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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Chronic Fatigue (These photos are metaphorically speaking, a view into your body's showing the root cause of chronic fatigue.) Note the spokes showing infected parasitical areas of the body stemming from the center of the iris next to the black pupil. This 1st zone represent the stomach (brown is chronic) and 2nd zone, colon areas. The Seventh zone is the skin and limps (rosary-round spots yellow.) The outer edge of this eye. Name the used for a description to insurance and doctors uses. The real problem is the body is toxic and has become chronic with parasite that rob their host of energy. Parasite and liver herbs are indicated. Every iris is different effecting different organs, so no one disease can be healed the exact same way for all. Also the texture of the iris will tell how easy the recovery will accure (RE:texture-density of body). These three zone are the basic cause of their problems. You don't need to be an expert to read eyes...Most will never get past 3-4 zones and nothing will be healed until the spokes (parasites) disappear then you can began to see what's underneath and where and what their holding on to.
I had this disease (its only a name) in an acute stage for nine years and it was completely
debilitating. All my goals came to a screeching halt and my life has never been the same since. I was a model, "Miss runner up," and a trophy wife i.e.
It all, sent me to new direction and for the most part is why I’m here teaching what I’ve experienced.
My doctor (1970’s) name it low blood sugar and complete exhaustion. They later re-named it. I couldn’t do anything except poop, eat, and lay on the couch. My marriage was failing and I couldn't’t keep up with my growing family. I finally ran across a doctor that own a health food store and hired a nutritionist at $50.00 every time I visited him to treat me and plus the costs
of B-12 shots. But he was great and innovative for his time.
This date in history doctors went too far with the advice to eat very little carbs and much more protein, which made me worse by bringing my blood sugar too low. I know that’s the worse advice for a hypo-glycemic person. They need the complex grains to keep their sugars level though out the day and eat every 3 hours eat small balance meals. It’s very sad this animal protein type of advice given to the sick making other conditions to come on, especially because they’ve been on this kind of diet for too long as is.
The good part of this doctor innovative treatment was the vitamin therapy. I took lots of B-s and multiples vitamin and later got into minerals etc. I got better because indirectly we're eating vegetables. That’s really why this kind of therapy will always somewhat blind work without blood work and needs more in most cases to heal completely. It was also too costly. Health authors, manufactures, stores, i.e. play on our hopes and fears.
However, it just didn’t do the rest of the needed healing. I had a hard time keeping up with the
children and pregnancy’s that ended up in c-sections, then hernia's and it seemed like I had to
start over again.
Fortunately I moved from Oregon to another area of the country that introduced me to herbs. I took 12 different herbal classes, iridology classes and an herb logy from Canada. And began trying to add better concepts into my regimen. The iridology class taught me what areas and where to zero in. It was clear I needed to update my directions eating more a plant-based healing diet rather than a protein based diet. So, I resorted to taking cooking classes from vegetarian church that own a health food store in the area. (Seventh-Day Adventist)
I’ve had a great library on anything to do with health and really fine-tuned it even more. I had a free Ginny pig to practice on. My X could never keep a job so our children didn’t have insurance and access to medications. I had to make do with what I had or could research.
I notice each part of the country has its “pet hobby horses” of healing. Lots of these works, but not all. Too many so called experts are with no experiences give out advice for a fee they copy from others.
I do have enough information in my posts to get rid of Chronic Fatigue but I’m not going to write it all out on one post. So the reader needs to dig the answers throughout my blog and needs to be researched and studied. Treat all illnesses with the view of the whole (holistic) body.
Spot healing a "symptom" will never work.
Chronic Fatigue has a virus link. Another is a big yeast problem. However, first check out the page on parasites and watch the iris change. The healing plant based diet is a must the body if too weak. It’s like an over-worked horse that can’t move no matter how you push. Be fussy and eat as directed on these pages. Treat the colon and watch for the "dumps" as this over burdening liver. When using a liver cleanses (herb) with those cleaning parasitical herbs (see page). Lots of pure water (lemon and vinegar waters to flush all the toxins and when breaking the fast in the mornings. Remember its all slowly cleaning however you also need to build for energy too.
Read the Chlorella poar, or add such green plant tablets to your diet. Chlorophyll neutralises the body pH. Lots of green leafy vegetables!
I got better when I moved onto the correct directions the the eyes markings and body began to change as you use herbs and foods correctly.
*Licorice Root, for adrenal glands (It shows up in the eye as wavy lines instead of non lines or straight.
Chronic Disease can go away. My daughter suffered with it too, she fights for energy. Most of it is because she’s a professional ballerina teach and dancer and tried to keep her weight down that she cut out fats and went too far to the RIGHT. (Her liver and rosary was over burden and her blue eyes had a greenish color. Green is not normal. She’s now added in complex carbs into her diet. She has her own style of eating healthy food (lots of raw = to carbs amounts) and owns a colonic machine in her home that I feel is a bit too much. She does massage therapy and is very religious about her style of healthy living. The point here is she’s coming out of this chronic fatigue and doing well. is a good site (Meat, sugar and no oil propaganda diets robs energy.) It takes too much strength to digest animal proteins and is full of antibiotic's and chemicals today.) A fatigued person cannot do it.
