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Monday, August 30, 2010

Natural STERIODS (cortisone's) Licorice Root

Need Natural Steroids_Cortisone? Here are a few, but their are many more herbs that have the same characteristics of natural steroids(cortisone's.) As you relies post have limited space to cover any subject thoroughly.

Another bad Asthma Attack. I just got back from a long costly stay at the hospital. Usually going every year about the sane time. I stop breathing with out of control coughing this time. I am a diabetic so and can't take their steroids without it doubling by weight and blood sugars doubles. My insulin is not controllable when taking the asthma medications including what antibiotic had done to a ruin system. It was in this year when I remembered an herb taken for taking for weight problems in the herb closet. However, the doctor warned me to get off it and his lecture on the cons.
Out of desperation of the situation, the though came to me to use it. I knew I had some in the house somewhere. They put me on oxygen and I was very weak and it was hard to move and locate but some left in a bottle of Ma Huang (350 mg ) so I began taking it again.
It began to work immediately to my surprise. The herb was Ephedra or Ma Huang by Solaray. Solaray is a UT base company and Utahan's scare easily by the government cry's of wolf to for their advantage. Companies won't make it anymore but I did found some on the Internet. (Not as strong...made from the stems, but it will do, and you can grow your own!)
Read direction on the bottle:
Read warning also, this herb is to be use with much skill and in emergency's with asthma. Also Licorice Root 450 mg for the coughs and is one replacement of the steroid effects (it's a source of corticosteroids). It will help with stress (great for the adrenals) and with incontinence problems too. This herb will effect potassium levels, so be careful not to be on it long term, and, interfere with some most especially in cholesterol or asthma drugs. However, remember drug (all drug steroid's) deplete minerals of the body.)One of the greatest flue herbals. You'll find it in most natural cough etc formulas involving lungs.

History: "It is interesting to note that the ancient Greek and Roman armies gave their soldiers licorice, and they carried it on their persons as our boys have carried penicillin. It was given to allay thirst, but it may have done another thing of which the were not aware. It could have been the reason they were able to stand the terrible stress of war from childhood until maturity and still be the strongest, healthiest, continual armies the world has known. Certainly we in our day live under stress, but was is not a way of life with us usually as with the Romans. Our stress is certainly comparable, however, and I do not feel is going to get any better. People my come to learn that a little licorice when under stress is superior to a sedative or a pain killer for the resultant headache that sometimes follows heavy stress." It's great for adrenal exhaustion.

The other herbs I'm aware of that act like cortisone are Licorice root, Yucca Wild Yam, Licorice Root being the better. Licorice ACTS like a steroid, Cortisone is a steroid sugar. Licorice Rt. does not, however, bring the high insulin reaction that the sugar does. Some tea formulas use it as a sugar. (Wild Yam and Yucca have some steroid properties for those who cannot handle licorice root.) There are many other such herbs on the earth. Remember all chemical are glorified, purified (shite), meaning drugs are deluded to minute servings, and are chemicals which the body can tolerate in lower levels. They do not leave all body's at the same rate, some are weaker in nature. These drugs will accumulate in our weakest spots in the body. Some are impossible to remove such as used cancer therapies that destroy the immune system and leach out the mineral of the body. Some herbal tea formulas use Lic. Rt. as a sweetener.Although it seems counter-intuitive, researchers at UCLA have been looking into licorice root extract to see if it may inhibit the growth of the bacteria that leads to tooth decay.

Licorice root is among those medicinal herbs that aren't true herbs (technically, herbs refer to dried leaves and/or grasses). The plant itself is actually a legume, related to beans and peas, and like other legumes, produces pods containing the seeds of the plant which can be boiled and eaten like any other bean. It is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe (it is a primary flavoring in the popular Greek liqueur known as ouzo) as well as parts of Asia. In the U.S., it is the predominant flavor of that unique American beverage, root beer.

