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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Kava for Depression this is one of my basic used herbs every day, to be used with skill or, experience, especially in bi polar depression, stress, insomnia, panic attacks i.e. If it works for me it will work for most with some skill in adjustment's.
ADD/ADHD i.e. children should do most of this post of calming herbal (adjust dosage) and add Lobelia tincture every day. They especially need to get rid of poisons caused by vaccines. In fact, I was taught when my children went to school and was even around the kids who were being inoculated to give them Lobelia. Follow the directions on the body and as with any good medication use the whole bottle, (no meat which they eliminate the toxins/poisons)
I've used many the many different drugs from doctors to treat depression. However; Kava Kava works without side affects. The drugs that I was being treated actually cause more problems that escalates depressions coming along with side-effect of weight and diabetes i.e..

 This herb will not do that, but can't be used with the following listed Drugs that has dopamine etc in it. (double dosing)  Many herbs act as drug themselves design by nature, the plus is they herbals are in a whole form state from nature. Better of course if the herb is organic or wild. These whole herbs are designed as in nature to heal using the properties they defend themselves, keep the plant healthy and bug at bay. They are experts in balancing nutrients.
The nervine herbs naturally working with nature and your body need will utilizes and balancing out your on serotonin and dopamine, making them to function properly. (Please note: The "liver herbals" will do much to clear up depressions, after removing the build up toxins) see post pgs.
FenPhen was known to start schizophrenic in England but the Drug Companies covered this up and now we have schizophrenia from people who used this drug unknowingly. Kava can help here too as it calms you down. It can be use it for getting to sleep and excess hunger too. Another bonus was it helped my bladder problems connected with blood sugar problems, (Incontinence that may come on with age. Pumpkin seed oil is best for incontinence and male disorders...)
So here is more on this wonderful herb and I hope this information helps your mental problems.

