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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Children need common natural and herbal remedies through teas, tinctures, syrups and oils for smaller children should be diluted. It all depends on the age of the child and needs to be adapted. Most of these healing remedies can be adapted for children. The intent here is to give parents more ideas of how to utilize herbs and natural remedies for children’s with problems during illnesses. Some are geared toward older children and some for the baby depending on age and weight of course. Some herbs can be put in a good organically grown foods, another might be best as garlic oil. We will need to know more when health facilities turn us away because of lack of insurance, etc. This disease has a parasite link.
Also you can always add tablespoons of herbal tea into bottles or foods such as applesauce. Extraction, decoctions, and infusion, on skin, under the tongue, on the soles of feet, or ears. It nice to know a few basic ointment oils, poultices, and other ways of deliver herbs. Some are covered with in these pages.
· Fresh juices such, as lemons, carrot juice needs to be diluted down for much smaller children, and not as so much if too much sugar. NEVER...SODA POPS
· Children need to build up a resistance to germs they are bound to meet even more than adults do. It is a good idea in most cases to give natural organic vitamins and minerals in liquid or chewable forms. Food has to become your medicine. Quality organically grown foods especially at this time needs to be complex, full of fiber and in season.
· They will never developed more than at this stage of life. They need a full-time parent if possible.
· Stay away from all synthetic products! Children are still growing outside the womb are very venerable. More during this time than any time as it sets their health pace for the rest of their lives.
· Cows milk brings on more problems for infants, too much hormones and chemicals. Switch to goat milk or non-dairy "organic grown" formulas that less triggers allergies. Goat milk is more like mother's breast milk and less polluted. The larger animal proteins are too much for infants and in most areas have collected chemicals and synthetic hormones that will harm your children in the end. Do your best to get organic milk in any case? Breast milk is proven to be best! No hormones, no weight problems. Even mom's milk will have the chemicals ingested so be extra careful.

· Safety: Have on hand 4 x 6 card to give to any care giver the following: Phone numbers of Pediatrician, Poison Control Center, Police, Fire department, Hospital Pharmacy, Dentist and neighbors or close relatives in your area. Let all in your house know where this list is. I have panicked and have proven this repeatedly, when my child went into convulsion and one child died, believe me I couldn't think of my own phone number and address.
I don't like the heavy metals that go into
vaccines nor the egg itself, however most
parents do not provide good diets for children,
nor schools,  so shots are a necessity for most
· Children are much more delicate than adults. Use common sense on age when estimating doses and strengths of herbals.
*Use weaker and milder herb teas for young children etc.
· Milk: Why do women have breast? Jesus said to the women before he died on the cross..."weep not for me... in the last days women whom are barren will be called blessed, and "paps" will refuse to give suck..." More and more of our daughters are going under the knife to implement their breast sizes. Our societies have the wrong ideas about the breast. Jesus’ last concern and counsel was for the women and children! Man and wicked women have polluted our mind and taken our heart away from the basics importance early life to our children health. Funded by Satan's followers.
· Nursing Mothers; aid is the La Leache books and/or Internet site. That how I learned. Too many moms are inexperienced to pass this knowledge on to the next generation. When I ran into growing spurt problems with my babies where they also wanted to nurse more. I learn from the book what was needed at this time. Other wise one would quit. It is just like a farm animal you will need to let them dry nurse a while stimulating to produce more milk. If you bottle a nursing child, this will decrease your milk supply. See, here is one fact from my own experience of a nursing mother of five children. La Leache has much more info.
· Organic goat milk... Watch the size and the condition of the animal before buy goat milk for your child. (If possible) I raised goats and know it has to be chilled quickly and not in plastics containers. If goat milk smells or taste "goatie" choose another dairy source. If it’s a big animal it has bigger "proteins" that nature has designed to bulk up their BIG off spring. Stay with the milk of smaller animals like its mother, it will help the health and weigh of your child.
· Use only ORGANIC soy milk only i.e. Try Almond, or coconut etc supplement milks too. Formulas have lots of the wrong kind of sugars and added chemicals. (Make up your own if possible,) Recipe is in here for a reason. GMO soybeans cause more harm to children with asthma and such diseases who will have tendencies to be allergic to beans and grains. The truth will never come forward so listen to you gut about poisonous inorganic grains!
