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Friday, October 10, 2008


Sore Throat, Tonsils Remedies
In my family at a certain time of year we seemed to have tonsils problems or “sore throats”. It can spreads rapidly though out the family. I've wrote a shorter version years ago by me for my children who always called about what to do for sore throats same time every year. This page has been hand to copy, paste and send to them.
*First a little background-motivated history; my Ex couldn’t hold jobs so the doctors and emergency rooms turn my babes and little children and me out because there was no money for medications and of course any office visits. I actually got into this natural herbal business out of necessity. TOO Poor for too long, my folks, migrate workers, were very poor and Mom used everything natural and lived off the earth generosities was my first example and direction.

This page is dedicated the poor/needy that need something to tied them over, as most don’t have insurance and are turned away. Personally, I don’t give a dam about the rich who can afford insurances…(let them use their anti biotic theory's and pharmacy’s poisons, this group never help my family. Sorry, I just had a “get back" moment! Eat your boxed quick fancy foods at the groceries and eat out, and, don’t forget to take your drugs, take it all out at the hospitals (tonsil, whatever) and get drugged to make your feel better. This page was never meant for you. Please move on.)

First; remind your family to wash and disinfect toothbrushes continually, taking extra care when washing dishes during this time with vinegar and dip in hydrogen peroxide afterwards. (Read the vinegar post.) We use to have a red glass for the sick one and he/she could only drink out of this one. Now paper is cheap for most. Instead of the antibiotics why not first try any one these Tonsil, sore throat remedies for the head area of the body.
Second; It’s a given of course that you’re taught to treat the whole body. Colon, by keep it moving and unplugs, with prune juice or etc. and using “milder foods for the stomach.” If in pain, do just like the animals no food. At the same time be sure to treat the kidneys flushed out with lots of fluids, distilled or clean water so your blood will become clean and thus the body. Even treat the throat through the nose and ears with herbs such as Eucalyptus, garlic and Thyme oils i.e. Listerine with a gargle and swishes (for 5-10 minutes) has Eucalyptol, menthol, methyl and thymol and will work if done repeatedly. Even works on an infection of the gums or tooth. It will stop it from aching. Do not substitute...the cheaper store brands don't have the effectiveness because the herbs mentioned are missing in the copycats. Always have this product in your medicine cupboards and should be an first aid in your food storage.
However a quick Note: I’m not going much into thyroid problems except to tell you that Dulse of Iodine is good for hyper and hypo thyroid problems. Other herbs effective is horseradish, parsley, black poke weed, radish, and kelp (sea weeds).(See throid post)
Remember when the nurse as school actually doctored us for these tonsillitis problems with iodine and glycerin. Well, here's her recipe.
Third; These remedies are not in order: Choose one-two now or try another next time, even the diet especially while sick. Some remedies are put in here because you may not have one remedy available. Don't do them all at need.
*Glycerin and Iodine Swab (Old Remedy but still works)
Mix in a clear bottle of glycerin (you get this product at the health food stores or on line sites like ) with iodine (the potent kind.) I bought mine at the Farmers Co-op; some drug stores now carry it. My son in law is a doctor and he carries it and used some of these recipes.
...Add the iodine to the glycerin until the color is deep amber, then bottle in a dark brown bottle. Use Popsicle stick for the tongue suppressor and q-tips to paint the tonsils with every hour. Continue till sore throat is gone. I never had to do it more than once? However, do it as often as necessary.
Use the semi-fast diet except when acute-then fruits and water only and treat it as a cold. Some refer to this as a * “mild food” PLANT BASED-diet. It’s basically no meat, dairy, like cheese that would clog the plumbing while the body tries to clear out the poisons you’ve accumulated. So do watch what is eaten at this time. Note: eating sugar acerbates the problem. … *”And whosoever among you are sick, and have not faith to be healed, but believe, shall be nourished with all tenderness, with herbs and mild food, and that not by the hand of an enemy”… (Scriptures)