Other herbs-food for the brain: Turmeric, Sage, Cinnamon, Curry, Saffron, Omegas, nuts, avocado's, blue berries, *flaxseed oil but watch out for diarrhea; cut back on mg. (*fish oils, from smaller fish in colder parts of the ocean not next to shores.) DHEA, i.e. *You will not realize that flaxseed oil worked on your depression until your out and depression comes back. I now write with a black marker, "DEPRESSION"-"PAIN." so I don't forget to order before the bottle is empty. (1000 mg once a day is what I take.)
Kava (piper metbysticum) Piper genus is a member of the black pepper family.
Many use it at the end of the day or before bedtime. Do not use before or during surgery or any members of this herbal family. This is an herb that is only as good as the quality of the plant, and has been abused; yet it is not addictive. Do not use Kava with sedative, tranquilizers or alcohol.
Please do your own research on any herbs featured with in these pages. I have use a book referred to below on Kava for much of my references. Kava has lots of researches on all side of the spectrum especially done in other country's.
Folk medicine goes way back in using Kava for headaches joint pain, bladder problems, gonorrhea, stomach problems, leprosy, skin diseases, weight loss, sleeping problems and tuberculosis,(All brain disorders, such as OCD's that lacks natural serotonin-dopamine (natural), Parkinson, Autism, and schizophrenia i.e.) It had no side effects for me, but if you do began to have some just adjust, or take it right before bedtime. It's an anti stress herb, relaxes the overactive amygdala, blues and most anxieties.
*Licorice Rt will ease over-all adrenal stress but not as affective as Kava.
Significantly lowers anxiety (within a week) this may be a wonderful psychoactive herb. It's one of the first herbs in school I leaned about and the only herb told to use for the adrenals. It has quite a history in the use of during wars on solders.
Kava is calming, euphoric, but not sedating. This is because of the serotonin a factors and the blocking of uptake of Norepinephrine, Biochemical depressions, AND S.A.D.
It induces relaxation, but over-all combats fatigue, aids in sleep by removing anxieties.
Acts as a muscle relaxant (and, too, in a oil applied to muscles)
Pain-relieving properties, (dihydrokavain and dihydromethysticin have analgesic properties nearly twice as potent as aspirin i.e.)
May prevent abnormal blood clotting
Acts as an anti convulsive, prevents seizures
Aids smoker and alcoholic
Reduces menopausal symptoms, PMS, also stops cramps, relaxes the uterus
Dulls the appetite, Another big reason I've used this herb!
Physically, sharpen one’s mental faculties (body-altering)
Relieves Asthma and Rheumatism, acts like an anti-inflammatory drug and is better utilized in oil (fat-soluble) It absorbs faster in a little oil or fat.
Aids in Syphilis and gonorrhea
Boils and etc...(Do your homework for more ...) (This herb can cause in some hallucination's if taken too much and too long without a need.) *Yellow Dock is excellent for boils. Boils tell us that the liver is toxic, stop taking yellow doc when the boils go away, otherwise take it regularly.
There are many varieties and differences in its concentrations of “kavalactones” that vary in strength and quality of the herb and it healing outcomes. The wrong variety can produce nausea and headaches. Benzoic, Cinnamic Acids in Kava. It's an anti fungal, antiseptic, diuretic expectorant effects. (70-210 mg of Kavolactones) To begin with the whole powdered root herb (good quality) to see if better than the extracts for your purposes) which, may be depending on potency of the plant three grams that many equal 300 mg of kavalactones? This is hard to know exactly how exactly much of the kava you are getting and will depend on the batch taken from.
The German’s recommend 60 to the 120 mg of kavalactones daily? It usually comes in 100-250 mg per capsule. Anyway this will give you an idea from here.
These are dosages done by health care professionals who may know better of how much kavalactones to take daily in each of the following area.
DOSES; General stress (up to 240 mg)
Anxiety (up to 300 mg)
Depression (180 mg)(Depend on the level of S. and D. needed.
Insomnia (200 mg)(Right before bedtime)
Alcohols (200 mg 3 x day)
Organically grown extracts can be as potent as a drug, maybe too potent for some, For some; try the ground root from an organically grown plant of at least seven years old. Kava from Vanuaru, for example, is much stronger than kava from Fiji. Samoan kava as research show it's considerably less potent than kava cultivated in other parts of Oceania.
Caution: Kavalactones such as kavain a methysticin are now being synthesized and do not product the same effect as the natural product. Kava extracts may partly block the action of dopamine in the brain though extremely rare, for some this may not be good especially for some of the elderly. But, great in schizophrenia that is producing too much dopamine which can cause Schizophrenia which is a nutritional, chemicals, bad drugs, and other problems with allergies disease.
Parasite may also be in the brain in and Kava is an known anti fungal. Also some lesion, found in the 12:00 area of the brain area if the iris, can cause schizophrenia and depressions.  These dark spokes are chronic parasites which are shown here in the brain holding onto mucus (yellow). It's coming from the chronic colon (darks brown) wrap about the black pupil.
American brands of Kava Kava are not as popular, some brands are very lacking, and one brand the formula didnt even contain Kava at all or aged?
(Vanuatu or Fijian Kava is some of the best kava.)
They're Kava beverage recipes (Never use aspartame-MSG or any herb, food, drink or drug that effects the brain neurons, and actually causes depression, negative thoughts within hours.)
*St. John’s Wart is currently the popular agent that can effective serotonin and norepinephine’s and has some dopamine also; banana’s, Melatonin, Betel (pepper family) Butternut, Tryptophan, Magnesium, Griffoni simplicifolia seeds, Macuna seeds (250 mg.) Dopamine can come from many other sources such as the Chase Tree (berry) Vetex angus etc. Some food such as chick peas and banana's etc. also maybe your emergency source when your lacking and needing an up. 
Remember: excess amounts of dopamine can cause schizophrenia, but too low levels of serotonin may cause mild depression. There are many others foods, seeds and herb to be added here but my subject matter here becomes too long.
St. John Wart can make birth control pills ineffective. It's used more for milder depressions. Did it increase your appetite or gain weight?
**Other herb that are Nervine Herbs, or called (Emmenagogues), are also useful relaxants such as Alfalfa, Black Cohosh, California Poppy, Catnip (Needs to take a while to be effective), Chamomile, Cramp Bark, Hops, Lemon balm, Linden Flower, Milky Oats, Motherwort, Passion Flower, Skullcap, and Valerian etc. Note: some of these type of herbs are use to relax muscle during birthing.
Narcolepsy, a sleep disorder is linked to abnormal levels of the brain chemical dopamine. Tyrosine may help treat the narcolepsy by adding 100 mg of tyrosine perkilogram of body weight. (It may take 6 months of treatment) Tyrosine is in almond, avocados, bananas, cheese, lima beans and pumpkin seeds (look on the Internet for more foods). Use vitamin C and B-complex also. Do not take tyrosine if you’re taking bata blocker and anti depressant drug, or suffer from high blood pressure.
Do your research here…
I do one wild organic Kava from Mt. Rose Herbals grown in Oregon each meal. and If I don't skip or have extreme conditions they work better than Prozac.

Other Natural Organic Serotonin and; Dopamine: Protein, Bananas, (Kava sub for Prozac or Zoloft), Melatonins (sleep) 3-24 mg., Betel pepper family, Valerian 400-900 mg.,Butternut, Tryptophan Magnesium, Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed, Vetex Angus or Chaste tree berry, Vergo, Kaunch Beej, Macuna Seeds, Cocoa extract, Kiwi, Valarinan Root, whole grain breads, beans, Lentils, Chickpea's, Pumpkin seed, Sunflower seeds, Baked Potatoes Tahini, nuts, Avocado i.e.
One of my favorite teas to get me up is "Mate Tea", now in capsules. (Sip but not with meals. This tea isn't for everyone.) Green tea may work for some too.