· Asthma: Invest in an air filter! Or make a better environment for the asthmatic. Clean with Vinegar and watch out when using chemical to clean floors (see page on Asthma adapt it to children) (Licorice root, vitamin E, C, Lobelia and Golden seal to rid the body of chemicals.) An herbal formula with milder form of Ephedra from Mormon tea or Ma Huang (However, needs experience in using this latter herb) is better than the hospital sometimes. Adapt dosages this is a potent herb, but it will only take but few doses. Put a pot of vinegar on to boil to clear the air. Or, leave a bowl of vinegar in the bedroom of the child. It will keep the air clean.
Dilute, Eucalyptus herb or oil is great for keeping air and lungs clear. A product that has eucalyptus in it that is great on the chest is BIO-FREEZE. (I can't be without it for my bad nights when breathing was difficult.
*Acne use a few drop of whole milk and even urine from the diaper. Why because of their own natural antibodies. (See Skin, diaper and rashes)
· ADD or ADHD – Autism (The problems are interrelated) Avoid excess toxins (metals, pesticides in homes i.e., malnutrition, allergies from foods, drugs are chemicals, (antibiotics are parasites), pesticides, shots have egg, salmonella, e coli, hormones etc. Autism is connected here and treated the same. All create a immune defect. (Read a few good book will help here, "Breaking Free From ADHD"). Magnesium (in foods or teas) is nature’s valium (ADHD) Avoid Dyes in products and use unnecessary chemicals. (Red and Orange dyes especially) Organic is always best and safer for developing children. The food supply has too many chemicals, and parents give children too many stimulates, such as corn syrup that's in everything. Try to find a candy without it. Read below....
ASA: This disease is rare, and missing an enzyme break down proteins, use Argentine (a amino acid.) Younger children are given much too much protein. But, this is more serious than normal. Do more research in this direction.
· Cook at home. Avoid school cafeteria foods and most of all eating out. You do not know what they have cooked in or what is in the foods. Avoid cooking in aluminum and Teflon. Teflon causes tumors in rat and you cannot get this chemical out of the body.
· Parasites: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (In a dropper for a while for a smaller child diluted way down... and/or diluted in grape juice (All Juices if given too much juice will destroy baby teeth.
*(No fake sugars) Use a little fresh fruit to sweeten foods.) Probiotic is very important if you have a child with ADD or ADHD buy a yogurt maker, or buy the one with the most bacillus sweetened with fresh berries, i.e. Children shouldn't acquire a high sugar taste. (10 different strains with 1 billion bacillus per strain in each dose, and timed is better if possible.)
See (Colic babies use Catnip tea) Yogurt will help any child use regular milk but a bit needs to be added to every serving of milk ingested. Antioxidants and "green: (oxygen) is important for children. (Vegan or vegetarian diet grown ORGANICALLY or, plant based diet with plenty of omegas oils for their brain disorders.)

· Watch the children to be sure they have regular bowel movement. Use diluted herbals, and foods that will cause bowel movement such as prunes just first thing in the morning or coconut cookies (or about 2 tbls of shredded coconut) is a substitute, and will make them regular. No corn syrup candy! And in fibrous foods and omegas oils.

Colon: Prune juice on the very young, but straight first thing in, but for the very young diluted, the morning in a bottle for the older children and only when necessary. Castor oil with molasses is healing too. This will take care of any colon problems. If the child has constipation a lot and is not regular every day the diet is not correct, IT VERY IMPORTANT TO adjust until it is. *Sunflower leaves in a tea for constipation and stomach problems. Do not gather near the roads. (Roots in the winter but remember the roots are so much more powerful ... dilute. In one instant, I even made a tea of raw sunflowers seeds with hulls. (Throw the seeds away and only use the tea WATER for my daughter in winter.)
*Nutrition is a must. Complex whole food no boxed anything. Use baby food grinders found in Health Food stores or blenders and/or freeze. No meat even in jars baby foods. A large variety of greens, squash, vegetables. Fresh fruit, with other foods, rather than candy or deserts. Babies and sick children can’t handle lots of proteins naturally found in their whole organic legumes and grains at certain stages in foods. No meats are necessary!
+++++Especially with any kind of Mental disorder or health problems. Omega oils GLA, (3-6-9) is necessary with any brain malfunction. Mother who goes on low-fat diet and passing it on to your children, do not understand this disease. Moreover, unknowingly is doing more harm to the child. While you’re pregnant is not the time to go on a fad diet nor cleanse with any herb. Neither fish nor its oils- not until they're label to how much mercury level is in the products, or the smaller fish. It is not safe for you or your baby.