You might choose to use one of these remedies in this post such as;
Use straight lemon and honey (Lemon cuts the mucus)Use in a warm drink.
Cayenne- approx. 1 tsp
Apple cider vinegar about 2 tsp. (Cut the mucus and disinfects)
Sage tea about 1/2 pint
Salted sunflower seeds works great here for some fussy kids (Salts the key)
Honey about 2 Tbs. (Honey is a anti fungal)
Gargle with this remedy about 4-12 times daily
*SALT: Another real old one simple, basic yet still effective. Just gargle with warm salt water to reduces sore throat pain. Recipe is - 3 teaspoons of table salt to 1-cup water and stir. Gargle with a full one-cup mixture at least two to three times daily. (Viruses, which cause colds, can't survive in high-salt environment (use this recipe in the nose also) treat all the whole head orifices (Salted sunflower seed)
*Listerine is a excellent anti fungal,use it daily keep on hand it’s a good emergency first aid remedy. Swish every morning, noon and night after eating. Get a trial bottle and fill it from the big bottle to carry in your purse for work when you can't brush.
*Gargle with hydrogen peroxide; brush your teeth and tongue with it too, bingo it's gone the next day.
*Choose most any product that has Eucalyptus radiata oil in it. Dab a bit in the nose (head) too. Keep this herb in the cupboard at all times.
*Compresses: For sore throats or laryngitis, fold a cotton cloth in thirds, wet it with cold water and wring it out. Wind it once around the neck and fasten with a safety pin. Cover the cloth and wrap in a wool scarf or such. It helps to break up the mucus congestion. This was Mom favorite remedy only she referred to it as the "alcohol rag/washcloth ?" around the neck...Hey it worked! Because mom did this always, I’ve got my children (girls) doing this too. Men have a wife (daughter-in-laws) with their own traditions. They can suffer! (Healthy Popsicle's will take down swelling)
*Or just wear 1/2 cup of Kosher salt from a pan which has been heated in a handkerchief folding it so the salt will not come out. Wear it around your neck for an hour or so. DO STAY HOME! Because of the fumes, tuck the cloth (neck) under the covers.
Vitamin C ASCORBIC ACID, 1000 mg every hour with a full glass of water...this advice is from my doctor who was a Seventh-Day-Adventist. And it worked to my surprise. And, my child had two different types of infections of the throat.
Many sore throats are caused by allergies, yeast overgrowth and bacterial invasion or mild viral infections that attacks when you resistance is low. So, get lots of rest. It seems to breed in schools.
*Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water. (An anti-fungal) Gargle a mouthful, and spit it our then repeat till all the liquid is gone. An hour later do again. This usually does it...dab some on your finger and put it inside your nose too. I put it in a smaller size spray bottle to spray the throat and mouth area.
Mix 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar with 1/2 cup of pineapple juice and drink it. (Repeat every half hour until improvement)(Again....Keep on hand)
*For singers: Make black tea in a cup boiled water (the darker the better) (while hot as can be handled gargle with the tea, do not swallow any of it, too much caffeine) Repeat every hour until you feel relief. The singer one is for my daughter Kate, she sings a lot during the holidays. She is flying a lot and also uses the olive leaf combination used for traveling too. If you travel wear a mask upon boarding the craft of moldy environments. She also does "oil-pulling with raw green organic olive oil."
*And another remedy is 1/2 anise seeds and cup of water boil them slowly for 30 minutes. Strain, add honey and/or some cognac (whiskey-sugar if your poor) that should make you feel no pain as well as kill anything in the throat that would bother you further. My mom used this with sugar to stop my asthmatic bronchial cough every winter as a kid. It only took one dose in a big tbs. warm all the way down. She never had a problem the second night ever.
*1 cup of Sage tea (1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water) gargle morning and evening
Grate 1 tsp. horseradish and one piece of lemon zest or peel, or EO too. Add 1/8 tsp. of cayenne pepper and 2 Tbs. of honey. (1 Tbs. every hour) Remember, sometime it’s just a matter of what you have on hand.
*Breath Tonic by Herb Pharm is an aromatic herb breath freshener found in HFS. Sugar free, extracts of peppermint, cinnamon, ginger and clove in grain alcohol and glycerin. This is the best little secret for flue, sore throats, stuffy nose, (spray on finger then dab up the nose.) I'm never without it.