* As with any added herb use daily take only one new herb at a time. Record or make notes of how your are feeling and watching for any unusual or adverse reactions. Kava could counteract or interfere with the actions of other drugs. Drugs like Xanax (alprazolams or benzodiazepine tranquilizers, alcohol or antihistamines such as Benadryl etc.) Some of these nervine's cause me to have anxiety problem when taking a drug for the same problem. It just doesn't work, double dosing.
You have to experiment with a bit here, I did and it wasn't easy. It's a more natural to use plants rather than a rip-off from it's chemical-drug. Benadryl with its antihistamines has "shell-fish" in their products that will set off bi-polar and schizophrenia episodes (or, anyone's allergic to iodine or fish i.e. Eating fish or have a allergic reaction to a GMO food will set this problem off. I have an effective disorder of bi polar, if I eat fish, iodine, sea weed i.e. it set this "effective" disorder off for 3 months. It's has done this 3 times before I learned what was doing it. Talk about Panic.
Note: The antidote to an iodine reaction is dark chocolate!) (Herb is for all poison is Lobelia- follow the label)
...................... Read the Deaths from these drugs.
Substitute wisely, carefully switch to Kava instead of the following chemical or drugs such as: ZYPREXA, RISPERDAL, SEROQUEL,TRILAFON, NAVANE, LOXITANE,
PERMITIL, PROLIXIN, TARACTAN, HALDOL (Many of these drugs are in law suits check the Internet for the rest of the stories to suits.)
Or, Try substituting Kava for Ritalin in Hyperactive Children, but not both at the same time!...
NOTE: If your using aspartame with teas of these herbs it will not work because aspartame is known to causes depression (A brain reactor.) And it will take weeks or months to get this chemical out of the brain where it lodges. It was meant to be a pesticide.
* My formula is F. Kava for bi polar is the best Kava Root, 4 yrs. old and a bit of Cayenne with a tad bit of Lobelia in 00 capsules morning and before bedtime works for my problems. Or, two 00 capsules for weight during the day.
The rest of Kava and story.
Book: Kava, the ultimate guide to nature's anti-stress herb by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson Ph.D. (An old book found on Amazon?)
Good Reports on L. Thiamine, but it does works differently than Kava. L.T. uses your own dopamine and serotonin, and associated with anxieties and stress levels. Some may try and go in this direction. I'm not for extracts...much preferring the whole organically grown herbs. If you try to go off Digressional Drugs; extract's can make you jittery or nervous (cut-back on doses.) Extract are not a whole natural herb and has become a drug. You would be overdosing of dopamine or serotonin.
* Try Omegia's 1000 mg (flaxseed oil)or Coconut by the TLBS 3 x da. works wonders on the brain. Remember don't cut back on good omega-fats that the brain needs. Lack of this will cause depression. (For pain and depression use flaxseed oil!) (Smaller fish oils in unpolluted waters) Then add in "oil pullin" with raw (not toasted) sesame oil pulls toxins from the head area. Raw is a good Omega's that will helps in depression also. Body fats hold onto drugs. I get lots of energy form "oil pullin" if done first thing in the morning. Energy will come with lemon water, baking soda in water too.

Omega-3 EPA Linked to Less Depression
Stephen Daniells New research from France suggests that increased blood levels of the omega's.
**Natural Remedies For Liver Problems In most research, depression's found toxins (causes depressions) all begins in the liver. Use Astragulas Herb for seniors . Aswagandha is for thyroid, and head area. great herb. I have a post specifically on this calming herb. I am never without a liver/parasite herbs. See posts (If you put it in, you've got to get it out, best not to ingest toxins) More reading on Kava, do read this before you buy. Kava is best if 4-5 yr. old root and standardized 12% kavalactone w/o fillers. This herb has been used for ovarian cancers and leukemia so it does affect the liver. or 

Lastly: "NOW" brand of Kava didn't work for me? Maybe the batch was bad or where they bought it or grown? The US Hawaii doesn't age long enough and uses genetically alter get you pay for with this herb.)
You really need do some researching and reading up on Kava if your seriously in depressions. It's why I fight to stop, GMO, altering plants. They don't know how to cure any diseases....obviously and with that same intelligence they're altering our healing plants. Give me a break! It's all nonsense!

Caution: Herb, by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, PH.D (Gives more info on sites and where to buy) I don't have enough room to explain all I know about Kava. The "best" plants do not grow in USA and needs to be at least 4-5 yrs. old. (Kava can take the place of Prozac, Sominex, Xanax, Valium etc., but should not be used along with such types of drugs. It doesn't alter natural levels of serotonin, dopamine in CN System. etc... This page is just my own research and experience with Kava, and no claims with any recreational uses.
Disclaimer: Consult your health professional for any medical advice. This is a Journal/blog, meant to educate, entertain, and only voices my experienced "herbalist" opinions at the most. I don't know your health problems etc., and may affect you differently than myself.
Subject: See Iridology pages for photo of the brain area in the windows of your body the iris. Hypnosis, Brain Imagining, and changing the brain. This "brain imagining" with an expensive machine as Dr. Daniel speaks of can be too expensive for most. However, viewing the brain through the iris is most natural, cheaper and just as accurate. I like the way he knows nothing is sealed in cement, the brain can be changed.

Drugs causes Autism (+ when a woman is preg.): Prozac law suits are now being filed against drug companies. Brain Drugs effect children's brain... Hello!

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