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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cough Syrup Making (FLU)

Honey Cough Syrup Formulas
They’re no healthy cough syrups for children on drugstores shelves, but give them a change to copy healthy one and watch next year. That is with few exception in the US. Here’s some I’ve used and I’ve gone into sugars too.

Another reason to add this cough syrup formulas is the many new poor in USA who have no insurance and are turn away from doctors and hospitals. Personally I don't care if the others use any of my herbal formulas. I just want the freedom of using natural medications and teaching it.
But,...please go to your professional medical doctors who gave your family drugs. You're not my concern. Maybe you can even find some of the over the counter cough syrups they gave in the past that's proven to hurt the children! Now that I've got that out.

Honey is good in cough formulas and is a mild sedative with minerals is an anti vernal properties, minerals, and amino acids, can be a salve and antibiotic, and they say bacteria cannot live in honey. It has an accumulate effect with requiring health. It naturally glucose and is not requiring the bodies energies to convert it to be utilized.

I am a diabetic and do have problems with sweeteners, my mother, brother, 2 aunts and uncle are also diabetics so I am aware of the sugar problems with meds.

The diabetic magazine for March issue was very informational on the different sugars. Chemicals just make the diabetic sicker in the long run and ruin kidney's and other body functions and has no place in any cure.

My brother before he died was heading to sue the diet pop companies. He died because he didn't have money enough for the kidney dialysis machine needed to filter his blood. He never could give up his diet pop. If he would have lived long enough he would see they are now proving diet anything doesn't do a thing...

I chose to do most of this on honey. Because it the best natural “predigested” sugar on the market. The body turns everything to glucose in order to utilize it in the body. Honey is natural glucose and doesn’t have to be converted making it easier on the body when sick, and because it
doesn't take a lot for the body to break it down for use. That does not mean a diabetic can have a lot. But they should have on hand in case of low blood sugars that are mostly caused by their medications.

First of all, we need to cut out sucrose, sugars raw or white, corn syrups, etc, in all recipes. It will feed the yeast and/or parasites of any disease, and make it longer to endure.

When I visited Europe I found their pies were not as sweet and the other deserts also but was very delicious and simple. In America we over indulge in overly sweet deserts that manufacturer lour you to eat their products. It’s more a marketing strategy that homemakers
adopted. Every meal, we think we have to have a desert. Why? It's a bad tradition that needs to be change. I was not raised in this tradition. My mother baked cookies once that I remember. I never had a birthday cake so I am not a fan of the over indulgent with the desert ideas of most
American. But…I’ve adapted too unfortunately and now changing.

White sugar is highly stimulating, full of chemicals, in order to bleach it white, and no food qualities to speak of. Stevia in most of my teas, it's slightly sedative as an herb.

Fructose derives from fruit; I prefer raw unbleached sugars from vegetable rather than fruit that is if you’re going to occasionally use sugars. Fructose sugar (too acid) is hard on arthritics and causes them lot more pain. It's so concentrated, over bleached with chemical. It throws the body into too fast elimination RE:(fruit speeds up the process of elimination) it too hard for the body to assimilate it properly. It's really in an unnatural state. It robs the body of minerals necessary for health. What a shame it's in so many drinks, like pop, yes, even in health food stores and their healthy drinks. Now you know, stay away from this product in any form and definitely not in medications.
Black strap molasses is rich in iron and is also good in bread making. But watch out for corn syrups that are found to increase appetites by making the blood sugar to spike abnormally high. It’s too tough for any insulin to bring back to normal.

Cough Medicine (& for anemia)

1-cup molasses
4 T. butter or Coconut oil
1/2 t. ginger root (fresh)
Boil 30 minutes on a low heat, cover for 5 minutes, and add fresh lemons to
cut mucus in the throat if needed.
Very optional: Store in brown bottles. You can add a bit of cinnamon stick
(kill germs) or clove oil (same).

In Leukemia cases or liver problem dealing of course with the cleaning of the blood: Add more iron use a small fresh bruised yellow root. This will aid the liver adding in more iron and purifying the blood. The point is these formulas are your recipes and can be adapted by adding in an individual herb needed for another illness you may have. This is a good formula for this because of the strong flavor of the molasses and its properties. Do more research on which molasses.

