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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Home Remedy's and Gardening Tips
These are "tips" aiding the economical factors of our times, at the same time keeping us healthier. From the deodorants that have no chemicals, to gardening with using no pesticides, using of a butter stretcher recipe, to the cleaning homes with no toxic chemicals. It all one great "whole" or cause as one relates to the other.

Best diuretic is lemon juiced water all better than medicines that drain you of potassium
Runners, Exercise...Take vinegar cuts "lactic acid" from sore muscles..
Leg Cramps: Pickle juice in lab studies have proven in 85 seconds it will get rid of leg cramps.
Hemorrhoid goes away with the daily routine of taking Fenugreek herb.
Boils, acne or any skin eruptions, take Yellow Dock every day. When you stop this herb they’ll be back, because the livers the real problem.
Pink Eye, sties etc. use, Orsa Clay, in the eye or as a poultice, works fast too. (distilled water wash)
24-hour throw-up flue; hot Jell-O water. It will last as long as it’s in the stomach, when the Jell-O moves down repeat until this type of flue is gone.
Menses cramps-hot liquid Jell-O drink.
Salted sunflower seeds for herpes on the mouth and (raw-boiled) for children's diarrhea
Earache blow air on it using a hair dryer
Toothache, Clove oil, Asprine-cream on and under the face where it's hurting. Strong comfrey root tea swiss about in mouth for five minutes.
Zinc oxide for a natural deodorant. It must be 40% Zinc Oxide underarms o r "elsewhere" on clean skin. In most cases, need only to apply once a week.
Banana KEEP chips beside your bedside. A banana will quickly relieve some "Charley horses" or leg cramps, in the night. And, use the pulp, or white side, as a poultus to draw out splinter...over night. Wrap to keep in place.
Orsa Clay, found in health food stores, will stop most pink eye problems. Make a poultice with distilled water and apply. Let dry and wipe away with moist cloth. Too rough for contact eye users. Repeat if necessary. Great for a skin masks.
Herpes on mouth is easy to stop. Just put a medium warm of water (heat) in a cup and press the cup on your blister and bingo it goes away fast by that evening..
Warm Jell-O water, for throwing up problems, it will last as long as its on the stomach.
When the stomach empties take more jell-O again till gone. It's great for the 24-hour bug and its famous throw-ups.
Cleaning dentures: 1 tsp. Baking Soda, 1 tsp. Bleach, store in quart of water soaking the dentures overnight then rinse. Got this recipe from my dentist who gives it out to all his poor patients. Replaces that fuzzy stuff. (Last a long time) (Baking soda soak over night, or peroxide squirt bottle found at drug stores to add in the water to soak dentures in overnight.)
Clorox Bleach bath with take away poison ivy over night, and great to soak feet and legs. Also on herpes such as measles, chicken pox, shingles. Use on a wet bleach cloth on face area. This type of virus will spread, but this will stop it from breaking out and spreading.
Hot flashes start using organic soy milk daily, + cod liver oil
Urinary infections- when you first feel an infections especially, use hand sanitizer (antibacterial) wash the vulva area...keep this area clean at all times! Much of the problem starts here.
Hemorrhoids-an old remedy is small garlic bulbs in you’re butt. Hey, it works.
Weird but true, is pressing on the center about the anus. It causes an enzyme that small parasites such as flukes cannot tolerate. Once daily, I can't reach mine! Wash well!
Peanut butter has also been know to removes tar and of course the old use bubble gum
Olive Oil- You can lengthen the life of olive oil by adding a cup of sugar to the bottle
Keep parsley fresh and crisp by storing in a wide-mouth jar with the lid tight.
Garlic cloves will never dry out if you store them in a bottle of cooking oil. After the garlic is used up, use the garlic oil for salad dressing etc.
Keep cheese from drying out by wrapping a cloth dampened with vinegar around it and store. (No mold will form and it will store longer)
A butter stretcher is to make 2 pounds of butter, slowly beat in 2 cups of evaporated milk (a little at a time to 1 pound of butter. Pour into pan and chill. (Also mix yogurt margarine and half butter or your favorites)
Cottage cheese- store carton upside down and it will keep twice as long.
Milk of Magnesia (alkaline), can be used as a deodorant. It had no microorganism's (no odor)Ingredients: 1.Magnesium Hydroxide2.Water3.Bentonite: Natural clay that suspends the Magnesium Hydroxide and keeps it from compacting in the container4.Ethylhexylglycerin & Capryl Glycol: Naturally derived preservative system the also contributes to deodorancy ..............................
Asthma: Acetaminophen is perceived as an extremely safe pain reliever for both children and adults. More people should realize that this drug has numerous risks, including asthma and hearing loss. Even though the FDA knows about the problems with acetaminophen, it has not done enough to alert the public to the dangers.

Leg cramps: Tonic water contains quinine, which is why it seems to help with leg cramps. Quinine has been known to cause both hearing loss and ringing in the ears.
Toe fungi: Old-fashioned amber Listerine contains alcohol and herbal oils that appear to have antifungal activity. Others have reported success with this and other foot treatments (cornmeal, vinegar, peroxide, Vicks VapoRub and Oregano oil) for fighting nail fungus. We are sending you our Guide to Hair and Nail Care with details about these and other fungus fighters.......................
How to get rid of warts. "I've had horses all my life, and warts on a horse's muzzle are common. I've always rubbed the milk from a bleeding milkweed plant on them. It takes only a few times.
Most horsemen know of this fix even if it is restricted to summer. It also worked on my daughter when she got warts on her hands and knees." from anonymous reader
Please add one if you have a favorite in comments you would like to share.
Visit this site for more helpful hints
Click---How to make natural cleaning products, and
BURNS: -Cold water until the pain stops and the area is cooled.
Vitamin E oil
Comfrey - (I raise myself) raw, bruised, and added to small amount of water in blender and made into a poultice
Aloe Vera -bruised and put directly on burn
Powdered comfrey or goldenseal
ARTHRITIS -mild food diet (explained later)
Approx. 1 quart carrot juice and 1 quart celery juice raw for 2 weeks, then 1 pint daily 1/2 carrot and 1/2 celery until arthritis is gone.
BLADDER INFECTION -Enema and laxative herbs
Slippery elm, approx. 1/2 t.
Goldenseal, approx. 1/4 t.
Alfalfa mint tea, approx. 1 c. every hr.
Stop eating during any infection (or the mild foods)
Use fruit or fruit juice only
Goldenseal will usually stop bleeding at the bladder with one application (see the kidney
herbs) is my collections of herbal remedies.
Potassium-will release water too.  for more home remedy's


Water retention -Leek soup (no joke) It will bring down blood pressure too. The whole bunch. Here is the famous Cancer Formula It use to be the CS Formula and was made up and sold in health food stores. However no longer, that I know of.

Molds and its remedy's
*Goldenseal effects some medications. It takes drugs out of the system. A small amount is ok. (You can sub. oregon grape root) SEE: CANCER POSTS
Organically grown Peels: for medicines

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