Chronic Fatigue starts in the colon, over burdening the liver spreading out to the 7th zone into all the lympths.
Start with the parasite cleanse, see page, if your not on antibiotics use probiotic's instead. Antibiotics are farmed parasites. Germ war- fare that manufactures more parasite that will resist former strain and finally win by killing its host. (Generically Engineer which man has created in the last days not of Nature nor God.)
Instead use live probiotic, (15 billion per serving and 10 bacillus strains.) Read *Brenda Watson Book THE ROAD BACK TO HEALTH, on PBS can give you more directions. This dosage is necessary if your using yogurt as a antibiotics. Don't use probiotic's with an antibiotic they'll kill their deadly live microorganism's. (read the clues) She was the guest on a television PBS show. I've never ordered her many book i.e.(..too poor)
The photo is a good example of fatigue, drugs and parasites which is very chronic. The photos show a strong constitution and health could be reverse with a change of attitudes.
***(ACV is a must 1 Tbs a day in water and this can be spaced out in three doses.)
You can whip a tired horse. These liver and parasite herbs will cleanse and detox as they bleed out of the liver through the blood stream. You, at first, may be tire as the body's die off. (Healing Crisis) This is when you get the dead body's out with liver and or parasite herbs. (Note these two areas cross-over)
Use the energy building herbals, Co Q10 (see on my list of others) Chlorophyll's etc.
If your taking too many chemicals-drugs they'll drain your body of minerals which is counter productive. The correct diet is a must. It's too long to be continually on a eliminating or cancer herbal with out building too. That why its best to eat vegetarian, especially if your eyes look like these. (Some of the worst of eyes!)
*For energy: Kava or Green teas as often as needed but not before bedtime.
The following is for serious, chronic conditions:
Some time is necessary to build (diet) and another time use the cleansing herbs. If this becomes to much stop then begin to build again then back to cleansing. Below is two formulas another route...It may not be necessary if you're using a parasite, and or liver herbals, unless you're very ill. I find the average person will not make up these formulas. But, I will add here at the end in case a few would like to have them
Cleansing Formulas: There is two strong cleaning formula's not just for cancer that I used in 1970.
Cayenne 1 part (moves the herbs circulation), Black Cohosh 1 part, Saffron 1 part (uric acid), Mandrake 2 parts (parasites & laxative), Yellow dock 2 parts (cleanses blood), Blue Cohosh 2 parts, Red clover blossom (cleanses blood), 3 parts, Comfrey root (re-places cells, 3 parts, Blue Vervaine 2 parts (pain, calming), Heal All 2 parts (parasites), Nettle (parasites) 2 parts and Slippery Elm 3 parts (soothe tissues.) .*Marshmallow root can be substituted for Slippery Elm.
Gentian 2 parts, Catnip 1 part, Bayberry Bark 1 part, Goldenseal 1 part, Myrrh 1 part, Irish Moss 1 part, Fenugreek seed 1 part, Chickweed 1 part, Pink root 1 part, Comfrey 1 part, Cyani flowers 3/4 part, Bearfoot root 1 part, Bugleweed 1 part, Yellow dock 1 part, Prickley Ash Berries 1 part, Pulsatillo 1 part, St. John's Wort 1 part, Blue Vervaine 1 part, Mandrake 1 part and Evening Primrose 1 part.
In most cases sub the laxative Mandrake for it maybe too strong AND TOO CLEANSING. This formula is not to be used if young enough to be pregnant, pregnant or nursing.
Comfrey is to rebuild the cells, buy it in cut - root or grow it, dry it then use a coffee grinder to put in this formula. If you don't have all the herbs you can substitute or use what you have. For instance, Yellow dock could be sub, with Burdock, Red clover blossom, i.e. or another liver blood purifier. See the liver page. This herbal formula for cancer or the type of eyes above is one of the best.
This is a very strong cleansing formula, CHRONIC FATIGUE IS A BODY OVER RUN WITH PARASITES AND TOXINS THAT RICOCHETS differently in each person. These body's NEED TO BE CLEANED OUT TO RECOVER, TIME, REBUILDING WITH VITAMINS AND HERBS. I've shown you how to cleans or given you some ideas or directs to do so. And, given ideas on how to have energy while recovering.
*Brenda Watson web site is too full of commercials for me...and, too costly for my budget. has a cheaper variety of probiotic called Ultimate Probiotic Formula around $14.00. (All vegetarian, dairy free) Do look around. Where they sell, is a reason to be more specious.

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