"Aspartame: I will explain why Aspartame is so dangerous: When the temperature of this sweetener exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in ASPARTAME converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants. The methanol toxicity mimics, among other conditions, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus." The Secret Dangers of Splenda (Sucralose), an Artificial Sweetener see on net.

"Many people were being diagnosed in error. Although multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, methanol toxicity is! Systemic lupus has become almost as rampant as multiple sclerosis, especially with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers. The victim usually does not know that the Aspartame is the culprit. He or she continues its use; irritating the lupus to such a degree that it may become a life-threatening condition. Patients with systemic lupus become asymptotic, once taken off diet sodas. In cases of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, (when in reality, the
disease is methanol toxicity), most of the symptoms disappear. We've seen many cases where vision loss returned and hearing loss improved markedly." "This also applies to cases of tinnitus and fibromyalgia. "If you are using ASPARTAME or other names if it starts in a and end in am, ine, ame etc and it a sugar it's one of aspartame mask names. Other are(NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc.) If your suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting, pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, unexplainable depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss it effect the brain cells and destroys them may have ASPARTAME poisoning!" Aspartame Detoxification! See

Sucanat Sweetener is evaporated cane juice and sells for about 2.19 a lb. Turbinado Sugar, comes from cane sugar, good for baking and is coming out with one made from corn. There's a baking sugar called Natures Sugar that is sugar free. Then you have the unrefined cane sugar, that doesn't bleach its product all-available at a good health food store. Maple Sugar, Xylitol (this is a diabetic sugar because it doesn't cause a rapid release of glucose and has dental benefits. A Sugar alcohols derivative and supports healthy bones, so it claims. (Fake sugars)

Rapadura a whole cane sugar. All are better than white and sugar substitutes. Still
cut way back on all sweeteners.
Fructooligosaccharides FOS, is said to prevent germs and parasites from attacking you digestive tract...says Japanese Researchers.
+ Honey for burns, it cools, removes pain aids for fast healing without scarring, good for bed wetter (a teaspoon before bed, aids water retention. A spoonful in hot milk aids sleep. An excellent healer can cover wounds with honey and a bandage. Nasal congestion-place a spoonful
of honey in a basin of hot water and inhale fumes after covering you head with a towel over the sink. Very effective. Dissolve a spoonful of honey in warm water, or put in your water jug and keep fridge for fatigue. With honey being glucose it is quickly absorbed by the digestive system.

Use before competing in your competitions. For Allergies: 2 tsp. honey and 2 tsp. cider vinegar in 3/4-cup water. Take before going to bed. Facial Deep Cleanser, mix honey with oatmeal 50/50 till thick and use as a face pack. Leave on half an hour then wash off. Great as a deep cleanser for acne etc. Remember skin is an absorbing organ. Good for poor digestion, especially in using honey in herbal formulas will aid digestion. Is reputed to be wonderful for the joints. Mix honey with equal quantity of olive oil and cover head with a warm towel for half an hour then shampoo. A hair conditioner that feed the hair and scalp will look and feel better. For stress, honey water will stabilize by clamming highs and raises the lows. 25% honey to water. Anemia enriches the blood by raising corpuscle content. The darker the honey the more rich in minerals. So is molasses rich in iron.
Heart patients are well advised to replace white sugar (sucrose) with honey or any persons with chronic disease because of the glucose change over to the body. Utilizes readily and easily giving a rest to any conversion process on weak bodies. Hay fever, chewing the tops of comb honey stimulates the immune system due to the minute amounts of pollen. In season chew for 20 minutes 1 teaspoon of bee capping top five to six time a day. Highly effective and useful for asthma suffers. English researchers have shown a teaspoon of honey per day aids calcium utilization’s and thus prevent osteoporosis. Aids in a Long Life, users are known world wide to
be the most long-lived people. Beekeepers suffer less from cancers and arthritis than any other occupational group. Use a spoon of honey in half a glass of warm water. Sip at a start of a migraine attack; repeat in 20 minutes if necessary. (If stress related) Conjunctivitis, pink eye --honey or Orsa clay is good too for any eye problem. A natural antibiotic is Propolis. Bee's gather it and spear it on the walls of their hives. It protects them from bacteria, viruses, and fungi the unfriendly microbes. PROTECT OUR BEES...