Some children can handle nuts other use some Almond milk i.e. it's good in the baby's diet. If there is an allergy, it means parasite involvement. See page
Banana has natural serotonin in it for ADHD child. (All Whole wheat breads etc. are too) So, do use this organic fully ripe fruit as much as possible. Even whole wheat bread and such cereal that are in the whole complex state have serotonin in them. Yes, dilute for the very young with apple juice instead of sugar or the use the banana. Other serotonin food for the brain is beans, rolled oats, lentils, chickpeas, pumpkin and its seed, sunflower seeds, baked potatoes, walnuts, almonds. And how about a mashed avocado that would also take care of the oil he/she needs too. As you see there is no need for extra protein in meat, and its a different kind of protein. Other are : Melatonin, Betel, Valerian, Butternut, Tryptophan, Griffonia Simplicifolia seed. Dop--- Chaste tree Berry Vitex Angus, Vigro Herb (Mucuira Pruriens) Macuna Seeds, and Cocoa Extract etc. Some of these may not be in your area.
Sugar: Stay away from man made sugars especially anything with nutra sweet, high fructose or Aspartame products (will acerbate ADD) and anything with corn syrups. See beverage and sugar pages in this blog. Honey’s if used (not on small babies!) has to be pasteurized and some suggests not at all. It solely depends on the age of the child. A little dates sugar, natural organic fruit juices (pear) or some Maple syrup is so much better.
But, don’t over due it, a little at a time, and not everything her is needed for all. Babies actually acquire a taste for sweets so only if it’s too sour and they pucker. You can sweeten with a ripe banana etc.
*Kava Kava Root tincture, a PWD herb, (Piper Methysticum) origin Fiji will calm the worst of ADD children down. It’s the sub for Prozac or Zoloft alternative. Adjust dosages. (see page and Bi-Polar pages they will use the same herbs) Starwest Botanicals Co. carries this herb, but check in your own area. Other herb that may help and have different levels of serotonin is St. John’s wort (tea), Hops tinctures. Yoga brand has some wonderful teas sweetened with herbal licorice root. and use RESCUE by Bach homoeopathic meds; from natural flowers combinations sold on Amazon.
*Sunshine and exercise will help keep children healthy. Buy a trampoline i.e. to encourage exercise, less TV and computer games. Its the best way to store Vitamin D which stores up to 9 months. Sun shine will pull cancer to the surface from the body, not cause cancer. Never the less use Al ova gel for sun screen and short times in the sun then increase slowly.
Chewable or liquid multiple vitamin and minerals and B-complex. Emer’gen-C is a good product for emergencies only but it has wrong type of sugar in it. Look for this type of product in your area.
Steer away from stimulants like soda pop and caffeine teas etc. CAFFEINE IS NEVER FOR CHILDREN! (It's a form of child abuse...) If you child needs to be pep-up use lemons and water first thing in the morning. (Lemonade) Let the child know why she/he feel great so you will have no problem getting them to use more lemons in the diet when they feel bad. (Food is your medicine)
Vaccines-Take Lobelia tincture with food with some juice that day, and goldenseal. (IT RIDS THE BODY OF POISONS AND SO DOES GOLDENSEAL ROOT.) Keep the food milder than usual that day to eliminate the effects of the vaccine. Fight to “Lobby” to get mercury, eggs and chemicals etc. out of the shots and not so many at least. Most of all feed your children healthy plant base diets. This means no corn syrups in any thing nor sodas.Vaccinations: Mercury, with egg base is(Salmonella, which research is showing that eggs in shots also causes diabetes in children) and other chemicals are too much for children's body's to handle. It's truly a form of abuse and the government should pay for the loss of health to family's that have to pay for its medical costs the rest of the child's life. (The only know m o n e y )The vaccinations are getting out of hand to keep healthy delicate bodies who cannot handle all the chemicals poisons coming at them. The drug company's and their paid parrots and made up research are using new sneaky propaganda should be shot! But stocks are up at children's expense. I'm happy to see the public is not falling for it all.
Note: My daughter had whooping cough and now I will advise no one to avoid totally avoid vaccines, just change what's in them, and too much for a child at one time. People just don't feed or care for their children it's a must. Most people that are poor cannot even afford basic medicines nor good nutritional foods. That's what we should be working on!
