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Monday, October 6, 2008

Special K_20 Protein Water

Special K2O Protein Water
(Home-made Special Protein Water with added soluble fiber and gelatin)

It’s become a popular expensive drink for in between meals with the idea of adding protein to water for better control of weight, and now has many copy-cats. Maybe a bit better than diet soda, except for the aspartame. Aspartame (acesulfame is aspartame) makes it had for diabetic and arthritic person in pain to find this a decent drink. I like the idea of the protein sustaining blood sugar for a while, taking the edge off hunger away instead of using a sugary snack. However, as usual after a while its aspartame content got to my brain. (Foggy, short-term memory, energy and in pain.)
Aspartame won't let go because its heavily involved in corporate stocks and a big money maker. They keep coming up with new ways to market’s this fake sugar with its many devised names trying to fool us again. Other has dropped this sugar because of complaints and many food corporations are going toward regular sugar. It take 3 months to get aspartame out of the system.
Sugar: (Their fiber in this product) (Sucralose Toxicity) Splenda is just another fake sugar)
H........E.........A .....L........T.........H........Y.
Another reason to hide the name because they do have something to hide…Examples like MSG is hidden under "spices." The latest is ...some down right lie. The educated consumers are more aware of what’s going on because of the INTERNET (good old google engine). It's so easy to get the latest info if you want too about any new fad if you look hard enough.
Special K2O has about 10 grams of soluble protein in different sources. I decided to make it healthier by using a soluble fiber for diabetes and gelatin that strengthen effect on joints and get rid of pain in arthritis. It’s the best healthy drink...and better than soda pops. (It's a bad product and that's the bottom line.)
It's just better to use Vegetarian Gelatin: Available in health food stores. is the vegetarian counterpart to gelatin, but is more expensive to produce, so it's more costly. Vegetables also produce soluble proteins. And many prefer this product because of the scare of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as "mad cow disease."
A Gelatin Source: Re: I just add in the unflavored gelatin to the powdered flavored drink and mix. (Shake) Then add to your water.
Optional: is adding in liquid style of fiber like apple pectin or another that's available in health food stores: Mix it all in together. Or, take some of your daily fiber in pill with the drink. Apple pectin, or citrus fibers, PGX, glucomannin-Kojac Rst., i.e. Skip this part if you had beans or avocado that day. Each of these should be in your diet plans at least once a week.
Old Remedy: Use a good vegetable gelatin for joint pains it really helps in kind arthritis, female problems, and nausea. Aspartame cause more pain in arthritis and affect the brain.
Sugars: You can start out with a powdered fruit drink mix that has plain sugar. We never had near the problem with weight until we started using fake, chemical, highly sweet sugars and corn syrup. Corn syrup has been proven to defeat the purpose of dieting because it makes you hungrier in anything its in! Some say that's why its in products to make us eat more?
Can sugar substitutes make you fat? Yes, click here read. Why? Because their chemicals and store in the body in fat. Or, in other words they need fat to store if not it will store in the body’s tissues as a foreign invader, (cancer etc.,) Read how the company gets out of the deep do-dos of lies...
Or, you can mix up your own flavored mix by starting with a "cool-aid style" and Stevia an herbal sweetener, i.e. Also, you could use unsweetened frozen fruit juice by storing it frozen then scooping it into your drink, adding in the gelatin and mix.
Don’t use this animal gelatin too much read on line about what happen in the 60’s with too much of this kind of animal protein. Too much animal protein interferes with calcium mineral.
*Gelatin is a soluble protein so, read the directions on how much you’re adding to your drink.
The active ingredients are gelatin, which provides the building blocks for collagen, the primary structural protein in cartilage and bone, and 7 keys bone and joint nutrients including vitamins C, D and K, plus calcium, copper, manganese, zinc and amino acids. However, they're other soluble clear proteins, but this is for my joint so it suits me for my ailment (find your need and use it). Remember animal proteins stop the process of elimination of disease. How much nutrients in your drink of course depend on your source. This just an idea to be added one. .
Alternate with V8 juices, Lemon or Lime squeezes, etc (now in sm. packages)
Please view this sites photos that make Special K-Protein Water so "special."
Read; Aspartame by a Doctor. Its and excito-toxins: Get his Newsletters
*Flavor with Dole 100% juices. Keep opened with pop opener key in fridge to add to your bottled water.
Post Notes added: A new healthier drink is Called "B12 Energy or "Zip fizz" 10cal, 2 gram carbs, 0 sugars and etc (2500 mg of b12) grape seed extract, Alpha-Lipic Acid i.e. the sugar isxylitol. Many of these sports drinks are coming on the market. ( An alternative (gobs of vitamin i.e. but better sugar no calories makes up better water! Even All-Bran with 10 g. of fiber is basically the same too. Bottom line it's the sugar...that will make it an unhealthy beverage no matter how much protein or fiber they lure us with to buy their drink. This is a fad and will go out...
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