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Friday, February 20, 2009


Hopefully I don't get into trouble for going on Google's Images and getting a iridology photo to help me explain some common markings found in most irises. If their there to share we should be able to use them.

Notice all the different stages of lesions (most are genetic, some are made...) working here. Genetic linked if you observe your children or other member in your line some of these same markings in their irises too. But in or at different stages depending on age etc. These markings show weak links (genetics's mutations). Some of your family members will have the same markings in the same area. Check eye chart to see exactly where they are in your family eyes. An open lesion can drain toxins in the body better than a closed one. Others white line inside may continue to multiply until they close, if on a good program of plant based foods.

Another Example: The heart will be just a little above 3:00 on the left eye next to the autonomic nerve wreath. Generally another person in the family will inherent this family lesion i.e. too.


First line: Some are healing and draining (not closed up and the white lines are close, widening or maybe they're getting a closer weaving as in some materials. Linen vs burlap. ) In a blue iris line maybe white in a brown iris yellow, black grades.

That's easier to reverse or heal than a closed darker lesions (in tear shape) that will have a more difficult time of healing (A) (C)

(F). When white is showing is "acute" and may be painful but if within, the lines are white, thick and knitting close together that area is healing unless you just broke a leg i.e. It's now happening or healing stage.

The further you look or go toward the bottom of the chart you can see the black or dark areas appearing. The disease in that area of the body where markings appear is degenerated that tissue. Disease (parasites) and drug can settle in destroying the area. (See Iridology Chart)

If you reverse the order going from the bottom back up to the top of the chart. This can shows stages of how the body will look when you eat correctly.
 Good habits like fasting, plant base diet and the right herbs will reverse disease unless an organ is cut out. The color black are last stages, but, can be reversed to dark brown, brown, yellow, etc. but, this takes a lot of work and time.

I generally don't teach this page...because people can't get past "the basic" of cleaning the stomach, colon of parasite. Nothing heals until these "Hub" of the body is cleared. (Let me make it more clear, the "hub of the wheel" or iris is the center that shows the stomach, colon and the electric system the autonomic "nervous" system.)

Most of the time I can't see under the spokes stemming from the colon to see the other problems. The basic organ need attention but zone 1 and 2 has to be corrected first. Folks like their meat and fast foods to much to eliminate and reverse diseases.
 IT TAKES TIME AND DISCIPLINE THAT MOST DO NOT POSSES NOR TEACH. Black spokes that have deteriorated that area of body can turn to lesions. (lesions to tumor etc.)

*When you can see the seventh zone (signifying the skin, the outer edge of the iris) and, the rosary (white dots around the edge of the color of the eye) which is the circulatory system or the blood. This is the way you can see some condition of high blood pressure and especially cholesterol *mucus in the blood. Normally this rosary will not show if their is not a cholesterol i.e. problem in the body. Next you'd go to other organs such as liver, and treat it first.

The followings are some of my other posts on iridology done over the years.

Hypnosis, Brain Imagining, and changing the brain. This "brain imagining" with an expensive machine as Dr. Daniel speaks of can be too expensive for most. However, viewing the brain through the iris is most natural, cheaper and just as accurate. I like the way he knows nothing is sealed in cement, the brain can be changed.
(The brain is shown at "noon" on the iris.)
Natural Ways To Heal The Brain (Book)
"Brain Health" (Book)...can change the brain
Magnificent Mind at any age (Book) by Dr. Daniel G. Amen Md
Which Brain Do You Want

Blood Pressure cure see:
Change Your Brain Change Your Life
Preventing Alzheimer's (Through his "Brain Imagining")

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