My daughter's a singer in NY and she loves it when her voice is horse. Cup of hot lemon aid and honey (sugar if no honey) (Mom used this tea with all flue's problems) I do this to this day. Boil the water than add one lemon and honey or sweetener (maple syrup i.e.) Add a bit of the oil or zest of the lemon, it kills bacteria.
Hoarseness/Laryngitis drink a mixture of 2 tsp. of onion juice or garlic and 1 tsp. honey take 3 tsp. every three hours. (Add the sage if you'd like) See: remedy for singers. Pop-cycles, works like a cold compress.

If time allows make them no sugar juices.1/2 c, Raisins simmer for 20 min. let cool, and then eat...why not you've tried everything else. Or soak them in the whisky. Oh, don’t get excited look at your over the counter remedies they have alcohol in most of them, it the only thing that ever worked in them.
Herbs: Althea Root, with Slippery Elm Bark will coat the throat. Licorice Root will help the cough and inflamed tissues. Marsh mellow root will also relieve the irritations of the throat. Make this combination in a tea and sip slowly.
Tonsils should not be removed; they destroy harmful bacteria on the food that enter through the mouth before entering your stomach other wise the immune system will need further to be strengthened.
Much sore throat is spread by ORAL SEX: IS IT NATURAL?
If you’re participating in oral sex, have you partners checked it out it may be the reasons why you keep getting strap throat and worse i.e. What are you thinking? This latter day sport has become a virus problems that come with serious ramifications that may effect your health and give your problems to a future marriage partner. You may have some of these viruses (STD’S) for the rest of your earth life. Sorry, but it needed to be said. You can be forgiven, but WE ALL have to pay the price for your ignorance choices. The prodigal didn’t receive his “inheritance” back, nor could he make any restitution. This part of the story is always left out. The faithful son never lost his inheritance, still had his priesthood, wife, children, and all his processions (meaning of the “inheritance” referred to) the Father gave him it all plus the ones he had acquired thus far. This meaning is symbolic to all. When we return back from earth life we’ll find our Father in heaven waiting. He’s the Father in this story. Are you the prodigal son, have squandered your inheritances, and now have to pay the pied piper as in the fairy tale. Stop this UN natural habit and receive his “fatten calf.” But if you continue this will eventually be more than either remedy or money can buy.
My apology if I offend any…STD’s is becoming a serious entry of throat problem and needed to be addressed. All the remedies for this problems is not here.
Apply heat to herpie blisters. With a glass cup of very warm water apply it on the blister (as warm as you can handle but no need to burn yourself) and it will start to disappear within the very day.

All of these remedies is what my family and I use all the time and they work! My one daughter has a husband for a doctor and guess what he uses? Some of these simple same remedies.

Septic and air born fungus-spores- strain of diseases: ACV gargle every hr.

Swollen Lymph Nodes
Posted by Russ on July 12, 2009 at 3:04 PM
Comments (1)
Recently due to tooth trouble my lymph nodes in my neck swelled to golf ball size. Everyone around me was telling me to see a Dr. and get some anti-biotic. Well, most of us know how the medical establishment over prescribes anti-biotic, causing your immune system to not work as well in the future. So I searched for the natural remedy online. What I found worked like a charm in less than 3 days!
Gargle with a solution of 2 teaspoons of SEA SALT and 2 teaspoons of BAKING SODA mixed well...
Try OP or "oil pulling" also.
Herb: Licorice Root (flues) or, in formulas or by itself is a good herb here to also utilized: Read more at the end of this site. LaDean Griffin (my teachers,) and Dr John Christopher use it in most of their formuals.
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