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Monday, June 6, 2011


Fasting is most important if your diabetic. Yes, it's essential to fast but, left off your doctor's list to do. He's not trying to heal you, because with his remedies he can't. This remedy will reverse diabetes. On A1C diabetic test your doctor requires a fast to get the over-all results to your blood sugars. This really is no different. Most doctors don't recommend it because they are not familiar with the results on why and what happens as the sick fast.
Next, the reason is most are too ignorant to know how to fast and why.
Do not take diabetic med's on fast day. One could get out of control. For-instance, your sugars may drop too low if you would take pills or insulin at this time. However, if you don't use anything at all during the fast you'll be fine. (And, have your blood meter handy. Many are too afraid to fast because of rhetoric fear propaganda stemming from the drug corporations which don't know much or they could cure the disease.)
Let me tell you by experience, in the long run this will lower blood sugars. IT THE MEDICATIONS THAT MAKE THE DISEASE WORSE WITH COMPLICATIONS. Studies say blood sugars, with their other problems associated with this disease, tend to worsen as they get older, however, this will check these problems. (It will reverse it if followed monthly.)

If you divide the day on a fast, the second half of this day your blood sugar will make a sharp incline. You'll be puzzled why? You didn't eat anything. Don't panic. It's because the liver has a chance to dump the stored excess sugar. But after this part the numbers will descend. As it cleanses out toxins, poisons, chemicals, drugs, parasites along with chipping off the disease.
At least fast continually once a month. Try the week-end like Sunday. Prepare yourself with reading material i.e. even teas or broths just in case you don't want to blow it completely if you can't make it all the way. Start with only one meal or, try two later, three than 24 hours of fasting.
As this will depend on how you feel. (This can easily be switched to a semi fast rather than totally giving up.)
Some don't need water, it give all the organs a rest. I do drink so to dilute poisons going thought the liver, the blood, and kidneys. Some of us are too polluted and filthy to do no water. Try cold water because it slows down the poisons and hunger. Many are too polluted with street and other drugs, herbicides, aspartame, GMO, MSG, chemicals, accumulated pesticides, caffeine, smoking cravings will come as the nicotine passed through the liver and in the blood that's why many give up. They do not understand to dilute, and that too will pass.
It's best not to fast or end the fast with fruit or fruit juices. The reason is fruit speeds up the process of elimination, but its too fast for most inexperienced fasting persons. I got out of control when ending a 3 day fast with lemon aide. (I built up to this type of fast.) I swear every drug I had ever taken came out and depression set in as the drugs came out. Never again! Meat will block up all the elimination you've done too. Use plant based diet or mild foods (same thing) and you'll feel great. Then start again with your medications.
Since you fasted, ask God for his blessings, give to the poor the meals you've done without, and most of all give thanks to him for this knowledge.
*Exercise will bring b.s. down.
* 3 grams of fiber with ea. meal and snacks, if not... add.
* No corn syrup nor diet products ... studies show they don't work and makes you crave carbs. See photo of Aspartame mice with tumor i.e.
* Anti fungal (probiotic; 10 different strains and 1 billion in each strain.
* Eat whole grains, legumes, and a plant based diet.
Add your comments.
Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is a certified neurosurgeon. M.D.
(Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills) (He's excellent and best in the field of MSG, Vaccines etc) If your child has ADHD, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Dementia, MS, or other brain diseases read this book. Diabetes has been link to brain disorders also.
**Statin drugs cause diabetes and make the condition your drug-affiliated research before using these drugs. Many other psychotic drugs will do the same.
* Sweet Potato extract for diabetes, but where to find it reasonably is another matter.
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