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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chlorella The Perfect Food

Chlorella The Perfect Food, until we had radiation nuclear waters. I started taking Chlorella some time ago and it made me feel a great deal better. I’ve been noticing using organically Chlorella products advertised in ads but have been steering away from it because I’m allergic to fish (iodine) and most sea products even Kelp, Algin, Spirulina and glucosamine chondroitin are some of the major products which gives me major problems. These products may not don’t work well with B-polar adding to depression problems. Yet, I know we need more green in our diets.
 I’ve tried different product that have not worked out with this type of allergies along with their combinations herbs most manufactures put together. I’ve noticed I need to start with at least 1 grams a day. It’s the lactobacillus in chlorella that is great for colon health especially when taking the yeast carrier Novolin’s insulin. I do get tired of taking yogurt all the time although I’m going to order some yogurt tables too, right now I’m out. I think they’re important when most of us have too much yeast in our bodies. It’s another alternative instead of eating yogurt every day especially for diabetics.
Chlorella is an algae supplement from the eastern part of the world, mostly, in Japan’s coral-filtered waters. It has plenty of vegetable proteins, chlorophyll, and iron with lots of amino acids. It seems to curb the appetite and give energy to the body. It quadruples cell count every 17-24 hours and protect the cells against toxic substances.
It’s effective in removal of metal such as cadmium, mercury, Dixon, PCB’s, effects of X-rays and other radiations. It detoxifies uranium, lead, copper and gamma rays. It detoxifies harmful chlorinated hydrocarbons and insecticides. It appears to be the “Perfect Food.” I’m not on any kick by using any pill as a panacea cure.
Cures should always begin within your daily diet. Fast is a commandment and also need be for cures. If it’s not there change your diet until you began to feel better as it reverses your disease. If this isn’t working your on the wrong diet or not following it. However, to catch up with your bodies needs you may need to take an herb, vitamin, mineral or such like a plant Chlorella, or maybe not. I do not sell this product or any products! It keeps me honest. These conditions Chlorella has been used for are: (Search the Internet for your own research for the nitty gritty history and where grown details this entry.)
Arthritis Stomach ulcers Detoxification Surprises brain tumors (extract CGF), retards tumor growths. Slows the rate of cancer cells Decreases side-effects of chemotherapy, radiation; Keeps a healthy colon, Blood and bowel cleanser ,Aids in body odor' Halts tooth decay, Feel younger Stimulates tissue repairs Amino acids, and lots of vegetable protein, Gets rid of toxic metals like cadmium, uranium from the body; Impotence Immune booster, Bi Polar or, mental disabilities, Produces B-12, (like; Comfrey, Bananas, Nova Scotia “Dulse” produces B-12 also plant sources)
Colon: GI Tract, Colitis and Crohn’s disease, Stimulates friendly bacteria in intestinal tract, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety levels drops, Helps lessens pain, Better sleep (accumulative), Cholesterol, (cuts back on food…long term use) 9 grams, Arteriosclerosis, Reduced lesions, has anti tumor activity, Aids in removing toxin residue of smoking, Aids in increasing blood clotting activity of the cells, Hypertension(blood pressure), Great for people who will not eat a plant base diet.
Prevents diseases, Lifts general health levels, Lifts Energy Levels (Don't take after 3:00 pm) Repairs and renewal organs, glands and tissues, and retards tumor growths Stimulates immune system (whether they be bacteria, viruses, chemicals, foreign proteins), Joint pain, Body becomes nourished and cleansed, Fights foreign invaders, Promotes friendly flora and eliminates damaging ones.
E. Coli eliminator, Anti bacterial, Age related, memory-booster, (It's a super-food for seniors) Provides nutrients needed by the brain Alzheimer’s, (environmental toxins) Dementia, brain tumors i.e. Nucleic acid, food for Kwashiorkor Fecal and Urinary, Polysaccharides, Bronchopneumonia, Has omega fatty acids, chlorophyll, lutein i.e. Bata-carotene 130 mg Vision loss etc. 3-5 grams of chlorophyll per day say some.

*Read: The No Aging Diet by Dr Benjamin Frank- Book for chlorella enthusiast Chlorella has been used extensively as a detoxifying agent for a variety of heavy metals, insecticides and other toxins. In fact, Chlorella is a key-detoxifying agent used during the removal of dental amalgam fillings that contain mercury. Chlorella has phosphatidylserine or, (PS) found in brain cells membranes. P.S. supplementation will improve memory and learning abilities and alleviate depression.
Addendum: It may increases some person's appetite with this in mind adjust the mg. for your body. Green gives off oxygen that always turn into energy! More data on the subject?
When buying Chorella; it should have a standardized amount of chlorophyll. (1,000 is a very good dose or 500 mg 3 X daily and not from Japan or any area the water and fish have radiation. It's now spreading toward the USA...
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