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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Neil L. Andersen, Dreams-King Nebuchadnezzar

In Daniel is the part on dreams. It's chapters have more good biblical stories; the fiery furnace, i.e. and the another story emphasis Daniel's views clearly on "meat eating"
(Re: with Vs: 15 - are the blessing clearly spelled out when practiced and who were the blessed the children.) To have health this page is essential toward eating more "mild foods." MILD Foods (plant based diet) not meat and strong drinks..
Reference quote; "And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the children which did eat the portion of the kings' meat." (Fatter meant healthier then...) Does everyone miss this point of the scriptures (history) hoping it will go away?
The "protein diet theories" with its main idea of eating more meat for its protein has never been proven correct nor will it ever be. I like to use this scripture in "History" to show this old theories been around before.
Notice the result of the non-eating of meat here in the story. The story continues, as King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon who was doing his own tests (or research) for his statistical for specifically reasons may not have be clear to many in our day.

A truly good school was difficult to come by then. The King took care of his children's schooling and other gifted ones, giving them all of their daily needs regarding shelter and food. The most intelligent and fairest of children were brought to Nebuchadnezzar’s palace for his special schooling held in his palace with at the end a special graduation, testing them after their three year of training using the best of his teachers. All the children had to meet certain criteria of looks, character, intelligence and those who were capable of the doing skilled math, sciences and another languages, etc.
Apparently, among the brightest children were four of the children of Judah (One of the 12 tribes), Daniel, Hanania, Mishael and Azariah-(Abed-negr.) (The same four who was thrown next, into the fiery furnace because of the refusal to worship an image from this same King.)

 *Daniel proved to have some problems with the meals served to him and his brothers.
The scripture said he didn't want to “defile” himself with any portion of meat and liquor ordered to eat and drink by the King.

 *2 And...Portions of liquor? No meat or liquor is what Daniel is speaking of in this story. It just meant they were given too much each day of meat and liquor by instruction from the king to his servants attending the children.

 One of the prince Melzar, designated care giver for this school children, was worried that if Daniel and his brothers didn't eat what was ordered by the king for the children, and all might get sick. The King would notice it on the children's pale countenances and then take Melzar's head off. (Killed) Melzar's instructions would it foul up the Kings tests at graduation it Daniel and his brethren did different than the rest?

 Now Daniel, obviously a leader, and being very bright child, replied, “Let “us” have ten days to just eat my grains, seeds (pulse) this includes legumes as they're just dried seeds. (But no meat and just water to drink, instead of the wine.) “Then check us out and compare us with the other children who are eating the meat and drinking the wine.”

*3 Well, the Lord made Daniel favorable with this prince so; Melzar consented for at least the ten days. At the end of the lot days, the four faired that was fed their diet of grains and seeds (Pulse) (legumes) did better than the other children who ate the meat and wine portions.

 *The story goes on to say how God blessed all these children because of their obedience to temporal and spiritual law. And, he gave these four “more knowledge, skills in every subject, and even wisdom than the others.

Daniel was given the extra individual gifts of, one, understanding visions and dreams. (An obvious priesthood calling)
(*4 He didn't have to partake of the wine to either. )
When the school ended and all the children enrolled appeared to accountability before the King to be tested. Daniel (Belteshazzar, Hanania of Shadrach, Mishael of Meshach, and Azariah of Abed-nego, were at the top of their class. Ten times better than the rest of the children who ate the king’s meals, in every skill, knowledge’s and abilities. They were so intelligent, even brighter than the Kings own Magicians and Astrologers in his court that counseled him. He was so very impressed, but then forgets later of this episode, and with the interpretations of the dreams Daniel will do for him…so then onward to the fiery furnace!
*5 Not all the Jew’s at this time were meat eaters... more than likely, the Levi tribe that was maintained by all other tribes because of their priesthood callings over the sacrament (sacrifices.) Remember, these sacrifices also included fruit and breads too. A lot and mostly from the poor, depending on the sin involved. How many actually had a herd of sheep or even money buying meat sacrifice to slaughter is not totally known.
(John the Baptist, and the Essenes were not meat eaters either
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, (A history read of "Essene Gospel"), this "sick" group of Jews who were trying to get well "naturally".) Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist was among them. John ate honey and locus only.

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