*Liver: LEMON IS FOR THE LIVER-This is next to the vaccines because in a holistic medicine the liver has to be treated in all ailments. To clear up the liver use lemons. Try lemon aid with children. It was my mothers favorite. A cup of hot water warmed with one or 1/2 lemon for babies adjust the dosage. Mother use the lemon peels (zest)in as a part of the medicine, for the oils, and afterwards throw them away. Now days we know the oils kill germs. (Do not nuke in the microwave for children and especially formulas!) Microwaves can blow up water! and change the nutrient value of any food. If your out of lemons use a dosage of vinegar to fit your child's age. No diet sugars or anything else for children. Fresh is best. Remember way down the food chain that meats all the way at the bottom. Stomach problems” dried root or its plant, Ginger tea, dried or fresh papaya, and raspberry i.e. (See the page on Stomach and probiotics.) It the same for children except make weaker the younger they are. Catnip, Mint teas or an oil of mint rub on the tummy area. (Dilute if very young)
*Bed Wetting (Teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia before bed) …less or more? Cinnamon solution or corn silk tea extract. Check with Doctor to see if there is a problem. Pumpkin seed oil will help incontinence problems in children and adults.
Ear Ache: Use oil of garlic in ear (Prick a good strong oil in capsule) Use oil of oregano or orange with foods like yogurt or buttermilk i.e. (Some spray a good basic culture on the back of the throat. Stay away from antibiotics…in the long run they will upset the flora in the bowels and stomach and cause more immune deficiency down the road and much more money. Antibiotics is not a quick fix. A hair dryer on the ear work for emergencies but try it on your own first for temperature. A broken garlic capsule in the rectum and the soles of the feet and even in the nose. The Mullein oil with Lobelia extract will also work. You can make your own from the flower of the mullein that grows wild in the fall. Treat the whole head, teeth and throat area, (All the head and throat area), to get out the fungus.
*Wax in the ear use a ear candle from the health food stores. Do not take all the wax or water out of the ear. They may be too dizzy and off balance for a bit if you. I've use ACV in the ear too, it melts wax slowly, but it works.
*Check out the glycerine and iodine recipe (see flues) for throat problems that effect the ears.
* Chicken Pox: Keep inside and warm. Bath in Epsom Salt, vinegar or bleach bath to break and dry it up fast. an oatmeal bar is also helpful. 1 tbs Yarrow tea to 2 cups boiling water is good for this with some honey to get it down. Chamomile lotion (pink stuff) Any thing to do with skin irruptions use yellow or burdock tincture. Keep with it, as you would a drug. The liver has to be treated here, and they're other herbs, choose the milder ones and dilute. See pg on Shingles.
*Dry skin: Aloe and Comfrey, coconut butter lotions that have vitamin A & E or almond oils. I add them to a good basic lotion to save time and money. Eye: "Orsa Clay" from the health food stores. A little bit in some distilled or boiled water that has been cooled to room temperature then dropped in or on the eye. Peel an onion near the child a very old remedy. Never be without it. Flue or Colds (See page) Olive Leaf extract, garlic oil in capsule. Prick the end and put down the child’s throat. 1000 mg of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) with juice every hour or water. Lots of room temperature water to drink. Don’t force a child to eat especially when in pain. But the liquids are very important. The new thing is a zinc lozenge (don't chew up) but not more than two days in a row. Put vinegar water on to boil in the house. If you have no vinegar, and this can be while cleaning vinegar, use an onion, garlic, cinnamon, cloves etc in the water. Wash the pillow and sanitize the toothbrush. Brush teeth with Listerine and/or hydrogen peroxide. Let them have their own dishes etc to keep it from spreading. Bed rest will help them to recoup faster and open a window just to let fresh air in the room once in a while but not long enough to get chilled. (The whole head area will need to be treated.)
*Nose: Eucalyptus Oil or herb is great in this area. It kills parasites too. Vicks Vapor Rub has Eucalyptus in the product that's why it works so well on the chest. Learn how to work with eucalyptus's and just use a smug (very little) on the finger inside the nose. Try it on yours first to get the right strength for the baby. It kill the bacteria here (In the cavity for the head area, eye ear, throat and even the brain.) Natural nasal washes are great like Xlear i.e. For very small children just a bit on the fingers use though-out the ear infection etc. This is a must product to have on hand for children.