Recipe for Cough syrup
6 oz. honey
2 oz. glycerin (if no glycerin use Brag's apple cider vinegar or, or a good whiskey)
2 lemons juiced
Mix well - bottle in dark bottles bought at health food store or corked
dark bottles (after drinking the root beer)

*Used as required.

And I've also used this recipe and add in chopped garlic or onion for natural sulfur. (Antibiotic) Macerate for 3 days and strain then strain again though paper towels. Add the honey after this process. Added 3 droppers full of tincture of Lobelia at the end or chopped strained ginger root. It's strain with the garlic. To rid the flavor of garlic flavor use cinnamon oil put. It does so much for this recipe. It is very strong!
If I have a cinnamon stick I stick one in the dark bottle that I store this "cure all" in. It helps in the preservation of the tincture and kills any germ that might set in. Honey is great in herbal formulas. However cut back on all sources of sugars.

*Other sugars: Evaporated Cane Juice, Fruit Juices, Rice Syrup, Licorice Root, Refine Sugar, Vegetable Glycerine, Agave Nectar (fructose), Maple Syrup or Barley Malt are some other forms of sugar. Note they are not glucose sugar that has to be changed by the body’s hormones to be utilized. It takes health and energy to convert these sugars over to glucose that the sick is lacking.
Syrup of; Garlic or Onion
Uses: Asthma, bronchitis, catarrhal conditions, phthisis, tuberculosis, coughs, dyspnea, heart weakness, internal ulceration and so much more. Onion and Garlic have anti fungal properties and a natural sulfa or antibiotic in nature. I have asthma coughs and this one works for me and I
prefer the stronger onion flavor.
1 lb strong Onion (children)
Apple cider Vinegar or/and glycerine
Distilled Water
3 lbs (about) Honey
1 pint Glycerine
Or, (1 lb. of minced or chopped garlic cloves instead of the onion.) for

Place the garlic or onion into a wide mouth jar, cover with the vinegar and water; close, shake thoroughly. Allow this to stand in a cool place for 4 days, macerating (shaking thoroughly 1-2 times daily.) (Note, you can use grain alcohol or vinegar as used in making of tinctures) If you’re not going store it more than one season use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar or I like the coconut vinegar if you can find it.

Equal parts apple cider vinegar and distilled water sufficient to cover the garlic or onion. A garlic press is great. If you add the glycerin, shake and allow standing another day; strain with pressure and filter through muslin or thin linen clothe.
At the end of the process add to the honey and stir until thoroughly mixed; Seal the jar tightly and keep in a cool place. Dosage: 1 tsp. – 1 Tbs. 3-4 times daily between meals.

*The vegetable glycerine is only used if it stored longer than one season...and added at the very end. This and the honey will dilute the taste of the onion or garlic. You may stick a cinnamon (cloves) stick in at this time then store it and take out later.

Variations: You can add lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon, clove and even parsley juice to help with the odor if it’s too offensive. Plus they add anti fungal properties. Add the in fresh large pieces of parsley before adding the honey then strain it off and throw it away. To add in these variations work in with the vinegar your choice of caraway, cloves, fennel seeds, cinnamon stick, i.e. in the storage container, macerate it then strain them out and if need be add to the glycerine.)

Strain again through good quality paper towels or linen cloth in sieves till its as see though as desired. This is very slow, but effective.
*Add in the 3 lbs honey in at the last so it doesn’t interfere with any straining processes and make a sticky mess. Flue medications marketed for our children should be taken off the market: USA Today December 1, 2007, but of course the professional know what they're doing...

*Tincture of Lobelia will add in some relaxing properties (read up on) and will take out the blocking problem of the cough. I always add into my formulas.

See my "throat remedies" (eye, ears, mouth under the neck and head i.e.) and don't forget to treat the inside orifices inside the head. It's the best place to get rid of the parasites and is too often overlooked in treating flue symptoms. We have an epidemic of cervix cancer in/of the mouth today not being address...what is it with people?

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