedy, blind and arrogant in their views to point a finger at another personal beliefs.

The word of wisdom is just that...."wisdom"? plant based is "Mild foods" It relates to the DC if understood correctly using herbs (teas) its vegetable or" mild plant based foods that can be used for the healing of the sick."

Example: Chamomile tea can bring the body back to alkaline. Can a coke or any soda? Ir's too acid and full of chemicals that robs the body of minerals; and are far worse for the body.

One underlying problems with the popular interpretation of "no teas" (any teas) has causes many to error, caused sickness to continue and hurt the spiritual progression of many. Ginger, alkalies (pH), stomach, voice i.e. Book by John Heinerman, Joseph Smith and Herbal Medicine is a collection of historical fact dealing with herbs. As far as I know this book is no longer in print? However, it is on line. I like this book only for all the historical references to herbs used at this period of time.

***And, another LDS Apostle's. : April, 180th Gen. Conference, Jeffrey Holland, Quorum of the 12 obviously doesn't study scriptures enough on the history of medicine therein. He said, "serve them tea and crumpets, and then tell them where the silverware is kept!"  He went on to error by saying ("You shouldn’t be serving tea anyway.") Judge for yourselves. Maybe a Coke? I've seen the talk changed on the Church site, but not in the Ensign
Since the church owned stocks in COKE/PEPSI with aborted cells of a fetus; all are the abominable beverages that has ruin the health of many. Remember here I'm attacking this ignorant statement not Holland nor "his" Church. This leaves this issue as fair game when incorrect, leading others astray from herbal or natural medications and its powers. Not all have privileged of a priesthood nor church for healing's to the sick. Even never covers all does it?
 Caffeine is not the issue here...nor chemical coke. Keep the herbs for medication in capsules or teas. for understanding HISTORY it can and will SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. What this blog is all about pg 1

+Weight: use no acid teas for weight loss, one is "pu erh" that melts fat. Other, FAT blocker teas such as Green tea or others maybe OK however, when these same fat blocker teas becomes consentrated powders i.e. in a capcule form they block too much fat of needed fat and you evenually will gain weight. Some are very acid (makes latic acid. That's the bottom line isn't it; use WISDOM. Obviously too many don't do their research in the subject.)

who should not have green teas; pay attention

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