Make your own cough syrup (The news last year came out with the over the counter cough medicines for children that was useless products, and suggested lemon and honey was just as good), especially with ½ tsp or drops for younger, add eucalyptus in it if you can find it and ½ teaspoon thyme (adjust doses for younger) and anise seeds to 1 cup boiling water and teaspoon honey.See "Honey" and flue pages. I favor the onion or garlic one with honey. (Natural sulfa) 1 teaspoon every hour.
Croup: Raw organic apple cider vinegar and pop cycles. Alcohol or wet-rag (cloth) about the neck with a towel over it. Keep moisture in the air or use the shower.
Constipation: Stay away from cheese here or animal protein this will cause bulk and stop eliminations. Use small amount of mullein in tea with a little licorice or just plain organic prune juice that may be easier to put into bottles.
*Castor oil for the older children and enemas with a little vinegar for emergencies. If you’re nursing watch your diet. Train your children to like prunes early as possible. (Prune baby food) *Cradle Cap: Vitamin E or Almond oil rubbed into the scalp some E.O. oils are good.
Digestion: Many different fruits have natural enzymes that aid digestion. See Stomach page Add powdered apple, papaya, or even coconut oil-butter, coconut juice to milk. Herbs are fennel tea or catnip etc. (see stomach page)
Diarrhea: Coconut cookies or flaked shredded right out of the package will do. Raspberry leaf tea, Slippery Elm, Ginger Strawberry, Sage Yarrow and Oak bark tea, blackberry juice 2-3 tbs four times a day. Barley water and Sunflower leaf tea. This is a good time for carrot soup with onions milk or pectin substances in fruits. Carob flour in pure water or milk every few hours will work. Don’t forget the yogurt and children need fiber every meal! See Colon page in blog.
*Fevers: Lots of liquids and bath. Keep a washcloth on the feet or about the neck. Tincture of lobelia (drops) Catnip tea, red raspberry or spearmint teas. Enemas and sit baths will bring temperatures down. Rub garlic oil (cap) on the soles of the feet when sick. Treat with the holistic view in mind. The fever is only a symptom...what caused it? The fever is a natural heat killing the involved parasites.
*Hyperactivity: Keep the child away from sweets and of course sugar or soda pops for beverages. Or Restlessness: Artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives. Antibiotics make it worse. Use lobelia in what foods you can and Kava herb. B-complex at night (sm. Doses and they do have it out in liquids now so make your own) Vitamin B and read above for more. See Kava page and adjust to your Child's level. Chamomile tea, and lobelia extract rubbed on t back or a few drops of lobelia tincture under the tongue will help relax the body. "Calm" by Yoga brand, is a tea to give them before bedtime. Keep away from MGS and aspartame products, (excito-toxins see below).
*Lice: Vaseline or RID… follow directions on bottle. Follow up with vinegar and E.O. like tree oil or Wild Oregano oil i.e., or you can put the E.O. in your shampoo and/or liquid bath soap. Listerine i.e.
*Colic and Gas: Keep the child out of the wind. A baby tries to breath it all in. They don’t know what to do with the wind. A broken Garlic oil capsule down the throat only the oil not the capsule. Chamomile tea will change the body from acid to alkaline. Ginger tea in a bit of apple juice. Strain fennel tea, seeds, or caraway seeds made into a weak tea. Throw away seeds. I’ve heard of dill tea too. I know it good for nursing mother to bring in her milk. Remember what mom eats and drinks affect the child. (It goes for animal milk too!) Check the type of milk the child is using if this problem continues. Catnip Tea has been used for years, fennel and peppermint then add the drops of tincture of lobelia. See page Breast Feeding: Avoid bell (green) peppers, peppers, beans, cucumbers, eggs, chocolate, onions, leeks garlic eggplant, lentils zucchini, tomatoes, sugar, coffee, coke, fish, and alcoholic beverages. Watch-out for other food and signs too. If you eat something you shouldn't have drink Lemon aid or about 1 tbs of apple cider vinegar for about three meals. Watch out for caffine and chemicals in food.
*Teething: Cold washcloth from fridge to suck or something simular. Chamomile, peppermint or fennel tea will help. Licorice root to chew on can dull the pain and irritations or a small piece of fresh ginger and steep it for 10 minutes. A child needs more calcium and vitamin D at this time.
*Sore Gums: Rub the gums with thick honey and vinegar to which a pinch of salt has been added. Honey with oil of chamomile, Lobelia extract rubbed on gums and peppermint oil will help and ACV on sore gums. Rub with seseme oil.
