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Friday, March 2, 2012


 Why are heavy metals showing up in  blood work and body tissues. In the news lately  CANNED foods were found to be eliminating metals in our children's foods sources. Coconut butter is excellent for this problem too.  Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula

These are chemical toxins' that turn into cancer and other diseases, toxins, that attach and cause bad health, even  mental problems if lodged in the brain area. (Much the same as chemical/drugs, pesticides,herbalsides, etc.) We get them from everything in our environments. We need to beware of where the most come from and to eliminate where ever possible.

Getting Rid of Heavy Metal (herbal)

FOREIGN INVADER'S: Drugs, pills, grinding machines, pop cans, can foods, especially cookware where acids from foods such as vinegar or tomatoes will leach ever more from the pans. Most others sources are coming from factory processing of our foods.
*Buy in bottles, if possible (too much aluminum and other metals collect in our brains)
*Don't eat out!!! Buy organically grown foods and grow them.
*Avoid Plastics, and cooking in them (They do leech or leak out)
*Cooking in aluminium foils, microwave packaging and even cooking in plastics (chemicals).
*Don't use Teflon pans or electric Teflon waffle irons etc.
*Some medicines are showing heavy metals because of the way they are processed, and boxed foods.
*Cities, cars, truck etc., (Some jobs are prone to heavy metal absorption's and of course the Military/war/fare come back with this problems when ammunition is fired off.)
*Factories and air pollutions
*Mercury fillings and shots (Look for environmental dentist)
*Lead pipe in older homes and
*Chemicals from cleaning
*Chemicals and metal in cosmetic, hair dyes, lipsticks i.e. (Lipsticks have always had lead in them!) That includes hair dyes.
*Auto mechanic (Lead from gas and oil) or other male jobs such as in the service, agent orange etc. (lobelia and other herbs can take some out see the posts for more of these kind of poison removals.

*Iris: The Photo show two spots, the largest one at 7:00 is metal in the blood (H.M. spot are always, if in the blood, stays on on top layer next to the Lymph area (blood- circulatory system.) 
Smaller metals are lodged in the colon pocket at noon. (Autonomic nerve center causing havoc there too and who knows what damage.)

The colors of the spot (or, metal) is generally the same for all who live in your area if you've lived there a long time there. The color of the metal if environmentally will always be the same. (See Barnard Jensen's book on Iridology for colors of metals) If it lodges in a tissues it actually looks the same as cancer and eventually eats or rots down to the last layers of the iris and body when it settles.

My point maybe mostly to educate and to encourage you to look at the metal your family are getting. All may not be able to filter out because people will not live on a vegan or vegetarian died nor faithfully take the necessary herbals.
Drug will act and resemble the same in the body because they are some of the same chemicals.... Can you balance how much is going in too how much is getting out?. 

Eyes from "MS" disease most have lesions and heavy metals showing up in the brain areas. Most, need to get rid of the heavy metals. (Yellow dock may works but takes a long time. It took a long time to build up this metal to even show up in the iris. (However most MS are on heavy drugs and this herb may effect some of the drugs effectiveness.) It will get rid of the itchiness and bump of these poisons.
Many herbs and clays will remove metals which are not all listed here. However, where is the clay mined?
How lead get in: 400 Popular Lipstick Shades Found to Contain Lead | Natural Society
Source: (all coloring of any sort such as in cosmetic, especially hair dyes)
Photo: is only one source of where buy organically growing plant foods to start.
Diet to keep them at bay...
Most drugs are mostly inorganic crude metals/rocks and over done herb with lead.
*herbs: chlorophyll, liver herbs i.e.Others are; Bugel weed, Chlorella (broken cell), Certo, Citrus pectin, Grape fruit rind, Apple pectin, Garlic's celation's pulls metal out of the body, Astragulas, most Chlorophyll's, Olive leaf (mercury) Tumbleweed (uranium) Aloe Vera (4-nuclear fall out i.e. x-rays) Parsley and or Cilantro mobilizes heavy metals, (removes Chemical poisons), fasting, semi fasting on the mild foods, Goldenseal root, Lobelia etc.)

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