You can't get chemicals or drugs out of our water supply so what make us think the body would be different? Carbon copied of natures drugs effect the tissues and ruin health. A organically grown, in the raw state will dissipate in the water supply, but chemical (drug) pill hormones do not, neither will Prozac. We all get drugs indirectly in meat shot with them and in the water suppers. Use earth's natural sources plants in the organic pure form when possible.
Other Herbs dealing with asthma:
Golden seal acts somewhat like an antibiotic and insulin. It somehow assist the body in the use of sugar by killing it's parasites. (It also take drugs out of the body) (Never take at the same time as your insulin, timing with this herb is everything.)
La Dean Griffin suggest in all chronic problem to take an enema here too. I just take a laxative, making sure you are not clogged up and the mucus can't have a clear passage out of your system. Stop eating until breathing is normal and approx. 1000-2000 mg of Vitamin C every hour.
In drastic case: empty stomach using up to 1 tsp. of Lobelia tincture in water. (This will remove any poisons from the system) Always have Lobelia on hand, even to use with other herbs as a, “carrier,” catalyst of those herbs to the correct location needed. Use the mild food diet to keep it at bay. Use Ginger or pepper family such as, Cayenne acts like an catalyst, it will carry Lobelia quickly though out the body. Lobelia is always "the general" and lets the other herbs know the blockage and weak areas.
Ginger root will act in the same way. Remember without mucus (inflammation)in the lungs their would be no asthma attack. The cough is trying to eliminate the mucus.*Be sure to read the entry blog on "mild foods". (No meats, it stops any process of elimination in any disease.) Stop eating during an attack.
*Christopher's Herbs has a "Lung and Bronchial" was a good formula to heal the lung area. It has Marshmallow Root, Mullein Leaf, (lung herb and so is Comfrey root), Lungwort, Chickweed, Lobelia and Pleurisy Root. Comfrey Rt. was taken out of the formula. However, you can buy it separately and add it in yourself.
Ephedra, from the whole organic herb Ma Huang may have some side effects like short term memory loss or foggy mind, but will return as soon as you stop the dosage. It's because it dump the liver of toxins. Too many are incorrect that the herb causes liver problems. (Just slow it down) Use this herb only long enough to get control to use other herbs possible.

The Food and Drug (FDA) will still allow Advandia to still be sold, as it continually causes heart attacks, deaths and not yet remove or weeded herbs out off the markets. such as Comfrey Root because of one person's death which may not have been the cause. This is because it can cure lung diseases. All because of the control of the Drug Company's profits which they and the government is affiliated with its stock profits. This drug market is now America's new mafia marketeers to which the Congress and White House is in their profits.
In the US the AMA control the use of this great herb Ma Huang. It is to be used with skill and not for our weight problems. Theirs is only one way to keep weight off, using organically grown whole foods that will allowing cleansing while building the body back up from it's starved conditions called in my writings, "Mild Foods."
Ephedra is controlled by the big drug manufacture who would lose a lot of money if people got control of asthma, and the asthmatics used this herb. Ephedra makes natural serotonin. Oh, don't forget the drug company's put this herb in their products! Why?
*Licorice root retains water, do no use if you have kidney failure or high blood pressure. It work great for inconstancy problems.
*Ephedra can cause adrenal exhaustion if abused. You'll wake up tired that's your warning signal to cut out, or you’ll feel jittery, high, or your heart beats to fast i.e.. These are signs you've overdosed...cut back and take smaller doses. Consider age, weight and height with the dosage . Do not take if you are on mental medications. Read labels carefully. I only need about 6 pills in three days and that was enough! (about 350 mg) Other aids are;
*Chanca Peidra (Phyllanthus Amarus) may help or Compfrey, Mullein, Pleurisy Root…but take longer time to work, so be faithful as you would a drug. This will help with the right dosage right away.
I believe the drug companies know that this herb (Comfrey root, Ma Huang i.e.) could wipe out Asthma and their big money for them, doctors, hospital and all the other health agencies which are their drones. Corporations know what they’re doing! They are sneakingly using these same herbs in their exclusive drugs and other products, trying to control the uses of the best herbs. The back-door approach of controlling herbs and vitamins.
The doctors are too busy to learn about herbs and the medical professions are taught by the drug company's. More doctors are on TV and writing books but still are preaching incorrect messages about herbs. More need herbal degrees, but its a start.
Their are many other such powerful herbs that will do the same as mentioned but space does not permit in one writing.
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