*Nausea: peach syrup and/or Jell-O water. Measles: same as Chicken pox. (bath in clorox in water still works)
Stimulate appetite: Almond Joy candy bar…it’s the corn syrup. It may come on later that evening.
*Pinworms: See my parasite posts. Raisins soaked in senna tea for older children are an old time remedy. Chamomile and mint tea may help and garlic in rectum will discard worms. Black Walnut Hull tincture is available at most health food stores. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is a very simple remedy but has to be done every day for at least 14 days every meal.
*Pigeon Toes: Buy the shoes larger than normal and reverse the shoes to the other foot R to L and L to R especially at night in bed.
*Rashes: Rub with a tea of yellow dock or red part of the watermelon will dry out the rash. Or take a bath with oatmeal bar, baking soda, or a bit of vinegar and/or yellow dock tea in the water or lobelia tinctures. Even Clorox will get rid of poison ivy. Goldenseal with stop the itch.
*Snacks: Children have shorter cycles of hunger and a fast growing body. Have healthy washed fruit available at all time as much as they want. They will not gain weight on fibrous vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, nut butters and complex whole wheat bread, grains brown rice i.e. (Especially for breakfast-use more hot cereals) Sweetened Jam can be made at home with an adjusted recipe of barely sweet mashed fruit and pectin. Make a jar at a time but it will not go bad because it will be eaten first and fast. NO PACKAGED OR FAST FOODS. Veggies, dried fruit, nuts and raisens are good. This is easy and all they need for snacks.
*Diaper Rash: Zinc oxide, ground comfrey, Goldenseal with Aloe Vera and 2 tbs of vitamin E, 20 drops of vitamin A and making a salve. (Or, such) Use goldenseal with a salve for any itching.
*Urination Problems: Infants who cannot urinate... crush watermelon seeds into a tea is beneficial. Give small amounts often or kiwi fruit.
*Warts: Vitamin A-E, any milky liquid from herbs but you have to be faithful. Duck tape, oil of cinnamon, baking soda, and castor oil on plantar warts until it drops off.
*Water: Use boil water for 20 minutes or use distilled water. So many plagues are passed on through basics water. Pure water is a must to keep the kidneys working to flush out toxins, disease and impurities. Their are many good nutritious herb teas and fruit juices, but this should not be replaces good water for the flushing of the kidney and liver during a disease crisis. Water (room temperture) will help bring blood sugars to normal! Vinegar and Hydrogen peroxide to clean house and baby’s equipment with. It will kill e coli etc. No chemicals in your cleaning of their rooms.
Sore Throats:
*Hydrogen Proxide for sore throats and use to brush on teeth and 3 drops in ear for infections. Use on wounds until it bubbles then stop, then follow up with a doctor if deep or needs stitches.
*Sun Screen : Aloe Vera The sun is good for you but don't over due it. The sun draws cancer up from the body. It doesn't cause cancer. The vit. D is enormus, now we have to add it to our diet because we've listen to properganga....
*Be careful with "some oils E.O." they can be too strong and toxic for babies. I could go on but this is getting too lengthy. I can’t cover everything into details on one page. Do go to the other pages on some of the problems to go into it further, check the Internet, and buy good book to aid you in raising your most precious child. No work is greater.
*In third world country's children live on dirty water and poor conditions. (Photo) In a desaster we all could be here for a time. Store what your children need now.
These pages are basically about temporal, spiritual, with holistic approaches toward health. It's toward millennium healing because it's stretching & reaching for this new era of doctoring with good unpolluted foods. It's seeking new readers venturing ahead of the same old rhetoric.
(Astragulas for brain problems) (If you know you have to have a shot...use Lobelia tincture as directed on the bottle. It will take the poisons out of the system. Be sure to use the rest of it as you would medication.)
© All rights reserved 2006-8 to P.S Thompson. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. This is a "blog" and herein is my opinions. You'll find I'm no CLONE to group nor selling any product! This keeps my mind open, alert and honest. Do go to your physician for professional medical advice, not here. This is my opionion and years of experiences with my own family.
* Atisum expert is: MD Dr. Russell L. Blaylock a certified neurosurgeon.

ADHD, (Excitrotoxins: The Taste That Kills) He's excellent and best in the field (MSG, vacines etc). If your child has ADD, autism, or other brain order diseases such Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsins, MS etc., do read his books. I agree with him but, can't use his works here. They all interelates.
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